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Multi-published author, editor, and writing mentor who wants to help make your dream a reality.

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Your story is your heart, and it deserves to be shared.

You've thought about it late at night. You've told your kids, your parents, your friend down the street, but that's not enough. The only problem is figuring out how to make it real. Maybe you want to write it yourself, but you don't know how. Maybe you know you don't have the time, and just need someone to take your idea and run with it. Maybe you already have a draft, but for some reason you've struggled to figure out how to make it shine. So let's do it. Let's make the story of your heart shine.

I'm the author of several middle grade and YA fantasy-adventure stories, including THE HOTEL BETWEEN and THE KEY OF LOST THINGS, published in multiple languages all over the world (Simon & Schuster, Lumen, Baumhaus, AST). I've been a storyteller since I was young, building up worlds in my head and sharing them with my friends.Now, I have the privilege of helping other people make their stories a reality.

As an experienced writing coach and developmental editor, I've cultivated an eye for structure, market suitability, characterization and plot. I love that ghostwriting and consulting gives me the opportunity to shape an idea into finished words, but even more than that, I love the joy I can bring when my clients read their story and see it just as they imagined it would be.

In my time mentoring, editing, and ghostwriting, I have helped many would-be authors realize their dreams of publication. Since 2017, I've also volunteered as an Author Mentor Match or Pitch Wars mentor, reading through hundreds of submissions and mentoring writers, many of whom have gone on to secure literary agents and book deals at Big 5 publishing houses.

I also have the benefit of a masters degree in education, along with over 13 years experience in teaching and counseling young people, all of which provides a wealth of insight into young readers and their various stages of cognitive development.

I'm extremely collaborative by nature, both in my own fiction and working with clients' stories. The act of taking the seed of a story and growing it into a full-length project that matches its creator's personality and vision is dynamic and different for each client, and I love to walk creators through the hills and valleys of that process. My goal is always to see the unique story of your own heart realized. When evaluating a project, we will first start with an examination of what the client hopes to achieve and a review of what has been created thus far. From there, I will create a detailed synopsis of the proposed project on how I intend to handle it for your review. Once I receive your feedback, our work will begin!

I am also available for developmental editing, story doctoring, query critiques, and a host of other services. I'm happy to work with stories at all stages of production, so long as I feel the project is a good fit. If you have any questions or don't see the package you're looking for listed, please feel free to reach out!


“A fantasy adventure brimming with action and anchored by familial love...The story begs a sequel and will draw fans of A Wrinkle in Time.” —Booklist review of THE HOTEL BETWEEN

"...his larger-than-life characters—both good and evil—are full-blown; his multiple settings are imaginative; and the thickening plot leaves loose ends beckoning for further adventures." —Booklist review of THE KEY OF LOST THINGS

“A wild ride across the globe, full of fun, adventure, and genuine heart.” —Kevin Sands, New York Times bestselling author

“Danger, fun, and heartbreak abound in this rollicking magical adventure.” —Lisa McMann, New York Times bestselling author

"This title will appeal to readers who enjoy fantasy, subterfuge, and adventure….Reminiscent of A Wrinkle in Time." – School Library Connection

"Magic and mystery draw you into The Hotel Between, and I couldn't leave until I knew all its secrets. Can I make a reservation yet?" - James Riley, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of the Half Upon a Time and Story Thieves series

TESTIMONIALS FROM CLIENTS (my ghostwriting clients are confidential):

"Sean's feedback helped me hone in on the heart of the story for effective revisions, leading to multiple agent offers and a book deal. I highly recommend his editorial services for middle grade manuscripts." - Julie Abe, author of EVA EVERGREEN SEMI-MAGICAL WITCH

"Ever heard of the saying “I’ll go to the ends of the earth for you?” Well, that’s Sean. He would do whatever it takes to make sure your book comes out magical." - YA Fantasy

"My book is done and it's better than it was originally. Best decision of my life." - YA Fantasy

"Another fabulous thing about him that you need to know is, your story is as important to him as it is to you." - YA Fantasy

"Working with Sean was amazing! He was super informative and helpful in working through stuff. He had tons of great ideas and was a delight to work with. Always a great attitude!" - YA Fantasy

"My manuscript was a mess and I needed guidance. I had a lot of different editors toss me back and forth and made me change so much in my book that I hated it. It didn’t sound like me, it felt hollow. I wanted to chuck it, but I decided to give it one more try. After exchanging a few emails with Sean and him telling me what I had done wrong, He began mentoring me and breaking down each section of my story. He told me what had to go and what could stay. Trust me, at first, I was kicking and screaming. Sean patiently explained everything to me and waited for me to come around, which I am glad I did. He made sure my voice was back in and the junk went out."

"I was too impressed. I was screaming and jumping on my bed as I read on... I am extremely grateful for everything. Thank you for making my dream come true." - YA Fantasy

IMPORTANT NOTE: For ghostwriting clients, I like to book 3-6 months in advance. Novel-length projects are evaluated based on length and typically start around $20,000. HOWEVER, many clients can find the encouragement and critique they need to finish their book through my consulting services, which do not carry the same time-sink and therefore can end up costing much less. On the other hand, book doctoring--taking your pre-written book and revising/rewriting it--can end up costing more as it is much more time-intensive. Please keep this in mind before you submit your request.
Short-Form Content
English (US)
Action & Adventure
Coming of Age
Middle Grade
Middle Grade Fantasy
Time Travel
Young Adult
Christian Non-Fiction


  • Pitch Wars MG Mentor 2018-2019
  • Author Mentor Match Mentor 2017


  • SMU's Top Ten Young Haute Authors 2018
  • Pitch Wars selected manuscript, Class of 2015

Work experience


Simon & Schuster BFYR
March, 2015 – Present (over 7 years)

Author of THE HOTEL BETWEEN (Simon and Schuster BFYR) series of middle grade fantasy adventure books about a boy who joins the staff of a magic hotel that has doors leading all over the world, and uses those doors to search for the father he never knew. Worldwide release in English, French, German, and Russian translations. THE KEY OF LOST THINGS is the newest in the series that Booklist called, "a fantasy adventure brimming with action and anchored by familial love." This is all in addition to my regular ghostwriting projects and freelancing.


Pitch Wars and Author Mentor Match
July, 2017 – February, 2020 (over 2 years)

Mentoring select high-caliber authors through editing and submission to agents for the Pitch Wars writing contest. Reading hundreds of queries and evaluating submissions for marketability and publishing potential. Editing manuscripts for submission.

Freelance Writing Coach and Speaker

June, 2015 – Present (about 7 years)

Motivational speaker and writing coach providing classes and presentations on writing, editing, and publishing.

Freelance Editor

July, 2013 – Present (almost 9 years)

I provide developmental edits, query assessments, line edits, and story coaching for numerous writers, including many repeat clients. My sweet spot is in genre fiction and kid lit, but have I worked on projects of all types.

Portfolio (8 selected works)

The Hotel Between

Easley, Sean

The Outs

Wesley, E S


Delgadillo, Gerardo


Velasco, M. G.


Delgadillo, Gerardo

Sean has 3 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Ben Mai
Sean was and is just amazing to work with! He is a patient listener and really dives into your work to understand you, your story, and what you are trying to say. When I was planning my current WIP, the pandemic, work, family, and all of that got the best of me, but I really wanted this idea in my head to be written down. I was initially looking for a Ghostwriter to write me a first draft based...
Read more

Ben Mai, April 2022

Stella Bello
Ever heard of the saying “I’ll go to the ends of the earth for you?” Well, that’s Sean. He would do whatever it takes to make sure your book comes out magical. My manuscript was a mess and I needed guidance. I had a lot of different editors toss me back and forth and made me change so much in my book that I hated it. It didn’t sound like me, it felt hollow. I wanted to chuck it, but I decided t...
Read more

Stella Bello, March 2021

Charles LaFave
Working with Sean was amazing! He was super informative and helpful in working through stuff. He had tons of great ideas and was a delight to work with. Always a great attitude!

Charles LaFave, January 2021

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