Trish Macgregor

Trish Macgregor – Ghostwriter

Author of fiction and non-fiction for 35 years, winner of Edgar Allan Poe award, ghostwriter. Send me your cutting edge ideas!


I'm an award-winning novelist, author of fiction - magical realism, paranormal suspense, mysteries, speculative, fiction, Dystopian, sci-fi - and non-fiction. I specialize in New Age/self-help books, synchronicity, astrology and tarot and in the paranormal. I also do developmental editing and regular editing,

I've met my share of ghosts and also have done ghostwriting for thrillers, science fiction, speculative fiction, Dystopian fiction and time travel novels.

Every non-fiction book I've sold has been on the basis of a proposal, so if you have an idea let's turn it into a 35 to 40 page proposal first. As a Gemini, I'm a communicator, easy to work with, and thanks to my Capricorn moon, always meet deadlines.

If you have a completed manuscript, I'll create a template for agent queries, write a synopsis of your book, and pick out 3-5 agents that are good matches for your novel or non-fiction book.

My interests are reflected in The Mystical Underground podcast that I host with my husband, Rob MacGregor.

Dystopian Paranormal Romance Post-Apocalyptic Thriller & Suspense Time Travel Romance
New Age Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (US)
  • Edgar Allan Poe Award
  • Bachelor's degree in Spanish
  • Master's Degree in Library Science

Work experience


Jan, 1984 — Present

Before I sold my first novel, I was an English/Spanish teacher, a social worker, prison librarian, and taught English to Cuban refugees.


"When we are alert to the coincidences in our lives, we experience them more frequently - and they take on greater significance. And once we recognize synchronicities as meaningful, they open us to new information, new possibilities. We suddenly find that we'r... read more
White Crows

T. J. MacGregor

For psychic Mira Morales, it begins when a crazed woman accosts a jogger and demands to know where she can find Mira. In a confrontation, the lunatic is killed by the jogger and turns to stone before she hits the ground.Mira reads the body and makes a startlin... read more
The Shift

Rob MacGregor

Just out of sight and mostly outside the awareness of mainstream media, a shift in consciousness is underway that’s beyond religion, politics, and science as we know it now. It’s an accelerated perception shared by millions worldwide: we are all energetically ... read more

T.J. MacGregor

Snuggled amid the pine-covered hills of northern Georgia is the picturesque town of Lagoon — nature at its best. Yet, deep within the recesses of the town, something strange and unspeakable is incubating — in the soil, the water, the air. It festers beneath th... read more
The Most Comprehensive Astrological Guide to Love, Life and Career Success2017, 2018, 2019The Biggest Book of Horoscopes Ever is your one-stop astrological resource for horoscopes until 2020. No other book or online source offers more authoritative predictions... read more
NOWHERE TO RUN …Nora McKee has never forgotten the terrible day her mother was abducted by government agents and “disappeared.” Now, it’s happening again. In a crowded cafe on an ordinary street, they’ve come for her husband Jake, a man who knows too much. And... read more
SHE'S RUNNING OUT OF OPTIONSNora McKee knows something she shouldn’t—something that could get her killed. A ruthless shad organization has been using top-secret technology make its adversaries “disappear.” Now the device in Nora’s hands—which puts her right in... read more
Billy Joe Franklin and his girlfriend Crystal DeVries robbed a bank and he absconded with the money, leaving Crystal to take the fall. While waiting to go to trial, she, along with her friend Tia, transferred from the Dade County jail to the one on Tango Key. ... read more
Discover Your Untapped Potential to Predict the FutureHave you ever had a hunch that became reality? You may be ignoring signs from the universe about what is to come. Trish and Rob MacGregor, authors and founders of the blog Synchro Secrets, explain how to tr... read more
Discover the Power of Synchronicity and the Methods that Connect You to Loved Ones in Spirit Spirits communicate with us every day, especially the spirits of our loved ones—but are you tuning in to them? Secrets of Spirit Communication is your go-to guide for ... read more
Tess Livingston met Ian Ritter at a roadside stop high in the Andes, waiting for a bus to the mysterious town of Esperanza.Tess is an FBI agent who remembers being on the track of a group of international counterfeiters. But she doesn’t remember booking a trip... read more
This suspenseful page-turner from the Edgar Award nominated author, T.J. MacGregor will appeal to fans of Dean Koontz, a psychic travels through the darkest passages of the unknown to apprehend a psychopath who has abducted her daughter. As the sun sets on a d... read more
The Hanged Man

T.J. MacGregor

The legacy of a government experiment in psychokinesis turns into a conspiracy of terror for a Florida detective investigating the murder of a famous criminologist, assisted by a woman who claims to have witnessed the crime through her psychic powers. Reprint.
Private investigator Quin St. James plies her trade in Miami, in the 1980s. She thinks she's seen it all until her lover's murder uncovers disturbing secrets about who he was. She teams up with police detective Mike McCleary, who's pursing a female serial kill... read more
These expert forecasts for 2012 offer valuable insights about the past and extraordinary predictions for the future: -What to expect from relationships with family and partners -New career opportunities for success in the future -Lucky days for every month of ... read more
Reading the cards has never been easier, even if you've never done a spread before!With more than 100 spreads to choose from, Power Tarot offers experienced and novice readers alike innovative and accurate ways to get answers to their most pressing questions o... read more

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Claire S.

Claire S.

Dec, 2023

Trish was very easy to work with and a great communicator. She turned my idea into a compelling novel synopsis. Trish is highly creative and an expert storyteller. She was extremely professional, the quality of her work exceeded expectations, and she was responsive throughout the project.
Devon W.

Devon W.

May, 2023

I had an idea for a book. Maybe 5 pages or story. Trish took that idea and injected it with creative steroids! Everything got better. From the plot. To the characters. To the framework. She was insanely helpful. She was a coach. A collaborator. Now I have a full synopsis that I couldn’t be more excited to get started on. Trish. Thank you for being you. And being so darn good at this writing t...
Read more
Trish M.
It was a pleasure, Devon. You have a unique idea!!
Stewart D.

Stewart D.

Jan, 2023

Trish made this into a clear and professional manuscript. I would highly recommend her.
Joat M.

Joat M.

Sep, 2022

Amazing person to work with! She is very Understanding, I had a little trouble with completing my manuscript. She read my work and gave me the desired novel I was looking to write. I would love to work with her again on any projects that I might have in the future.
Trish M.
Joat was terrific to work with. He was communicative, open to my suggestions, and always provided additional information when I needed it. I'd love to work with him again.
Angus M.

Angus M.

May, 2022

Working with Trish was a delight! She took an exceptionally troublesome chapter and breathed new life into it, and found a neat hook that I'd missed. Thank you, Trish... the next you'll see of me is when our girls get to the mountaintop abbey... and I promise there won't be any crocodiles—just twelve outlaw nuns—and oh yeah, two hellhounds in love. ;)

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