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Arley Concaildi - Marketer

Denver, CO, USA

90+ BESTSELLERS MARKETED! [Metadata Expert | Deep Dive Researcher | Multi-Channel Digital Strategy Consultant | Award-Winning Writer]

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Did you know that independent authors wrote 40% of Amazon’s top-selling books last year? When you consider that self-published authors also have royalty rates up to 10x higher than traditionally published authors, it’s a no-brainer: With the right marketing, you can make exponentially more money as an indie author than ever before.


• I’m the founder of a book marketing firm with extensive professional experience in industry research, metadata, and multi-channel strategy.
• I have a B.A. in Creative Writing from Vanderbilt University, the 14th highest-ranking university in the USA.
• I have helped 80+ books become New York Times, Amazon, and USA Today bestsellers.
• I have professionally marketed licensed books for bestselling brands, including Disney, Sesame Street, Marvel, and more.
• I use 3 specialized industry software programs to create your keyword research, competitor analysis, and ad graphics with record precision and time.
• I am an award-winning writer with 25+ published works of short fiction, non-fiction, and journalism. (I will also be publishing 3 novels this year!)




I provide you with behind-the-scenes data-backed research about your audience’s demographics, interests, values, reading preferences, online activity, and media purchasing habits to help you create the perfect branding voice and identity to convert readers into your customers.


Using exclusive software and industry connections, I have access to collect and analyze your competitors’ strategies’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to position you as a formidable newcomer in even the most competitive niches.


The single most important marketing asset your book can have is a strong metadata strategy. A powerful keyword strategy does more than just dramatically improve your bestseller ranking and make your book easier to find in search engines. Your metadata, especially your book description, needs to be optimized to convert even the most hesitant of shoppers into customers. In addition to all this, I will also teach you industry secrets, such as how to register for 10 Amazon book categories (instead of the usual 2 they allow) for maximum visibility.


As a digital marketing strategist, I can advise authors on how to optimize a range of digital content marketing, including teaching authors how to best appeal to their audiences using social media, blog, website design, and email newsletters to increase engagement and build a loyal fanbase.




• Deep dive audience research

• Deep dive competitor analysis

• Keyword research and strategy formation

• Evaluate and help develop your profitable yet authenti author branding

• Get your book into 10 Amazon categories (rather than the usual 2 they allow)

• Write your book description (includes unlimited revisions)

• Write your author bio (includes unlimited revisions)

• Identify the most effective hashtags to reach your readers

• Identify the best people for you to target with Facebook ads

• Create 3 promotional social media/ad graphics with your cover


• The “full-funnel” digital marketing strategy, why it works, and how to use its key components to reach new readers, make sales, and create loyal, long-term fans

• Easy-to-follow instructions for running Facebook ads

• Easy-to-follow instructions for running Amazon ads

• The formula to a good book description

• The formula to a good blog tour pitch

• How and when to leverage your author website and blog to increase reader loyalty

• How using lead generation on your website can build your email list

• Which social media channels are right for reaching your specific audience

• How and when to leverage your social media accounts


• Author/brand identity development worksheet/questionnaire and guidance

• Recommended week-by-week launch timeline

• Media calendar template (for emails, social media, blog, etc.)


After delivering the marketing plan, I will happily answer any of your questions, help you brainstorm content, and cheer you on!! After I deliver all of the above materials, we will begin with a Q&A call where I will answer your most pressing questions and concerns. But that’s not all! Throughout your first month of self-promotion, you will likely have questions (and perhaps even a few surprising obstacles) that pop up as you adjust to the learning curve of self-promotion. While additional 1-on-1 calls are subject to an hourly rate ($150/hr) after the first one, I will happily provide you with unlimited free guidance to any questions you have via Reedsy messages for the following 3 weeks as well.

***Note: Because I am first and foremost a strategist and consultant, I do not run clients’ social media pages or websites. However, I will create social media graphics for you, advise you on how to best target your advertisements, and teach you how to figure out which advertisements perform best, so you can save thousands of dollars a year in hired marketing labor!


Thank you again for reaching out! I can't wait to meet you and embrace your unique voice!
Contemporary Romance
Cultural & Ethnic
Epic Fantasy
LGBTQ Fiction
Young Adult Fantasy
Religion & Spirituality
Self-Help & Self-Improvement


  • John Stobart Award for Poetry
  • Featured in Vanderbilt University's Stage & Screen Showcase
  • Nominated for Merill Moore Award for Nonfiction

Work experience

Digital Marketer, Publicist, and Project Manager

Sourcebooks, Inc.
January, 2019 – February, 2021 (about 2 years)

Sourcebooks is a rapidly growing independent publisher in the Chicagoland area. My areas of specialty include influencer, social media, and email marketing with equal emphasis on strategy formation, project coordination, and execution.

Award-Winning Publisher, Writer, and Editor

August, 2013 – Present (almost 8 years)

I have reviewed, edited, and promoted thousands of essays, stories, and poems with various publishers, magazines, blogs, and news sources.
My professionally published original work includes 6 pieces of original fiction, 15 pieces of nonfiction, and 4 poems.

Co-owner and VP of Marketing

February, 2021 – Present (5 months)

In February 2021, I created Starling Media, an independent publishing company startup and consulting firm with the mission of bringing underrepresented voices in literature to the forefront of contemporary social consciousness.

Digital Content Marketer Team Lead

Chicago Scene Magazine
August, 2018 – December, 2018 (4 months)

Chicago Scene Magazine is the "Insider's Guide" of what to do and where to go in Chicago, providing cultural explorers with trending, hyper-local lifestyle content. In this role I trained and managed a team of social media marketing interns. I also supported sales with lead generation, lead development, proposal writing, and pitching.

Social Media Manager

The McGill Project
August, 2017 – April, 2018 (8 months)

The McGill Project is an arts and philosophy community that stands by three pillars: inclusive community, free thought, and creative expression. I created the Social Media Manager role here to boost event attendance and increase community membership while managing a team of photographers.


Social Media Influencer Marketing - Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

#1 Amazon bestseller in Southern Fiction
New York Times bestseller
USA Today bestseller
20-time award winner
I was hired to send free book bundles to social media influencers and bookstagrammers in exchange for them promoting Book Woman of Troublesome Creek on their online platforms.
37 influencers posted a total of 184 pieces of Instagram content.
Approx. number of unique viewers reached: 3-4 Million

Gaining eBook and Print Reviews - Fall 2020 Launches

89 reviews gained in 1 month
Average review: 4.5 stars

Reviews help your book rank higher in retailer search engines and helps readers decide whether or not they would like to purchase your work. (Because there is no obligation to post, this does not overstep online retailers' terms and conditions.)

Influencer Marketing Campaign - Summer of Love

17 elite social media celebrities posted
48 total pieces of Instagram content
Approx. number of unique viewers reached: 2-4 Million

Portfolio (56 selected works)

I'm Not Dying with You Tonight

Jones, Kimberly, Segal, Gilly

How to Catch a Unicorn

Wallace, Adam, Elkerton, Andy

This Is Where It Ends

Nijkamp, Marieke

P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

Haldar, Raj, Carpenter, Chris, Beddia, Maria

Isle of Dragons (# 1)

Thompson, L. A., Nicolescu, Thea, Harris, Pam Elise, Lewis, Tara, Rees, Jennifer

Takakush: Genus Magica Book 1

Reiter, Raine, Dingwall, Kim

Sillypants Goes to Remote School

Kent, Madigan, Kent, Belle

Like No Other Boy

Center, Larry


Martin, Rachel

Pay Attention: A Maeve Tidewell Psychic Suspense

Barnes, K.L., / Dollar Photo Club, Rosario Rizzo

Three Single Wives: A Novel

Gina LaManna, Susannah Jones, Brilliance Audio

Every Bone a Prayer

Blooms, Ashley

Little Lovely Things: A Novel

Connolly, Maureen Joyce

Sanctuary: A Novel

James, V. V.

Carnegie's Maid: A Novel

Benedict, Marie

Lady Clementine: A Novel

Benedict, Marie

The Arctic Fury: A Novel

Macallister, Greer

The Magician's Lie: A Novel

Greer Macallister, Julia Whelan, Nick Podehl, Brilliance Audio

Five Total Strangers

Richards, Natalie D.

Gone Too Far

Richards, Natalie D.

Six Months Later

Richards, Natalie D.

My Secret to Tell

Richards, Natalie D.

What She Found in the Woods

Angelini, Josephine

Arley has 16 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Carrie Wiegman
Arley was an AMAZING resource of marketing ideas, what will work in getting your book out to readers, and is very responsive in responding back to any little question you may have about finding your marketing plan and putting it into action! What may work for one book, will not work for another and Arley really took her time and understood me, my vision, and what would be the best plan for my b...
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Carrie Wiegman, April 2021

Arley Concaildi
Hi Carrie, Thank you so much for your review. You just made my day! I had a blast working with you, and I wish you all the best.

Reply from Arley Concaildi

Steven Shotts
Arley is amazing. She provided so much in the way of knowledge, planning, and guidance. She is a joy to speak with and is not afraid to be honest about things. Thank you so much for your help. Would use again, actually we're still working together.

Steven Shotts, April 2021

Julia Laugesen
Exactly what I needed. I really had no idea how to go about marketing my book, what specific audience to target, what social media platforms to use, or what to do to prepare my book for launch. Arley took the time to learn about me and my writing, conduct market research, and break it down step-by-step how to promote my specific product. She even provided a launch timeline outlining exactly whe...
Read more

Julia Laugesen, April 2021

Craig Stanfill
As a first-time author, I found it simply wonderful working with Arley. She helped me with my blurb, how to position and market the book, got me going on advertising, categories, competition analysis. And: The launch of my first novel came off without a hitch, and it's selling well! Success speaks for itself. In addition to everything else, Arley is both professional and a joy to work with. I...
Read more

Craig Stanfill, April 2021

Christie York
Self publishing your first book is daunting. There’s so much information out there that I felt overwhelmed. Hiring Arley was one of the best things I’ve done in this journey. She not only delivers on what she says she’ll do, but when I got off the call with her I felt excited about tackling my marketing strategy full on. She could be a hype chick for novelists, or a life coach for those of us...
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Christie York, March 2021

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