Stephen Caldwell

Stephen Caldwell – Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter. Books published by McGraw-Hill, Crown Business, Tyndale, Broadway. Clients include Steve Farber, John Maxwell, Mark Sanborn.


I am a professional writer and editorial consultant. I have served as a consulting editor or ghostwriter on around 20 book projects, mostly in the business/leadership space. I've worked on books published by McGraw-Hill, Crown Business, Tyndale, Palgrave, Broadway, BenBella, Word, and Greanleaf, among others. My clients have included best-selling authors Steve Farber, John Maxwell, Mark Sanborn, Tommy Spaulding, and Elise Mitchell. I am the author of Grow Like Jesus: Practicing Luke 2:52 Discipleship, the co-author (with Mike Thompson) of Forging Grit: A Story of Leadership Perseverance, and co-author (with Michael Brown) of Followship: Servant Leaders. Serving Leaders (a business training program). My career also includes writing and editing credits in the newspaper, magazine, marketing, advertising, and training industries. I've written everything from an eight-week training program for leaders in a Fortune 50 company to books and blogs for best-selling authors.
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Jan, 2008 — Present

I live out my passion for helping others shape and effectively communicate their message to a broad audience. I typically work with three to five clients at a time on a variety of communications-related projects. I look for clients with shared values, interests, and goals, and who want a collaborative and creative relationship.


From the bestselling author of The Radical Leap and Greater Than Yourself comes the first book to directly address love as a hard-core business principle that generates measurable results It’s time to toss aside the touchy-feely notions of love in business and... read more
In It’s Not Just Who You Know, Tommy Spaulding—the former CEO of Up With People—has written the new How to Win Friends and Influence People for the twenty-fist century. Success—in business and in life—is all about relationships. In this powerful guide to reach... read more
For frustrated managers and leaders, a guide to instilling a strong work ethic in the modern workforce.Work ethic in America is fast declining, plaguing young and old alike. But in Reviving Work Ethic, Eric Chester shows that you do best to focus on your young... read more
In Up, Down, or Sideways, Mark Sanborn, author of the bestselling book The Fred Factor, prepares you for life’s inevitable cycles of up and down—and, too often, sideways. We tend to be surprised when downturns hit us and treat them as the exception—and when ti... read more
A practical guide packed with examples of organizations that have successfully tapped into the hidden talents of their workforce. Managers will learn to recognize and mine some key, fundamental leadership traits that are essential for a competitive business.
On the outside, it looked like Tim Brown was living the American Dream.After overcoming a difficult childhood in a dysfunctional family rife with drugs and alcohol, he became a millionaire by age 30 and had a beautiful wife and young son, a deep commitment to ... read more
New York Times bestselling author Tommy Spaulding shows you how looking inwards--and leading with your heart--can transform your life. In his New York Times bestseller, It’s Not Just Who You Know, world renowned leadership speaker and former CEO of Up with Peo... read more
Good followers know how to serve the people around them by getting things done, by working well with others, by having a good attitude, by setting a good example for others, by growing their skillsets, by offering their opinions … by making a positive differen... read more
TRUE STORIES. REAL PEOPLE. CURRENT ISSUES.Volume One of "The American Immigrant" series, "The Outsiders," shares immigrant stories connected to our current cultural climate and celebrates those who help build our nation.This is the first volume in a series of ... read more
Forging Grit is a fictional story that brings to life the science-backed theory that grit matters, and that any leader can develop it. Set in Nepal, it recounts the experiences of a business leader who encounters some extreme misfortune while taking a break fr... read more
Grow Like Jesus is the first book to delve into Luke 2:52, "And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."—a verse that spans the gap between Jesus the child and Jesus at the start of his ministry—and unpack its lessons in ways that are ... read more
THE JOURNEY MATTERS AS MUCH AS THE DESTINATION.Scrap the map and go full throttle. Most leadership books tell you how to set and achieve goals. This one is different. This one is written by a communications leader who’s as passionate about riding motorcycles a... read more
"Readers looking for inspiration (or just a great story) will discover a wild ride that proves just how twisty some paths to Christ can be." - Publisher's Weekly Many of us would say it takes guts and a little bit of crazy to step toe-to-toe with a powerful, 1... read more

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