Alex Weber

Alex Weber - Translator

Le Mayet-de-Montagne, France

Passionate about language, fascinated by linguistic quirks, with 14 years of translating/interpreting experience & 3,5 languages in tow.

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I love languages. I love finding parallels and common origins, tracing them back to a common ancestor. I love finding that perfect idiom, that fitting metaphor, that apt expression that fully encompasses the essence of the of the expression of the source language to transmit it into the target language. I am dedicated to my work and have spent over 14 years (and counting!) perfecting my craft. If you feel the same way about the power of language and the importance of a proper translation, let's work together and create something awesome!

Book Translation
Translation Assessment
English (UK)
English (US)
English to German
German to English
Children's - Middle Grade
Children's Picture Books
Comics & Graphic Novels
Science Fiction
Short Story
Parenting & Families
Politics & Current Affairs
Self-help & Self-improvement
Social & Behavioral Sciences

Work experience

Editor/Translator, Marketing and Design Associate

May, 2014 – Present (over 4 years)

I am in charge of marketing strategy development, branding, translation, graphic design. I make sure that content marketing and blog article translations go out smoothly, readably and on time. In addition, I am chraged with translating the platform and the app into multiple languages. Simitless is a new startup that offers to domain experts a platform for creating data web apps for market & business intelligence. All-in-one from input to sales.
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February, 2005 – Present (almost 14 years)

Translating academic and business articles, tutoring language learners of all ages.

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