Justin Sloan

Justin Sloan – Ghostwriter

Novel, webtoon, and video game writing - let's discuss! JUSTICE IS CALLING has over 1k reviews! My credits include GAME OF THRONES and more


Justin S. writes for NFTs and the Metaverse, as well as games, novels, and screenplays. He specializes in fantasy and science fiction, middle grade, and thrillers.


Justin's range depends on whether his name is on the project or not, how much of an outline or writer freedom there is, and other factors. For short projects, $2 a word, for longer projects, less.

Projects may be at a different rate if it includes more brainstorming and design but less words, such as certain types of video games.

Happy to work on:

* Games

* Novels

* Short Stories

* NFT lore/copy/etc.


Justin is a screenwriter who was staffed on DJ2 Entertainment's TV-hybrid titled Rival S/Peak. He optioned a pilot to A+E and a feature to Rampart Films. Justin served as part of a writing room on such narrative-driven games as Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands, Walking Dead, and Minecraft: Story Mode. You can find his books on Amazon and. He also taught Muay Thai kickboxing and served five years in the U.S. Marine Corps (for which he is a disabled, protected veteran).

Oh, and can play three songs on the bagpipes!


One book ranked #47 on all of Amazon


MA in Creative Writing, Johns Hopkins University.

Certificate in Screenwriting, UCLA

WGF Veterans Writing Project


"One of the things that Justin excels at is writing his characters so well that they shine clearly through the (deliberate) murky situation on this space station. I find I’m not rooting for one side or the other, and I don’t feel any need to because I’m rooting for the characters. I’m about three-quarters of the way through the first book and I still have no idea how it will end. Recommended."

-- Author Tim C. Taylor

Thank you for considering me!


Epic Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG Middle Grade Middle Grade Fantasy Military Science Fiction Plays & Screenplays Space Opera Young Adult Fantasy
English (US)
  • Masters in Creative Writing, Johns Hopkins University
  • Screenwriting Certificate, UCLA

Work experience


Jan, 2021 — Present

Oversee a team of lore wizards to deliver high-quality NFT story consulting and writing. Developed lore, processes, and story ideation for over two dozen NFT projects from ideation to launch, to include copy, short stories, novels, games, and graphic novels.


Jan, 2016 — Present

I have written and ghostwritten over 50 novels. I have optioned a pilot to A+E as a CO-EP and a feature to Rampart Films. My writing credits include such games as Game of Thrones, and I've worked in development as a script reader for the Austin Film Festival and as an EP on three feature films going into production this summer.