Ben Gilliland

Ben Gilliland – Designer

I am an award-winning information graphic artist, illustrator and writer with almost 20 years experience in journalism and print media.


I am an illustrator and information graphics specialist with 20 years experience in the print industry. My illustrations can take complex subjects and elevate them to a level that draws the reader in and helps guide them towards that magical ‘oh, now I get it!’ moment.

National newspapers, magazines, publishers and research institutions all trust me to present complex subjects in a way that is both eye-catching and accurate.

As the author of four books myself, I intuitively know what you need to communicate your ideas to your target audience – whether that be to young children, to the general public or to academics.

As a science journalist, I have an intimate knowledge of the sciences that allows me to communicate concepts that would cause many illustrators to break out in a cold sweat.

As an editor, I can ensure that captions are not only fun to read, but are also factually and grammatically accurate.
Children’s Non-Fiction Earth, Space, & Environmental Sciences Education & Reference Engineering History Nature Physics & Chemistry
  • Sir Arthur Clarke Award

Work experience


Sep, 2010 — Present

I am a information graphic artist and writer for hire – specialising in science communication, but no subject is out of bounds. I have almost 20 years experience working in journalism and print media.
After ten years as graphics editor for the Metro Newspaper, I became a freelance writer and illustrator.

Since then... (deep breath)... I have written and illustrated four books; won a Sir Arthur Clarke Award for my MetroCosm science column (and been nominated for two others); enjoyed a brief stint as the editor of Astronomy Now magazine; and written articles and created information graphics for the likes of Sky at Night Magazine, New Scientist,, the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the Institute of Physics (IoP)

Metro Newspaper

Jan, 1999 — Sep, 2010 (over 11 years)

As Graphics Editor, I was in charge of creating information graphics for publication. Managing the graphics department’s staff and budgets and reporting to the Editor. Attending a twice-daily conference and presenting ideas for news-worthy graphics..
I was also involved in the earliest designs for the newspaper and several redesigns over the years.
Running alongside my responsibilities as Graphics Editor, I launched a weekly science column, which I
edited, wrote and illustrated, called MetroCosm.
MetroCosm ran until 2014 and was one of paper’s most popular columns. It garnered me three award
nominations and one award (Sir Arthur Clarke Award).


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