Andrew Lockett

Andrew Lockett – Editor

Hugely experienced editor, non-fiction/ fiction: reads, pitching, proposals, edits, indexes, a link between authors and publication.


Covering publishing process from range of angles. I am a highly versatile publishing professional across trade and academic and hybrid audiences always working with books. Having started in publicity (very useful) I have subsequently had first hand experience of sales, distribution, digital, websites, rights, marketing, senior management, line-editing, indexing, social media working at the largest and smallest of operations, in commercial, public, B2B and 'third' sectors. Working at publishing operations of all sizes (commercial, university press, small independent, mission-based) and have the benefit of hands-on knowledge and experience of most areas in the process. Always a massive reader of books too especially fiction, history, biography, social sciences and travel– the most rewarding use of spare time!

Throughout have commissioned book tiles taking part in process of selection and developing publishing ideas. Commissioning titles since 1986 variously at Duckworth Publishers, Oxford University Press, BFI Publishing, Explore Books, Routledge and others. Currently freelance. Specialities include trade non fiction (social sciences, popular science, travel writing, literature, history, sport, media and technology). Lists have included authors such as John Hands, Margaret Atwood (Strange Things), E.M. Davey, Lloyd Bradley, John Spurling, Jonathan Bate, Elleke Boehmer, Andy Mitten, Tom Feiling, Jacqueline Rose.

As writer and editor have edited or contributed to trade and academic titles on sport, media, film, TV, publishing studies and education. As a reader particularly interested in speculative, literary and historical fiction, biography, popular science and history, applied psychology, political economy, satire, football, travel writing and digital media (but not hype). I tag myself as 'omnicurious' and love the alchemy of working with an author to ensure what interests them will ultimately captivate readers, publishers, retailers and marketing and PR folk too.

Available for editorial assessments and script development, agent and publisher proposals pitches and proposals, manuscript reads with specific brief, editing, indexing, assisted self-publishing logistics, list-building, publishing strategies for trade (and academic) authors and imprints.

"professional, erudite and a stable influence, hugely appreciated as a first time author […] demonstrated imagination, flexibility and clarity in his dealings with me."
Tarn Richardson, author of The Damned ('The Darkest Hand Trilogy').

''I just cannot thank you enough for your beautiful work. I am reading the index and it takes my breath away! It is a masterpiece.” Eglė Rindzevičiūtė, author of The Will to Predict: Orchestrating the Future through Science (Cornell University Press, forthcoming 2023).

Biographies & Memoirs Geography History Political Science & Current Affairs Psychology
Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Post-Apocalyptic
English (AUS) English (UK) English (US)
  • Two nominations for Royal Society Prize for Science Books
  • Limina International Film Publisher of the Year (BFI)
  • Silver Medal for Popular Culture in ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year Awards, USA (Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories)
  • The Amilcar Herrera Prize (ESOCITE) for best book in social studies of science and technology (Knowledge in Age of Digital Capitalism)
  • Shortlisted for shortlisted for the British Psychological Society Book Awards 2011 and the Guild of Health Writers Best Book Award 2012 (Rough Guide to Psychology)
  • Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2015 (The Ten Thousand Things)
  • Nomination, Edited Collection of the Year, Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association, 2022
  • BA English (1st) Lincoln College, Oxford University
  • Advisory Panel Member, Goldsmiths Press
  • Formerly, LSE Press Editorial Advisory Board 
  • Formerly Ubiquity Press, Partner Advisory Board
  • Digital Content Strategy course (Media Bistro)
  • Invited Speaker San Francisco Writers Conference
  • Plenary Presenter, Cultural Studies Association 
  • Presenter BASEES, 'How to Get a Book Deal'
  • Author of peer reviewed academic articles
  • Co-editor of trade, professional and textbook titles
  • Contributor to several trade, academic books
  • Peer reviewer of selected academic works
  • Former Literature Advisor, Southern Arts (England)

Work experience

Duckworth Publishers

Sep, 2013 — Feb, 2015 (over 1 year)

• Wide-ranging publishing role including acquiring fiction and non-fiction lists, managing sales and publicity roles and overseeing eBooks programme and website.
• Fiction acquisitions included: Tarn Richardson, Ed Davey and John Samuel.
• Other authors included Max Brooks, James MacManus, John Spurling, Stephen Bates, Dylan Jones, the Queen of Twitter, Douglas McWilliams, Dayo Olopade and John Hands.


Oct, 2012 — Present

Sole trader with capacity to advise, undertake or arrange a wide variety of editorial tasks. Freelance publishing consultancy, commissioning, editorial for organisations and authors.

Bournemouth University

Jan, 2024 — Present

Seminars and online lectures for the 'Design, Editing and Publishing Unit.'

University of Westminster Press

Feb, 2015 — Aug, 2021 (over 6 years)

Development (single-handedly) of an entirely new open access university press commissioning academic books and journals, initially part-time; some freelance editorial work. Role encompassed oversight of all aspects of operations with freelance and service provider assistance

Rough Guides

Nov, 2003 — Nov, 2012 (about 9 years)

Commissioning and editorial management of non-travel titles including several bestsellers in popular culture, technology, sport, music, psychology and popular science. Also some custom, sponsored and specials titles for corporate clients, book clubs and chains: international travel titles, social sciences and popular culture.

British Film Institute

Aug, 1997 — Nov, 2003 (over 6 years)

Commissioning Editor and Head of Section for books publishing . Leading small team with responsibility for all aspects of publishing activities including marketing, sales, distribution, rights and editorial. Working with leading trade and academic authors, formats including textbook, trade, educational, reference and academic monographs.

Oxford University Press

Apr, 1989 — Aug, 1997 (over 8 years)

Senior commissioning role with major reference and trade titles in OUP's prestigious English Literature list. Also European Literature. Developed, Film, Media (and later years geography/environment) ranges of titles. Formats included anthologies, biographies, histories, scholarly editions, textbooks, and reference (thematic and A-Z) with other innovative list-building including Handbook format and in Cultural Studies areas. Also many academic monograph titles and edited collections.


Sep, 1986 — Mar, 1989 (over 2 years)

Specific focus on the Middle East, Politics, Soviet Studies and International Business. Monographs and textbooks.

Croom Helm/Routledge

Oct, 1985 — Sep, 1986 (11 months)

Publicity and marketing for several lists including Womens' Studies, International Relations, Geography, Politics, Sociology and Anthropology and Business Studies.


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Stephen Greenblatt

Marvelous Possessions is a study of the ways in which Europeans of the late Middle Ages and the early modern period represented non-European peoples and took possession of their lands, in particular the New World. In a series of innovative readings of travel n... read more
All the tips, ideas and advice given to, and requested by, MA students in Media and Communications, are brought together in an easy-to-use accessible guide to help students study most effectively.Based upon many years of teaching study skills and hundreds of l... read more
The Oxford History of World Cinema is the most authoritative, up-to-date history of the Cinema ever undertaken. It traces the history of the twentieth-century's most enduringly popular entertainment form, covering all aspects of its development, stars, studios... read more

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Giselle Z.

Giselle Z.

Apr, 2024

Throughout my collaboration with Andrew, he proved to be insightful, informative, and professional as well as friendly. As someone who is relatively unfamiliar to the writing industry, he was patient and explained aspects of creative writing in detail to me. He has a deep understanding and eye for story-telling that was evident in the editorial assessment I received. I found the pricing very re...
Read more
Mike T.

Mike T.

Mar, 2024

My book is still in the "Work in progress" stage, but Andrew is assisting me through this process and has been an immense help. I will work with him until the book is published due to the support and professionalism that Andrew has demonstrated. Michael
Mark S.

Mark S.

Mar, 2024

I am absolutely thrilled with Andrew's editorial review of my nonfiction book. He provided excellent feedback, from high-level concepts down to details such as a minor capitalization issue on the name of an American politician. I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew for anyone seeking editorial guidance, and I will reach out to him on my future projects. It was a pleasure working with him.
Catherine O.

Catherine O.

Feb, 2024

Working with Andrew was an incredible experience. I learned so much from his editorial assessment where he broke down the characterization, pacing, arcs, and areas for improvement. Andrew especially specializes in assessing the appeal and viability of the book in a commercial setting. Because of his EA, I became very empowered to continue my editing process. He pointed out how and where charac...
Read more
Russell W.

Russell W.

Feb, 2024

Enormously helpful. In addition to the standard copyedit, he even found a typo in the name of a park in my home state. I strongly recommend Andrew.

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