Tina Gallagher

Tina Gallagher – Editor

I love a good HEA which is why I edit, proofread, and write romance. Experience evaluating queries and submissions and editing/proofreading.


I'm an editor and proofreader with 15+ years' experience. I specialize in all types of romance, from sweet to erotic. I'll help you polish your manuscript so it shines.

I currently work for Carina Press evaluating manuscripts, determining which ones to pass on to the editors for consideration. In the past, I've worked as a copy editor and proofreader for Harlequin, an acquisition and copy editor for The Wild Rose Press.

I'm also published in romance, so I'm immersed in the genre and will make sure your book checks all the important boxes!

Services Provided:

Proofreading - this is the final step in the editing process, the ultimate polish on your final file before it gets published. I'll read through your book and fix any lingering typos, grammatical or punctuation errors, as well as any inconsistencies in word usage, style, or plot detail, ensuring your work is as perfect as possible.

Copy Editing - this is a much more detailed read of your book, focused on deeper issues such as sentence structure, repetition, redundancy, and plot discrepancies. I'll do a slow read and make sure your book isn't filled with repeat words and phrases, grammar and spelling mistakes, inconsistencies, and run-on sentences. I'll preserve your personal tone and style while tightening your manuscript so it flows perfectly from page to page.

Paranormal Romance Romance
English (US)

Work experience

Carina Press (Harlequin)

May, 2017 — Present

Evaluate manuscripts to determine if they should go forward in the publishing process.


May, 2014 — Nov, 2018 (over 4 years)

Proofread manuscripts prior to publication for Harlequin Digital First line.

The Wild Rose Press

Oct, 2011 — Dec, 2018 (about 7 years)

Copyedit or Proofread manuscripts prior to publication.

Mundania Press

Jun, 2010 — Mar, 2016 (over 5 years)

Proofread manuscripts prior to publication for Phaze Books.


Feb, 2008 — Present

Edit and proofread manuscript-length fiction and article-length non-fiction.

The Wild Rose Press

May, 2007 — Oct, 2011 (over 4 years)

Evaluate query letters.
Acquire and edit manuscripts for the company's suspense line.


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Victoria J.

Victoria J.

Sep, 2020

Tina was a dream to work with. I'll definitely be using her in the future. She had great feedback on my manuscript.
shantnu T.

shantnu T.

Jun, 2020

Amanda L.

Amanda L.

Apr, 2020

Tina was willing to work with my budget and time frame, and paid extra attention to my requests! A++
Barbara B.

Barbara B.

Jan, 2020

Tina was highly communicative, professional, and efficient! I cannot praise her enough, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

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