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Ed Robertson – Ghostwriter

Versatile, reliable award-winning ghostwriter who has written, edited or developed more than twenty books covering many nonfiction genres.


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WHO I AM: I am a versatile, reliable, award-winning writer/editor with a proven track record for delivering dynamic, marketable creative content on behalf of individuals and companies. I have written, ghostwritten, edited or developed more than twenty published books covering many genres, as well as thousands of articles. My editorial experience also includes four years as a staff editor for an award-winning lifestyles and entertainment magazine, where I curated a wide range of copy for every department, while meeting daily/hourly deadlines and upholding the publication’s high standards of excellence. I am affiliated with several professional writing organizations. I have worked successfully with male and female authors.

WHAT I DO: I create and develop content for print, online and broadcast media. I write books on behalf of individuals and companies that have stories to tell or books to write, but lack the time or ability to do so effectively by themselves. I edit manuscripts that require polish before they can be published.

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with book and magazine publishers, literary agents, companies and executives, entrepreneurs, and individual authors from all walks of life. My published works as a ghostwriter/collaborative editor cover many genres, including memoirs, biography, narrative nonfiction, business, personal histories, entertainment, and some fiction.

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with me, you get a versatile, reliable and affordable professional with a proven track record for developing material into compelling, marketable content. I can capture your voice and tell your story in a way that reaches your audience.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: My experience in media gives me an understanding of marketing that not every author has. I help my clients tell the story they want to tell, in the way they want it told, while understanding what resonates with readers and publishers alike.


“Ed is a wonderful writer and really knows how to get to the subject's core.”

~Maryann Rea, V.P. Development & Administration at MGB Productions

“Ed is a great writer. We worked on several projects while I was a producer at Columbia House. Ed was always a pleasure to deal with, and his copy was always spot-on. I highly recommend him.”

~Anthony Saggese, Jr., Listener Care Product Manager at Sirius XM Radio Inc.

“ has good judgment in selecting popular topics that will find an audience and be profitable.”

~Mike Altman, Account Manager at Infogroup/City Directories

HOW IT WORKS: I usually start with a free evaluation of your project, gauging the task at hand and how to best achieve it.

Biographies & Memoirs Entertainment Humanities & Social Sciences Philosophy Political Science & Current Affairs True Crime
English (US)
  • General Excellence, San Francisco Peninsula Press Club Greater Bay Area Journalism Awards, 2009

Work experience


Dec, 1998 — Present

I work with individuals and companies in many capacities, ranging from ghostwriting, book doctoring and developmental editing, to copy writing, copy editing, book proposal writing, and other consultation. Among other things, I edit manuscripts that require polish before they can be published. (In many cases, polish includes helping the author flesh out aspects of the narrative that are either incomplete or missing, or streamlining aspects that are repetitive or unnecessary.)

My previous publishers include HarperCollins and John Wiley & Sons. My previous collaborators range from first-time writers to such New York Times bestselling authors as Jack Canfield. I have also provided or developed content for such companies as Columbia House Home Video, Highbury House Communications, Cossette Communications, Nightengale Press, The Wave Media, and Media Life Magazine. I have worked successfully with male and female authors.


Right now is the perfect time to be looking for a job, because there are more opportunities for employees than ever before. That may seem hard to believe… but it’s true. Few people recognize what’s happening in today’s job market. Even fewer people have the to... read more
This is the story of Ron Davis, a charismatic young man who struggled to beat a 12 year addiction to drugs, only to be brutally murdered at the age of 39. The story of his parents, Brooks and Jean Davis, two ordinary people with extraordinary courage, who bare... read more
Voice of Reason is a breath of fresh air in today’s toxic political climate, offering a positive message in dark times: that with reason, common sense, and pragmatism, we can find common ground between all Americans–left, right, and center. If you’re sick of t... read more
“Sorry About That is a cautionary tale that must be read. The author insists that if we are not vigilant — if we do not defend our national political inheritance — a leadership, lacking transparency and exploiting our confusion, will do it for us.” ~Dr. Stephe... read more
Unfulfilled Dreams

Francis W Biehl

What would you do if one of your children had less than a year to live? That's a question no parent wants to hear, let alone try to answer. That was the challenge that faced Frank Biehl in August 1978, when he learned that his eldest son, Tom, was diagnosed wi... read more
The year was 1957. Elvis Presley was on top of the world. Just twenty-two at the time, he was not just the King of Rock 'n' Roll but a handsome prince who had his choice of all the fair maidens in the land, and yet, like a true fairy tale, he fell in love with... read more
For Trekkies everywhere, a fascinating look at the philosophy of Star Trek, from Kirk and Spock to Janeway and Seven of NineFor four decades, Star Trek has been the obsession of millions of fans. But real Trekkies know that the show is more than just riveting ... read more
“The key to Perry Mason was that it was a game show. It was ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’ You had five suspects, each of whom had their own scene [opposite Mason] in the course of each show—and each of whom had a chance to ‘one-up’ Mason in that scene. So when it g... read more

Ed has 6 reviews





John B.

John B.

Nov, 2023

Ed did an amazing job. He made sure I understood every aspect of this project. I would recommend Ed to anyone.
Gary C.

Gary C.

Jul, 2023

I have collaborated with Mr. Robertson for several months and thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Mr. Robertson helped aleviate some of the stresses associated with writing. He is organized, knowledgeable and honest with his critiques. I highly recommend Mr. Robertson if you are looking for an editor. Thank you sir!
Dr. Patricia J.

Dr. Patricia J.

Jun, 2023

Ed is professional and thoughtful. He listens to what my needs are for my project and has provided clarity and organization. Thank you.
Ed R.
I enjoyed working with Dr. Johnson on this important project and would welcome the opportunity to do so again.
Larry B.

Larry B.

Apr, 2023

Ed provided me with valuable information, ideas, and suggestions from both a reader's and an editor's perspective. His assessment of each chapter was excellent. His critical 'eye' was exactly what I was seeking. I included most of his observations in my final manuscript. His feedback was professional and well presented -- and appreciated.
Gary C.

Gary C.

Jul, 2022

Ed is a true professional. He takes the time to communicate and makes valuable suggestions. He is a straight shooter and a pleasure to work with. I am happy to be collaborating with him and would highly recommend him to all.

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