Jessica Hammerman

Jessica Hammerman - Editor

Bend, OR, USA

Careful and sensitive editor and proofreader with years teaching college history. Ph.D in history, published writer.

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I'm a PhD historian who worked in NYC publishing for 13 years, and I've edited for independent authors for seven years. I teach history courses, and I own a boutique indie publisher, where we offer options for editing, proofreading, coaching, design, publishing, and more.

Historical fiction is a strength of mine!

Each book is a puzzle, and you and I collaborate to bring YOUR story to life. I have helped hundreds of writers, and would love to help you too. I've seen a book transform from average to outstanding, and we've had a few breakaways in the top of their categories on Amazon, including historical fiction, how-to or business books, and steampunk novels.

I usually prefer to do three thorough edits of a book: the first is a developmental edit, and I comment on how the book hangs together as a work, and give advice about author voice, characters, rhythm, and argument (for non-fiction). I attach a style sheet for the first read to cover name spellings, word choice spellings, and general styles. After the author has a chance to work on it, I edit for word choice, cadence, and I comment on the effectiveness of the first round of changes. By the time I get the manuscript a third time, it is a proofread and I prepare it to go straight to layout and design for publishing.

I help authors publish as well. So feel free to reach out with design and publishing questions.

"This was my first time writing on a subject that was very personal to me. My book was a personal memoir. Jessica was very patient and supportive on my efforts and rewrites. I do believe her encouragement, editing recommendations, and critiques truly were instrumental in bringing the story to another level. Her professionalism and broad knowledge of the art of storytelling was a tremendous asset and I would highly recommend her for your next project."

"As a writer seeking an excellent and highly professional editor, I could not be more pleased with Jessica H. As a business writer, I was delighted to work with someone who understood the voice I wanted in the final product.
In addition, her knowledge of APA and citation gave me a high level of confidence that my work would be viewed as thoughtful, thorough and credible. Editors are critical team members in this demanding process, and the additional depth Jessica brought beyond the standard editing process of grammar, format, and voice added much value to the work. Highly recommended."

"Jessica put me at ease and explained clearly the process and the pricing. When completed, there were no surprises. Jessica worked with me on editing with suggestions and punctuation. She made my words into a real story!"

"This was my first experience with a professional editor, and everything went better than anything I could have planned for. I’ve had friends tell me horror stories about what they experienced with editing, and it made me apprehensive about paying for an editor. But I have to say that this was worth every dime. Jessica not only helped me cut back on my word count, but she gave me great and helpful tips on how to improve my story. Her feedback was positive and helped motivate me to keep working on my story. I found the task of editing my book daunting, but Jessica eased my worry and made the process extremely easy. I even learned how to use Microsoft Word better. There’s no smoke and mirrors here. I got more than what I paid for and I can’t wait to move forward with publishing my book."


"Dr. Jessica H. was the editor of my first novel. I’m not college educated and this is my first attempt at writing for an audience other than myself, so when I learned of the extent of Jessica’s education and experience I was really quite intimidated. My experience with Jessica has been far from intimidating. Her criticism has been constructive and every one of her edits have added nothing but quality to the finished product. I highly recommend the services of xxxx and Jessica, especially for first time authors such as myself. I actually recommend Jessica’s services because she became more of a writing coach than just an editor. I’ll definitely be using her advice, tips and suggestions in all of my future work."

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Work experience


April, 2018 – Present (over 4 years)

As writers and artists ourselves, we know how tough publishing can be. Lean on us as a trusted source to help you find your story and create your book. I have worked with hundreds of authors to perfect and streamline their books.

Associate Professor of History

Central Oregon Community College
September, 2013 – Present (about 9 years)

I teach and write about world history, world religions, and sexuality.

Program editor

November, 2001 – September, 2005 (almost 4 years)

I laid out, edited, and designed programs for Broadway and off-Broadway shows in New York City.

Freelance copyeditor

Penguin Putnam
October, 2000 – October, 2006 (about 6 years)

I copyedited and proofread manuscripts to be published by Penguin Putnam in New York City.

Portfolio (30 selected works)

The Time-Traveling Texan

Pillsbury, Richard

The Quest: In Search of Me

Gardella, Tricia

In Case We're Made into Coats

Charleigh, Tessa, Logan-Barré, Sophia

The Arms Dealer

Mulkey, Howard


Wilson, Kim E.

The Resident Chameleon

Charleigh, Tessa, Logan-Barré, Sophia

A New World

Cervantes, Jesús Aguilar

Bully Friends

Uchendu, Kelechi

Three Fates

Roberts, Nora

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Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Tricia Gardella
Jessica saw just what I was trying to do.

Tricia Gardella, April 2022

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