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Laura Dower – Ghostwriter

Creativity on demand. Experienced writer & ghostwriter. 32+ years in publishing. Let me help you find your voice & tell your story.


There is nothing better than turning a juicy, bold idea into a book proposal or book. There is nothing more exciting than helping someone to shape and realize their own story.

Yes, I'm talking to YOU.

32+ years ago, as I began my publishing career, I had the very good luck to learn the ropes from the best editors, publicists, managing editors, and sales people--and to witness and work with a parade of famous authors and celebs. From day one, I knew I loved the business of the origin of an idea to the many drafts that come before the editor cries, "Done!"

Years later, as a Creative Director and marketer of children's books, I had the luxury of working with and promoting some of the most recognized kid authors in the biz: R.L. Stine, Ann M. Martin, Dav Pilkey, K.A. Applegate, J.K. Rowling, Walter Dean Myers, Jon Szcieska, David Kirk, and so many more. In time, I embarked on my own career as an author. Some 120+ books later (written and published for Scholastic, Disney, Grossett/Penguin, Macmillan, Capstone, Heinemann, and others), I have learned the art of book-making from all angles. I’ve written in a wide range of formats: creating original fiction for American Girl magazine, working with Mattel on their global publishing guide, writing a Goosebumps video game, and developing materials for digital education platform Micro Rangers at the American Museum of Natural History in NY.

Middle Grade and Young Adult books are my sweet spot, but I know how to write for all ages, at all levels, and in many different genres. Ghostwriting has been a natural evolution for me. Because of my versatility, I have been able to land for-hire writing gigs for numerous high-profile, licensed kid's books. On the adult side, I worked with a famous TV celebrity on a wedding book, where I interviewed and wrote about 80+ brides-to-be and learned everything there is to know about tulle. I also worked with an executive coach on his book The Connection Challenge, after helping him to revamp his web site, clarify his brand, and to realize his vision.

"Laura was huge help.... She acted as development editor and muse, and provided excellent writing support. I recommend Laura highly to anyone who has a creative vision and wants to get it out into the world. I could not have done it without her." --Alan Samuel Cohen

How can I help you write the book YOU need to write? My years of experience with a wide range of best-selling authors (and my own editors and agent) have given me a broad view of the business as well as keen insight into the art of storytelling. It's all about voice--and I will help you to find yours and amplify it when crafting your book for children or adults.

Services I am available to offer: Ghostwriting, Proposals, Short-form Content, Developmental Editing, Market Research, Brainstorming/Outlines.

Let's chat! Let's brainstorm! Let's make your book come true!

Biographies & Memoirs Children’s Non-Fiction Parenting & Families Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Coming of Age Middle Grade Picture Books Social & Family Issues
English (US)
  • B.A. Columbia University, NY, NY 1989

Work experience


Jan, 2014 — Present

In the children's market, I have worked on numerous high-profile, licensed kid's books. On the adult side, I worked with a famous TV celebrity on a wedding book, where I interviewed 80+ brides-to-be. Most recently, I worked with an executive coach on his book The Connection Challenge, after helping him to revamp his web site, clarify his brand, and to realize his vision. Over the years, I have created numerous corporate presentations, written executive speeches, and helped authors to hammer out the details of their own book projects so they could secure an agent or publisher.


Jul, 2000 — Present

Author of more than 120 children's books for publishers including Disney, Scholastic, Macmillan, Grossett, and others.

Recent freelance and other publishing projects with the following clients:
American Girl magazine
American Museum of Natural History
Capstone Publishers
Scholastic Inc.
Open Road Integrated Media

Scholastic Inc.

Jan, 1992 — Dec, 2005 (almost 14 years)

Full time and part time work with all divisions of Scholastic Inc. over this time period, including promotion of major paperback and hardcover series including The Baby-sitters Club, Goosebumps, Magic School Bus, Clifford, Captain Underpants, Animorphs, and Harry Potter.


Jan, 2015 — Present

I can help you to define your brand:

Develop website content
Create logo and positioning copy
Develop ongoing blog material
Create marketing initiatives
Produce materials to support your brand, including brochures or cards
Brainstorm and develop book content
Create speeches and presentations


Take the Challenge The Connection Challenge shows senior business executives and business owners the do’s and don’ts to creating authentic connection so they can have greater business success (more sales, increased productivity, better results, better employee... read more
Madison’s dad is getting remarried, but it’s Maddie who has cold feet!Madison’s dad has dropped some big news: He and Stephanie are getting married. In Texas. In two weeks! Maddie’s head is spinning as the plans and the guest list for the big day keep growing.... read more
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Laura Dower

Sometimes, love only makes sense backward.This is a teen romance like no other -- a thrilling tale of betrayal and heartache told in an incredible reverse format. Think MEMENTO meets SUMMER BOYS!It's prom night. Shy hippie chick Cady is hoping for a dance --- ... read more
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Lindsay is down in the dumps, and it’s up to Maddie to save her New York City birthday celebrationMadison, Aimee, and Fiona are invited to celebrate Lindsay’s birthday in New York City! Bright lights, fancy restaurants, shopping—Lindsay’s fabulous aunt Mimi wi... read more
Will Madison’s summer be a total bummer?Everyone seems to have summer plans except Madison. None of her choices seem to be the right fit. So when the opportunity to babysit for a nearby family presents itself, Maddie surprises herself by jumping at the chance.... read more
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Strange things are happening in the town of Riddle. All the silverware is missing! Fillings are falling out! The metal recycling machines are always empty! Could it have to do with the UFO Lindsey spotted through her camera lens? They must have come from Plane... read more
A sassy twist on the evolving middle-school friendship between Taryn and Jeff, the boy next door, told from their alternating points of view. One of the first titles in the new CANDY APPLE line!Taryn and Jeff have lived next door to each other their whole live... read more
Sunny and Rex are royal puppies! Sunny is a lady like goldendoodle, and Rex is a mischievous beagle. They love living in the palace with their owners and best friends, Princess Annie and Prince James. The royal puppies are headed to the seaside to escape the h... read more
Sunny and Rex are royal puppies! Sunny is a ladylike goldendoodle, and Rex is a mischievous beagle. They love living together in the palace with their owners and best friends, Princess Annie and Prince James.When Sunny and Rex set off for the winter palace to ... read more
The Monster Squad is back and this time they are battling one of Leery's biggest creations - Mega Mantis. The giant mantis has returned to Riddle and he brought all of his insect friends with him. Now it's up to the Monster Squad to squash this bug for good! B... read more
Tired of being treated like a baby because of her squeaky voice and slight fear of the dark, Bubbles strikes out to fight crime on her own, not realizing that Mojo set a trap for the supercharged Bubbles.
An inspirational and accessible guide to coping with loss includes personal stories of death and life from real teens, advice from a renowned grief counselor, and dozens of hands-on, creative exercises to help teens move through their pain. Original.
Madison Finn is back online, and she’s spilling all the details on her new friend, old flame, and very unexpected crush Madison, Aimee, Fiona, and the gang are ready for a new school year, but Madison knows that nothing is ever what you expect—especially when ... read more
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Sunny and Rex are royal puppies! Sunny is a ladylike goldendoodle, and Rex is a mischievous beagle. They love living in the palace together with their owners and best friends, Princess Annie and Prince James. Now there's a new addition to the royal family—Jame... read more
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Meet a spunky preteen who uses her online journal to cope with her feelings—from junior high friendship drama to her parents’ divorce to her first crush. Twelve-year-old Madison Finn has found the perfect outlet for her worries about school and friendships and... read more

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Shemin F.

Shemin F.

Apr, 2021

Laura had a passion for the project and had alot of great ideas. There were a lot of topics we wanted to Laura to include and she found a way to incorporate all of them. Although the project was more complex and took longer than anticipated, Laura used her creativity and flexibility to deliver the product we wanted.
Shirael P.

Shirael P.

Jan, 2021

Laura is an incredibly thoughtful, sensitive and professional writer, who was the perfect partner for telling our story.
Michael F.

Michael F.

Sep, 2020

A great experience. I highly recommend Laura to anyone who wants to elevate their story.
Tanya Z.

Tanya Z.

May, 2020

Laura is truly gifted with her craft. She is savvy with her words and is exceptional at embellishing. Laura's edits have brought my manuscript to the next level and I enjoyed working with her and getting to know her. For me, being a first time author, she is very knowledgeable within the industry. I would highly recommend her to anyone and let her work her magic for you! I look forward to worki...
Read more
Michael F.

Michael F.

Apr, 2020

Laura was great to work with. She is extremely knowledgable and gives great notes. Thank you Laura!

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