Christiane Jost

Christiane Jost - Translator

Teresópolis, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

English-Brazilian Portuguese translator, with around 150 books published from best-selling authors. Fiction of all kinds is my main subject.

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I have been a literary translator for around 10 years, working mainly with fiction books, specially in the fantasy, romance, fast paced thrillers, action and science fiction genres. My main clients include J.S. Scott, Christopher Smith and Christina Ross, among others. High quality, fidelity to the original book and localization that pleases the readers are the main characteristics of my work.
Book Translation
Translation Assessment
English to Portuguese
Action & Adventure
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
Science Fiction
Thriller & Suspense

Work experience

Extense literary experience

December, 2008 – Present (over 12 years)

I have translated books (both non-fiction and fiction, of various genres) for several best-selling authors. Some were linked below as sample, but there are almost 150 books translated by me, working with two independent reviewers.

Portfolio (28 selected works)

Quinta Avenida (Portuguese Edition)

Smith, Christopher, Jost, Christiane, Lima, Karine, Eiras, Livia Mirra

Acabe com Eles, Livro 1 (Portuguese Edition)

Ross, Christina, Jost, Christiane

Acabe com Eles, Livro 2 (Portuguese Edition)

Ross, Christina, Jost, Christiane

Vingança em Manhattan (Uma Obra de Suspense) (Quinta Avenida Livro 4) (Portuguese Edition)

Smith, Christopher, Jost, Christiane, Lima, Karine, Leipnitz, Patricia

Capture-me: A Trilogia Completa (Portuguese Edition)

Zaires, Anna, Zales, Dima, Jost, Christiane

Só Se Morre Duas Vezes (Portuguese Edition)

Smith, Christopher, Jost, Christiane

O Perigo do Herói (Portuguese Edition)

Oxford, Rain, Jost, Christiane

Procurando Kate Huntley (Portuguese Edition)

Ragan, Theresa, Lima, Karine, Jost, Ayrton, Jost, Christiane

A Igreja Vermelha (Portuguese Edition)

Nicholson, Scott, Jost, Christiane

Saluki à Deriva (Portuguese Edition)

Robert P. Rickman, Christiane Jost

A Maldição do Corvo (Portuguese Edition)

Oxford, Rain, Jost, Christiane

Romance às Avessas (Portuguese Edition)

Ragan, Theresa, Lima, Karine, Chinemann, Mauricio, Jost, Christiane

O Domínio do Alfa (Portuguese Edition)

Tipton, AJ, Jost, Christiane

Cânion Negro (Portuguese Edition)

Bates, Jeremy, Jost, Christiane, Lima, Karine, Lima, Ayrton

O Céu é o Limite (Portuguese Edition)

O'Neill, Jamie, Lima e Christiane Jost, Karine

O Segredo do Bruxo (Portuguese Edition)

Oxford, Rain, Jost, Karine Lima e Ayrton Jost de Lima, Christiane

Quando Chega a Hora (Portuguese Edition)

Nicolaou, Cat, Jost, Karine Lima, Ayrton Jost de Lima, Christiane

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