Alexandra McLaughlin

Alexandra McLaughlin – Editor

Editor and proofreader of romance, fantasy, and every niche in between. My clients are WSJ, NYT, and USA Today bestsellers.


Over the last five years, I've had the amazing opportunity to work with and edit for New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors. My specialty is romance (most notably romantic suspense), though I have also worked on a number of urban fantasy novels. I currently work for two independent publishing houses and have ample experience in the indie publishing process from start to finish should you need any tips. I love working with authors to make their stories as immersive as possible (bye-bye pesky typos)!

Some of the authors I've edited for include:

- Anna Zaires

- Charmaine Pauls

- Ava Lohan

- Misha Bell

- Dima Zales

As a copy editor and proofreader, my goal is to polish your draft. This means correcting any erroneous punctuation, misspellings, inconsistencies (it happens to the best of us), and syntax. I pore over your manuscript with a fine-toothed comb and make sure it flows as smoothly as possible while maintaining your individual voice. This keeps your readers engaged with the story, and not the words on the paper (or screen). There's nothing worse than being pulled out of an epic love scene by a syntax error!

My experience working in all facets of publishing (editing, formatting, design, marketing, and promotion) gives me an edge when working on a manuscript. I know what the polished product should look and feel like. There's a certain magic present when a book is ready for publication. Let me help you create it!

"Thank you so much!!! Such great feedback and so helpful!" - Anna Zaires, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Devils' Lair

"Thank you so much, Alex! So happy you enjoyed it, and as always, great catches!" - Misha Bell, Amazon bestselling author of Hard Code

Contemporary Romance Paranormal Romance Romantic Comedy Romantic Suspense Urban Fantasy
English (US)
  • Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication

Work experience

Grey Eagle Publications

Aug, 2021 — Present

Managing manuscripts as they pass through final edits/proofs and beta readers.

Mozaika Publications

Dec, 2018 — Aug, 2021 (over 2 years)

Editing/proofreading and creation of files for publication.


Jul, 2016 — Present


Kingdom of the Stars

Horton, Madison

The Novice

Lohan, Ava

White Nights

Zaires, Anna

Darker Than Love

Zaires, Anna

Wall Street Titan

Zaires, Anna

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Anslee L.

Anslee L.

Jul, 2024

Alexandra was an absolute pleasure to work with and so sweet! This is my first book being published. Alexandra was there every step of the way. She made me feel very comfortable with the process. Her edits were very clear and direct. I would look forward to working with her on my future projects.
Alexandra M.
Thank you for the kind review, Anslee! I'd be happy to work with you again!
Amaia M.

Amaia M.

Jun, 2024

I loved working with Alexandra. For someone who is publishing their first book, I learned a lot from her edits. Can't wait to hire her again!
Alexandra M.
Thank you for the review, Amaia! I also look forward to working with you again!
Kristen B. C.

Kristen B. C.

May, 2024

Alex’s keen eye for detail and understanding of narrative structure helped transform my manuscript into a polished and cohesive work. Her insightful suggestions not only enhanced the clarity and flow of my writing but also preserved my unique voice and vision. Her meticulous attention to grammar, punctuation, and style ensured that the final product was free of errors and publication-ready. I ...
Read more
Alexandra M.
Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Kristen! I hope we can work together again.
Anastasiya S.

Anastasiya S.

May, 2024

Alexandra did an amazing job, bringing my manuscript to another level! She pointed out all the inconsistencies, corrected the formatting and all grammar errors. Would highly recommend!
Alexandra M.
Thank you for the wonderful review, Anastasiya!
Laurel H.

Laurel H.

Apr, 2024

Thank you, Alex! Amazing job.
Alexandra M.
Thanks, Laurel! Looking forward to working with you again!

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