Alex Head

Alex Head – Designer

Graphic designer specializing in design and layout of books and magazines, and production management for independent authors


As a book designer, magazine designer, and book compositor, I enjoy obsessing over details of tracking, page breaks, and whether to go ragged or justified. As publishing project manager, I enjoy obsessing over details of schedules, budgets, and distribution plans.

I spend half my time designing books, collaborating with authors and editors, preparing files for ebook conversion or for print, and adhering to rigorous timelines. As a partner in a publishing services firm focused on independent authors, I spend the other half helping authors publish their books by managing the process, advising them on distribution and fulfillment options, and pulling together the right team to produce the highest quality book.

In both, I leverage my years of client service experience, the best aspects of current technology, and a drive for efficiency and quality.
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Work experience


Jan, 2014 — Present

—Collaborate with authors to assess publishing options and develop the right strategies for print and ebook distribution to meet their unique goals.
—Develop project plans, schedules, and budgets and manage a small team of experienced freelance editors, indexers, and designers.
—Design book covers and interiors, manage conversion to electronic formats, and coordinate distribution and fulfillment requirements for various vendors and platforms.

Kirkus Media

Aug, 2012 — Present

—Produce a 140-240 page magazine every two weeks.
—Manage cover, page layout, and feature design through multiple editorial rounds, working with the editorial management team, section editors, and advertising and marketing department.
—Coordinate schedules and printing timelines and deliver print-ready files on tight timelines.
—Through process improvements, reduced hours for magazine layout by 25 percent.


Sep, 2008 — Dec, 2013 (about 5 years)

—Offered book design and composition services to small publishers
—Created technical illustrations for use in books
—Produced marketing materials for sales teams and online ads


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