Jessica McKelden

Jessica McKelden - Editor

Millersburg, OR, USA

I am a developmental and copy editor with over ten years experience working with NYT Bestselling Authors, specializing in fiction genres.

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As a freelance copy editor and graphic designer, I've worked with my fair share of authors, publishers, students, and writers of all skill levels. I started my editing journey over ten years ago in the world of romance. While romance novels will always be my first love, I have experience with non-fiction works, college-level papers, website and collateral copy, articles and blogs, and fiction novels that run the gamut of genres. My client list includes Tule Publishing and their long list of New York Times Bestselling Authors.

When beginning a new editing project, I love to hear about your goals for the project, which allow me to align myself with your vision. My ultimate goal will always be to help your writing become the best it can be, but there may be specific weaknesses you want me to help you address. This is also a great time to discuss your publishing goals, your target audience, or any other questions that have come up. Need a little formatting help? No problem. Not sure about your characterization of a particular character? I can pay special attention to that person! Unsure if you have enough foreshadowing before the big reveal? I'll be sure to take note!

Want to know a little more about me? Check out this article I wrote for Reedsy's Freelancer blog:


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I'd love to quote your project! The more information you can provide, the more helpful I can be. Tell me about your goals and plans for your manuscript and I'll be happy to tailor my offer to you! Not sure what information to provide? Here are some suggestions:
- What are your publication goals? Will you be self-publishing or are you going to be submitting to agents or publishers?
- What do you feel are your weaknesses?
- Are you happy with your plot / conflict / characterization / etc.? What things do you think you might need to change or adjust?
- Who is your target audience?
- What genre do you think your manuscript fits into?
- What was the inspiration for your story? Is there any particular theme that you tried to weave in?
- What are your goals after this round of edits is complete?
- Have you had your manuscript edited yet? If so, what type of editing? Have you had beta readers?
- Is this the first novel you've written?
- Are there any areas you'd really like me to concentrate on while I'm editing?

Can't wait to chat with you!

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Work experience

Freelance Copy Editor

March, 2010 – Present (almost 13 years)

I offer both freelance copy editing and proofreading services for fiction novels. I work with publishing houses (including romance publisher Tule) and one-to-one with authors. Open to working with new and seasoned authors alike.

Portfolio (37 selected works)

Steal My Heart

O'Brian, Aimee

A Texas Christmas Wish

Callen, Alissa

Caught in the Pot

Short, Hogan

The Things Friends Hide

Cushman, Jessica

The Irony of Fate

Adaire, Scarlett

Jessica has 63 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Alicia Kolafa
Jessica is amazing. She is very helpful and thorough with the editing process. She challenges me to focus on the audience by creating strong characters and plot movement. I highly recommend using Jessica for all editing services.

Alicia Kolafa, November 2022

Ryan Murphy
Thoughtful edits. Quick work. Honest feedback. Encouraging comments. What more could you ask for in an editor? Hire her or someone else will!

Ryan Murphy, November 2022

Nana Ansah
Where do I even begin? I guess to start off, I should say Jessica was a pleasure to work with! Very sweet and professional. As someone new to the publishing/ editing aspect of the writing world, Jessica has made it far less scary and stressful by her helpful tips and suggestions. She was able to catch mistakes and discrepancies I didn't even notice about my own book, all while being ever so sw...
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Nana Ansah, November 2022

Diane Carr
Jessica provided copy editing for my manuscript which far exceeded my expectations. Along with her editorial letter and the track change notes, I received a Style Sheet that provided a very thorough synopsis of my characters and plot which will be an invaluable reference, especially as I write the sequel. I hope to be able to work with her again.

Diane Carr, October 2022

Omri Shabath
Jessica is such a fantastic editor! She's professional, thorough, insightful, perceptive and attentive. In addition to her meticulous typo-fixing and formatting, she adds tons of value to the story, offers a vital and illuminating perspective and her suggestions are always on point and beneficial. Lastly, she clearly really loves what she does so you can truly trust her when you put your precio...
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Omri Shabath, October 2022

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