Tom Bentley

Tom Bentley – Editor

I'm a conscientious and communicative editor, well-versed in both fiction and nonfiction projects.


Stories win hearts and minds. And stories are built of words. I'm drenched in words (but towel them off in dry—yet compelling—arrangements). I love the power, grace and sinewy strength of language, and love to work with writers to polish the diamonds of language. Let's work together to make your words shine.
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Fantasy Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense
English (US)

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Aug, 1996 — Present

25 years of writing and editing experience. Author of hundreds of freelance articles, a book of short stories, three novels and a how-to writing book


"If you can't operate in heels, you can't operate!" - Dr. Kristine Guleserian "This book should be a gift to any young woman considering a medical career and wondering if she could do it. ""A fantastic journey into the science of the human heart and one heroic... read more
Present day. The world has fallen to a bizarre infection. Roving bands of "Screamers", infected humans in their millions, are racing around at top speed, singing - well, *screaming* - "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", and nobody knows why. The Screamers raid a ... read more
“Grant yourself permission to SHINE!” —Ilana Kristeva With uncanny wit and wisdom, Ilana Kristeva shares vivid stories of her personal journey from “groaning to glowing.” While rebuilding her body out of a wheelchair despite an extremely painful nerve disorder... read more
If you have ever wanted an inside look at what it takes to become a professional speaker,this is the book for you. Keynote Mastery is the most transparent account ever writtenabout that journey. Patrick Schwerdtfeger welcomes you into his life, recounting thes... read more
For nearly a century, Earth's Alien Corps has been on a mission to locate the Son of God. They’ve searched the galaxy but found nothing…until now.Earth’s leaders are worried. A troublesome mystic called “the Teacher” is inciting revolution on the strategically... read more
The day his dream career ends, Jesse Donovan reconnects with an old flame. All he has to do to live happily ever after is abandon everything he’s ever believed in.That She is Made of Truth is a mystery about people, not puzzles. Introspective noir.
When was the last time you really thought hard about your goals? When was the last time you let go of your fears, doubts and worries and took a small step in the direction your dreams—painted a picture, wrote the first sentence of that book you always wanted t... read more
Beyond the Morning Huddle— HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT for a Successful Dental Office shares tips, experiences, strategies and solutions to make your dental practice the best it can be. RECRUITMENTWith time and attention given to the hiring process, the doctor a... read more
With dignity and foresight Maggie gives you a glimpse into the true story of one person’s struggle with mental illness. Through humor and compassion, this inspiring book shows that although the terrain of mental illness is not easily navigated, it can be cross... read more
A Long, Hard Look

Joel D Canfield

A short, fat banker. A willowy, buxom blonde. Phil Brennan's latest client is the former. He prefers the latter — until he gets to know her better. She and her family back Brennan into a corner. His only way out is to choose between truth and love. With this f... read more
Coming Alive: The Journey To Reengage Your Life And Career is the prescription for anyone who has ever personally felt the pain of knowing they weren't fully engaged at work or at home (or both), has an important person in his or her life experiencing this or ... read more
Frances Tustin Today explores some of the ways and means by which Tustin’s work has enabled psychoanalytic clinicians to enter into the elemental domain of sensation: what Bion called the ‘proto-mental’ area of the psyche-soma. Through detailed clinical contri... read more
The Social Media Survival Guide for Nonprofits and Charitable Organizations is a must-have for anyone attempting to fundraise on behalf of a non-profit organization. The book offers critical insights including:• Why today’s nonprofit organization must understa... read more
The Mad Duck is a series of connected stories, revolving around the theme of personal exploration and inquiry, and which look into the means by which you can live a fully expressed, richly experienced life. In this book, you will also read of the lives of both... read more
Banjo has no limits. Why should you? Whatever you want to play: Bluegrass, new-grass, old-time, folk, rock, swing, jazz, jazz-grass, country, classical, new age or anything else, the Banjo GED will help you make the music you want to make. Banjo is a wonderful... read more
"Captivating, intriguing and original!"A judge's review for 2014 Clive Cussler Adventure Writer's CompetitionAn entertaining story with plot twists and intrigue!Claudia Sherril -Daily News Sun- ArizonaChauncy Rollock returns in the sequel, The Golden Scepter, ... read more
"Everything you think you know about success is wrong! Set Goals. Work Hard. Be Persistent. That's the typical success advice you can probably repeat in your sleep. The type of advice that doesn't seem to work for you -- or anyone you know, for that matter." Y... read more
What happens if you let your baby eat the meals the whole family is eating? What if you let him choose from the food on his plate what he wants to eat? Sisters Katie and Lynn show that, in fact, it works just fine.
How do you choose which innocent person gets hurt? In this sequel to Through the Fog, the two living O'Quinn brothers are back, luring Web Martin into another Irish adventure. An ancient map showing the earliest voyage of an Irish hero can't fall into the wron... read more
The Man Who Wore Mismatched Socks is the story of Aloysius St. James Spottisworth-Gack, a Royal Air Force pilot who comes from a long line of brewers. His family's firm, Gack&Bacon Ltd, dates to the first year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Their in-house ... read more

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