Alana Joli Abbott

Alana Joli Abbott – Editor

Editor, proofreader, author, and game designer with 20 years experience specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and children's nonfiction.


As an editor and author, I've been on both sides of the table, and I know how it feels to receive critiques—which means I do my very best to make receiving my comments a positive experience, whether I'm working with you on line and developmental editing, copy editing, or proofreading. In my position of Editor in Chief at Outland Entertainment, I have provided developmental and line editing for a number of projects, including Robert Duperre's Knights Eternal series, Scott Colby's most recent Deviant Magic books, CG Volar's Static over Space: Gravity and Lies, Gwendolyn N. Nix's Sharks of the Wastelands, and more. I copy edit and proofread a number of titles in Outland's fiction and gaming departments, as well. I have also co-edited fantasy and science fiction anthologies including: Kaiju Rising 2: Reign of Monsters, Knaves: A Blackguards Anthology, Where the Veil Is Thin, APEX: World of Dinosaurs, Bridge to Elsewhere, and Never Too Old to Save the World. Through Reedsy, I have worked with self-published authors including Holly Ash, E. R. Donaldson, and Rayna Stiner as a copy editor, and have finished developmental edits for several authors seeking representation or traditional publishing opportunities.

Additionally, I work with clients to provide editorial and project management services for educational and reference projects. For Red Line, I have been working on series for elementary school students on digital privacy (ABDO) and infectious diseases (Capstone). I copy edited the forthcoming new edition of Writing that Works for Lumina Datamantics. I also provide ongoing project management, content development, and editorial services for the Something about the Author autobiography project for Gale Cengage.

While I am primarily interested in new assignments as an editor and would love to work directly with more authors, I am also a content creator. I am the author of novels Into the Reach, Departure, and Regaining Home, interactive multiple choice novel apps including Choice of Kung Fu and Choice of the Pirate, and comics including Cowboys and Aliens II and Ithaca. My game design work has been featured in Tiny Dungeon 2e: The Hatchling Edition, Steampunk Musha, the award winning Serenity Adventures, and Dungeon and Dragon magazines. I'm a frequent contributor to Kirkus Reviews and write articles on pop culture for Den of Geek and books for Paste Magazine.

I am currently only available for copy editing and proofreading assignments through Reedsy.
Anthologies Comics & Graphic Novels Epic Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG Space Opera Time Travel
Children’s Non-Fiction
English (US)
  • Ennie Award
  • Denver Publishing Institute Certificate in Publishing

Work experience

Outland Entertainment

May, 2016 — Present

 Served as co-editor for anthologies, including Kaiju Rising 2: Reign of Monsters and Knaves, both 2018; Where the Veil Is Thin, 2020; APEX: World of Dinosaurs, 2021; Bridge to Elsewhere, 2022; and Never Too Old to Save the World, 2023.
 Oversaw the acquisition and publication of all Ragnarok Publications titles, Febraury 2017-November 2017.
 Collaborated on Kickstarter crowdfunding and publicity campaigns, creating press releases and promotional articles.
 Managed staff and freelancers in the editorial department, providing point of contact for three editors.
 Mentored and managed solo writers, writer teams, and artists for fiction, comic, and role playing game projects.
 Provided line editing, copy editing, proofing, and ARC creation services for the department in novels, anthology, game, and comics projects.
 Created the publication schedule in tandem with the Creative Director and Publisher.


Mar, 2004 — Present

 Writer, editor, and proofreader for clients including Gale Cengage, Cengage Learning, Amerpsand Editorial, PrimeInk Solutions, High Beam, Red Line, Lumina, Schlager Group, and Branford Patch, 2004--.
 Writer, editor, and game designer for clients including Wizards of the Coast, Choice of Games, White Silver Publishing, Gallant Knight Games, and Ghostfire, 2005--.
 Reviewer for School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Mythprint, Flames Rising, Black Gate, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, Den of Geek, and Paste Magazine, 2006--.
 Worked as a Junior Project Manager, with the primary responsibility of finding and selecting assets, on a series of nursing education courses for PreMedia Global/Pearson, 2011-12.
 Comic writer and editor for clients including Platinum Studios.

Gale Cengage

Nov, 2000 — Jan, 2004 (about 3 years)

Editor, September 2002-January 2004; Associate Editor, June 2001-August 2002;
Assistant Editor, November 2000-May 2001; Thomson Gale, Farmington Hills, MI
 Managed the autobiographical essay project, receiving content from prestigious authors and preparing it for publication through a copy editing and typesetting process, for Contemporary Authors and Something about the Author (SATA).
 Coordinated freelance work for Major Authors and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults (MAICYA), an eight volume product, and coordination for freelance copy editors for all other products on the team.
 Helped develop and maintain a budget of $97,000 for MAICYA.
 Lead the Ambassador’s Program in the company-wide diversity initiative, 2001-2002.
 Served as project editor of SATA, coordinating content for nine volumes per year and managing the budget of each volume.


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Thomas B.

Thomas B.

May, 2023

Alana was incredible to work with. Her comments throughout the book were not only informative, but validating, entertaining, and overall made the entire process both fun and engaging! I had been looking for an editor like Alana my entire writing career, and I am so thankful I was able to get her to edit my novel. You will love working with Alana, and you will have a better novel after she works...
Read more
Alana Joli A.
Thank you so much for the high praise! I had a phenomenal time in your world, and I hope to get the chance to return there on a future assignment. You're a fantastic collaborator, which makes my jo...
Read more
Karen M.

Karen M.

Apr, 2023

Alana did a fantastic job of editing my manuscript, completely exceeding my expectations! Her wonderful suggestions, insightful comments, attention to detail and quick response made our collaboration a breeze. I will definitely hire her again. Thank you, Alana!
Alana Joli A.
I'm looking forward to learning more of the story, Karen! It was great working with you.
Andrew M.

Andrew M.

Mar, 2023

Alana was absolutely excellent to work with. She exceeded all of our expectations. This was the third time our work has been proofread and I wish we would have found Alana sooner. Her attention to the fine details and quick responses to any of our questions was perfect!
Alana Joli A.
I had such a great time working on this! I'm looking forward to collaborating again.
Tyler K.

Tyler K.

Feb, 2023

Alana is awesome to work with. Very patient with a wonderful understanding of story flow and what makes characters great. This was our second collaboration together and I'm looking forward to the third!
Alana Joli A.
I can't wait for book three! :)
James O.

James O.

Nov, 2022

Very Satisfied!!!
Alana Joli A.
Thanks so much, James! I really enjoyed working on this with you!