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Tony Williams – Ghostwriter

"Holy sh*t! This guy knows what he's talking about!" MASTER WRITER, GHOSTWRITER, BOOK DOCTOR, STORY COACH. 44 books. 30 years experience.


30 biographies & autobiographies * over 300 biographical profiles

I want to share with you my vast storehouse of story knowledge and craft built up over quarter of a century. Your book is like a new boat setting sail on an unknown ocean, destination uncertain. What you need is the guidance of a captain and navigator who has sailed every ocean and survived every storm, to provide you with the guidance to help you tell your story the way you want it


There are ways to do a book which require minimal editing or redrafting.

For $500 I can give you my NEW AUTHOR PACKAGE that shows you how to avoid all the beginner's pitfalls. and will save you time and work in the long run. As part of this you can ask me up to 20 QUESTIONS during the writing process.

"I'm always so excited when I see a message from you! LOL! Every time I read your suggestions and read your Story Creation Guide, I say to myself "Holy sh*t this guy is good and knows what he's talking about!" A.M.


I know story inside out. I have written in a variety of genres, from children’s humor to true crime, as well as business, sport and much in between for mainstream publishers like PENGUIN, I can get your story to exactly where you want it to be.

"Tony was, in a word, AMAZING. Exactly what I was looking for even though I did not necessarily know it when I started looking...I felt safe with him."

Businessman and Influencer


I can teach you how to write with such nuggets of knowledge as:

Story Creation Guide - the 200+ steps of how to plot a story.

The Craft of JK Rowling - the 13 steps that made Harry Potter a success.

The anatomy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The Gods of Story - how to write or tell any story.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and help, I never ever expected such a smooth process and the assistance you have given me throughout these last months has been phenomenal." Memoirist.


This is an example of the ghostwriting process, the exact number of drafts depending on the individual project.

1st Draft - under my guidance you type or dictate a rough draft.

2nd Draft - I put in a sound structure, with chapter headings, laying in

mysteries early, making notes of questions for you to answer.

3rd Draft - you answer questions and provide more details.

4th Draft - I smooth out the writing.

5th Draft – you go through it making sure everything is correct.

6th Draft - I give it the final magic and polish.

And you have your story, the way you want it - except even better than you dared imagine!

Contact me NOW!

Happy Writing,


Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Children’s Non-Fiction Education & Reference True Crime Writing & Publishing
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


Aug, 1993 — Present

A ghostwriter is usually anonymous. Once, I was invited to the launch party of a book I had ghosted for a celebrity, at which the publisher thanked everyone (except me) told the best joke in the book (mine) and the salesperson tried to sell me a book (the one I had written!).
Without revealing any confidentiality, here is a selection of projects I have worked on:

• Various Sports Stars
• Leading defense attorney who had conducted over 150 murder trials
• International sports coaches
• Mother of murdered teen in high profile crime case
• Humorous book ghosted for celebrity
• 5 x 5,000 NF books written in 10 days to get a publisher out of a hole
• Several late deadline books
• Army veteran who lost a leg in Afghanistan
• World champions
• Holocaust Survivor
• Internet Influencer

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Jackie H.

Jackie H.

Nov, 2023

Please note that having reviewed four areas of this project, has resulted in five stars for each one. I believe your assistance to me has been outstanding and one that I have cherished. You are highly valued and recognised by your thoughfullness and engaging attitude towards my project. Hopefully we can continue until close to completion of the book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Tony W.
Thanks for your kind words Jackie. It is a pleasures to help you bring your book to completion as you have a fascinating story and a good heart.
Steven P.

Steven P.

Jun, 2023

Tony was, in a word, AMAZING. Exactly what I was looking for even though I did not necessarily know it when I started looking. Positive, collaborative, but, most importantly, professional. I felt safe with him and at the same time enhanced by what he has to offer. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony as a collaborator, editor, partner.
Tony W.
Thanks Steven. It was a pleasure working with you and helping make your dream come true.

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