Katy Weitz

Katy Weitz – Ghostwriter

As a bestselling ghostwriter, I craft beautiful and memorable memoirs for private clients as well as large publishers like HarperCollins.


Have you always dreamed of writing your autobiography or memoir but don't know where to start? That's where I can help. As a story-teller of the highest order, I know exactly how to capture an author's voice, create a narrative structure and draw out the most dramatic elements of a story, making a compelling and unputdownable book!

To date, I have had over 20 memoirs published both privately and commercially with some of the world's largest publishers including Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan and HarperCollins. My books are sold all over the world and have been translated into French, German, Czech and Indian. Several have been the subject of TV documentaries and work is currently underway to turn two into films.

I was thrilled when, in September 2015 my ghosted memoir 'Sins of the Mother' by Irene Kelly won the coveted No. 1 spot in the Sunday Times Bestseller list. But if you were to ask me which book is my favourite, I really couldn't chose as I have loved and valued every work I have helped to create, enjoying the magical process of bringing an author's life story to the page. Combining empathy and vision, I connect deeply with all the authors I work with, and this is demonstrated by my ability to 'become' them on the page. It is this authenticity which has propelled me to the top of my profession in the UK.

But you really shouldn't take my word for it. This is what Josefina Rivera, author of Cellar Girl, has to say:

'I'd wanted to tell my story for a very long time but it never seemed like the right moment in my life. I'd been approached a few times before but I didn't really feel the person understood me. From the moment I started talking to Katy I knew she would do a brilliant job and my trust in her was not misplaced. When the chapters started to emerge I was really impressed with how well they were written and how accurately she had captured me and my experiences. Reading back all those memories of my mother was so wonderful and now I know that all those memories will never fade. It was a great tribute to my mother to be able to write about her in this way and pass that on to the younger generations.'

It is the greatest honour to be given the opportunity to help bring someone's voice and story to the page, one I do not undertake lightly. I pour all my creative energy and endeavour into every project I undertake and will help guide you through the process so that it is transparent, enjoyable and productive throughout. Most importantly, you will feel in control at all times. At the end you will have a publishable manuscript ready to present to the world. It really is an amazing journey, one I can highly recommend!

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Heather M.

Heather M.

Mar, 2024

Katy was amazing to work with. So caring, compassionate and thoughtful. She truly brought my book to life! We had a wonderfully collaborative relationship and I really enjoyed working with her over the course of the project. I am so proud of the finished product and highly recommend Katy to those looking for assistance in writing their book.
Katy W.
Thank you for this, Heather. I agree, we formed a strong, collaborative partnership throughout. I found your emotional honesty and insights very refreshing and your professionalism made this an ab...
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Carolyn L.

Carolyn L.

Nov, 2021

I had an initial zoom call with Katy as part of my research on finding a ghostwriter. What I expected to be about a half-hour call, turned into over 2 hours. I connected really easily with Katy and saw how invested she was in my story. She is straight-talking and asks so many insightful questions. She is totally dedicated to the process and committed to telling my story in a true and authentic ...
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Sandeep K.

Sandeep K.

Apr, 2021

I cannot begin to thank Katy enough for her help in bring 'my story' out of myself and on to paper. I had a life changing event and subsequent fallout to write about, which was extremely difficult to put to paper, even though i had been trying for almost a year. Katy had the calm, the understanding and the patience to talk to me for hour, and then transcribe all of the interviews and thus come...
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Katy W.
I'm really touched. Thank you for this lovely review, Sunny. I really enjoyed working with you, learning about your background, your upbringing and the dramatic events that reshaped your life. I ha...
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