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Bryan Cohen is an experienced copywriter and a bestselling author. He has written over 2000 descriptions for authors to date.


For $297, I will write you a professional book description to go along with your stunning cover and award-worthy book. As a special bonus, I will throw in a text for 10 Amazon Ads and a Facebook Ad version of your description copy.
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Jul, 2015 — Present


Ollie and Caroline

He’s a nice foster kid. She’s one of the popular girls. Can these two ever really be friends?

Ollie Warren is a foster kid with a dream: to play trombone just like his grandfather. As soon as he’s old enough to join the school band, a bully steps in and puts a major wrench into his plans. When he keeps getting in trouble for things he hasn’t done, Ollie wonders if his dream will turn into a nightmare.

Caroline Stevens wishes she could get out of band. Her dad is forcing her to learn the trombone just like he did, no matter how much she tells him band is for nerds and losers. At least she can sit with Ollie, who’s actually pretty cool for a foster kid. When Caroline notices the school bully’s plans to get Ollie kicked out, she knows it’s up to her to intervene.

Can she find a way to keep Ollie in band, or will she be forced to play solo?

Ollie and Caroline -- Trombone Twosome is heartwarming fiction for middle grade readers. If your children like relatable characters, memorable plots, and happy endings, then they’ll love Sue Hollowell’s debut novel.

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A dropout on her last chance. A grandma off of her rocker. Together, they’ll take on a supernatural family tradition.

Keira is pretty sure there’s more to life than partying. But after her antics get her kicked out of college and off her parents’ payroll, she has no clue where her other talents lie. One thing’s for certain: she’s not going to find her life’s calling while caring for the aging Canadian grandma she never knew she had. Though whatever’s haunting granny’s ramshackle home may just prove her wrong…

Despite her best efforts to keep the superstitious octogenarian at an arm’s length, Keira can’t help but sense a kindred spirit. And try as she might to turn a blind eye to the creepy incidents following her every move, she’s beginning to believe there’s more to granny’s ghost stories—and the eerie whispers in her head—than she’d care to admit.

When the impossible truth comes to light, Keira must take her place in a supernatural legacy or risk losing everything to the realm of the dead…

Legacy is the first dynamic installment in The Mystical Veil, a series of New Adult paranormal suspense novels. If you like thrilling supernatural encounters, light-hearted humor, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Michelle Dorey’s otherworldly tale.

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Maternally Challenged

Are you parenting by the seat of your pants? Discover a new mindset to embrace the joy and madness of motherhood.

Are your kids driving you crazy? Do you worry that despite your best efforts you still aren't doing enough? As a mother of two with a special-needs son, author Kathy Chlan knows what you're going through. With her popular blog, Unfiltered Mom, Chlan has helped countless parents navigate the chaos of raising kids. And now she's here to help you!

Maternally Challenged: How My Special Needs Son Taught Me To Sack Up & Laugh! explores the day-to-day challenges of raising a special-needs child. Through heartwarming and hilarious personal accounts, you'll find that you aren't alone in dealing with family dysfunction. With Chlan's guidance, you'll learn methods to re-contextualize your troubles for a new outlook on parenthood and life. You may even start to laugh through the adversity.

In Maternally Challenged, you'll discover:
- That you aren't alone: all moms worry they don't know what they're doing
- What steps you can take when life throws you a series of curveballs
- How to stop dwelling on your mistakes and find time to appreciate the little victories
- How to teach your special-needs child that using disability as a crutch is never an option
- How to put terrible days and tantrums into greater perspective, and much, much more!

This book is your laugh-out-loud guide to making sense of motherhood. If you like practical advice, using laughter as medicine, and personal stories from one mom's journey, then you'll love Kathy Chlan's motivational resource.

Buy Maternally Challenged today to start worrying less and laughing more!


Space is a scary place. Religious robot terrorists make it scarier…

As head of the Intergalactic Investigation Bureau, Adam Dresker must keep a massive corporate space station in business. But someone jamming robot bodies into the station’s gears is particularly bad for business. To stop the terrorist attacks, Adam and his misfit crew must bring the culprit to justice…

As missed sales and mechanical corpses pile up, Adam discovers a connection between the attacks and a robot religious movement known as Starliner. Decoding motives in the circuits of robot zealots seems impossible. But if Adam can’t solve the case soon, not only will the whole station crash and burn, so will the company’s bottom line…

Starliner is the hilarious first book in the Intergalactic Investigation Bureau, a series of comedic sci-fi novels. If you like social satire in space, quirky characters, and high-octane whodunnits, then you’ll love John P. Logsdon and Christopher P. Young’s irreverent tale.

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Can't Stand the Heat

Two real chefs. One phony engagement. Is it a winning combination or a recipe for disaster?

Playboy restaurateur Raffe Washburn is tired of living in his rich father's shadow. An upcoming culinary contest could finally prove that talent is behind his success, not his inheritance. He won't let anything stand in the way of his winning… not even the couples-only rule.

Chef's assistant Sarah Thomas can hardly believe Raffe wants her as his partner. It could be the big break she needs. While she's confident she can keep up with him in the kitchen, she has no idea if she can keep up the happy couple charade…

As the competition heats up, so does their mutual attraction. Before the final round, Raffe and Sarah may discover that the recipe for success often comes from unexpected ingredients…

Can't Stand the Heat is the second standalone book in Corporate Chaos, a series of romantic comedies with a sweet tooth. If you like sizzling chemistry, dramatic culinary contests, and tasty treats, then you'll love this witty kitchen tale from USA Today bestselling author Leighann Dobbs and Lisa Fenwick.

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Fierce overlords. A foreboding forest. Can one naive princess save her people?Zia's people have been enslaved. The princess watched helplessly when giant creatures emerged from outside the city to control her kingdom. But when she finds a map that could guide ... read more
His father is a serial killer. His mother died giving him proof. Can he survive long enough to deliver justice? Three decades after leaving Doveland, Edward Heller has found the courage to return. His father’s unsolved crimes destroyed innocent lives, but the ... read more
Are you worried that you can’t afford to send your child to college? Discover a comprehensive financial plan to cut your costs in half. Afraid that rising tuition costs will prevent your child from getting a much-needed education? Do you want a debt-free futur... read more
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Are you tired of settling for a life that’s just good enough? Discover a simple guide to help recondition your mindset and unleash your full potential.Are you overwhelmed by never-ending obstacles? Do you always put others’ needs before your own? Do you feel l... read more
A snooty cat. A vicious coyote. A surprise kitten…Princess the cat rules over her domain with a firm paw. But everything changes when her humans commit the worst insult imaginable: they bring home a kitten. The clueless, untrained housemate comes at exactly th... read more
Playboy Police Chief Ian Dex didn't believe in zombies...until now.An old necromancer has been summoning the dead. His goal is to overrun the world, one city at a time. Too bad he started in Vegas.With the horde of zombies heading in from the old cemeteries, I... read more
When a space journalist crashes into a deadly intra-colony war, her hunt for the truth will either save her life or sentence her to death… Starship journalist Yumi Minamoto's hot temper makes turning around her poor reputation an impossible challenge. While on... read more
She bet on passion. He'll wager it all for a big wave. Will love ever be in the cards?Dominick Cortes is determined to start over. After getting kicked off the pro surfing circuit, opening a psychic business may be his best shot at a stable home. After all, it... read more
Blood War: Rage

Doug Burbey

A damaged demon hunter. A mysterious end to peace. Can he stay sane long enough to stop a bloody war? Declan Kenner doesn’t mind drinking himself to death. With the Blood War over and peace on all side, the demon hunter is haunted by memories of torture and bo... read more
A detective under pressure. A killer on the loose. Can she stop a friend's daughter from becoming the next victim? Detective Sergeant Amabel Jones knows she has what it takes to crack high-profile crimes. Desperate to prove herself, she's devastated when she's... read more
Two real chefs. One phony engagement. Is it a winning combination or a recipe for disaster?Playboy restaurateur Raffe Washburn is tired of living in his rich father's shadow. An upcoming culinary contest could finally prove that talent is behind his success, n... read more
Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Discover simple habits to build wealth and gain financial independence.Struggling to pay off your debts? Worried you'll never save up enough money to retire? With over a decade of experience as the Chief Financial ... read more
They kill wild animals for sport. She’s about to return the favour…Philippa is fed up with the big-game hunter posts clogging up her newsfeed. The passionate veterinarian can no longer sit back and do nothing when hunters brag about the exotic animals they’ve ... read more
Rewriting modern life’s little atrocities one rant at a time…Do everyday annoyances make you want to tear out what’s left of your hair? Author and comic book store owner Rembert N Parker feels your pain, and he’s here to give you a piece of his mind. Resisting... read more
A small-town sheriff will catch a predator come hell or high water… Nothing raises Sheriff Jack Lamburt’s hackles like a child in danger. After a local orphaned teen disappears under suspicious circumstances, he vows to bring her home safe. And there'll be no ... read more
He stalks you when you’re sleeping. He kills when you’re awake…Reporter Rebekka Franck is ready to escape the headlines for a relaxing holiday with her family. Small town Cocoa Beach, Florida seems like the perfect getaway for sunny days and silent nights. At ... read more
There’s a hero in all of us. And one scientist is willing to kill to find it…Dorian Anino thought her research would change the world. The discovery of the so-called “hero-gene” taught her and her team that it was possible for some humans to have incredible st... read more
Give your characters injuries that are more than skin deep. Are you worried that your story won’t stand up to scrutiny from discerning readers? Do you want to make sure your characters' injuries feel real? Are you tearing your hair out to get the complications... read more
** Agatha Award-winning Series**She makes wedding dreams come true. But when a dead body crashes the ceremony, she’ll show off a whole new set of skills…Annabelle Archer is an expert at wedding day disaster control. With preparations underway for her latest la... read more

Bryan has 14 reviews





Alan S.

Alan S.

Aug, 2020

Did not really participate so I had no interaction with Bryan and nothing to review. Stars are meant to be neutral.
Carolina O.

Carolina O.

Jul, 2020

When I read the book description I felt as I was reading about myself. He really got the essence of who I am and what my book is about.


Jun, 2020

The blurb was delivered doubly late and was of poor quality. First, he missed the deadline that was promised by contract (and took the second payment despite not having completed the work ). Then he missed the extended deadline that he himself set. The final product felt rushed, and is not something that I would use without significant changes/editing. Will not use this service provider again...
Read more
Stephen T.

Stephen T.

Mar, 2020

Bryan did an excellent job putting together a description for my book. And was able to accommodate a compressed timeline without a hitch. I highly recommend Bryan and will be looking forward to future collaborations.
Sheri L.

Sheri L.

Feb, 2020

Thank you for assisting me with creating a second synopsis for my book. I had the back material but I needed something that would go into a little more detail to provide reviewers and add to the description and Bryan's team delivered. They were open to my revision requests and gave me a great write up I could work with.

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