Sara Usera

Sara Usera – Marketer

Digital marketer with a tech and analytics background to help you get those sales going! Mentored by Reedsy's CMO. Expert on Amazon Ads.


UPDATE: Thank you so much for your requests! I'm very happy that I got the chance to work in different projects for multiple authors, but as of now I am mainly looking for Amazon ads projects: Setting up campaigns/Optimising accounts. If you need help with your Amazon ads, let me know!

I come from the full hardcore digital marketing world, having worked almost 4 years for one of the biggest, fastest growing digital agencies/consultancies at a global level. Eventually, I grew tired of working for a big firm with big clients for 24/7 and decided to take all that knowledge and go freelance, allowing me to actually work and invest time in projects I love.

How did I come around book marketing? I always loved books, likely buy more than I ever will read (super-fan of Amazon's "Buy now with 1-Click" button for Kindle!), and was lucky enough to know Ricardo Fayet, Reedsy's CMO, who needed support helping authors do their marketing. I have been working hand in hand with him in multiple projects for more than half a year now, and feel absolutely ready to take projects of my own! The type of projects I have worked on include the following:

- Ad campaigns on Facebook ads and Amazon advertising
- Marketing plan development
- Amazon audits (Blurb, cover, categories & keywords used)

Some additional tasks I could help you on given my background in digital marketing:
- Implement Google Analytics (understand the traffic you are getting to your site)
- Implement Facebook Pixel, or any other ad tool pixel on your site (Generate remarketing audiences of people really interested in what you write)
- Website audits in case you want to lead traffic to your site (do not let them get away without taking a good look, or even converting!)

Action & Adventure Cozy Mysteries Dystopian Epic Fantasy Military Science Fiction
Business & Management

Work experience


Jul, 2020 — Present

Working as a digital marketer for digital agencies as well as authors — this last part mentored by Ricardo Fayet, Reedsy's CMO. Working as a freelance for digital agencies helps me keep updated in the latest digital marketing strategies, to later apply them to what I love: helping authors marketer their books :). I have focused mainly on the following:
- Marketing plan development
- Ad campaign operation on Facebook ads and Amazon advertising
- Amazon audits (Blurb, cover, categories & keywords used)


Jan, 2017 — Jul, 2020 (over 3 years)

Study, evaluation and operation of different digital marketing tools to reduce costs while achieving maximum conversion. Some tools that may be of interest to the authors: Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager.


Sep, 2014 — Sep, 2016 (about 2 years)

Bertelsmann is a huge European conglomerate owner of, amongst other companies, Penguin Random House. I rotated in different business departments within the company as an internal consultant, which has taught me to take a strategic, wholistic approach to the solutions I offer. In the case of publishing, I worked in Branded Content.


Amazon Ads: Mystery series

Took over in June:
- Average ACOS kept constant between 60-65% with an increase in both spend and sales. Mix of book 1 and all books in campaigns
Consistent rank below 15k during these months.

(We are now in the beginning of September, hence the results on this month)

Amazon ads: Thriller long series

Management over time in a best-seller thriller series
Average ACOS: 64%, including all books in series in the campaigns.
Consistent rank of book 1 between 10k-13k.

Amazon Ads: Long Epic Fantasy Series

Taking over ads on the 19th of December.
Average ACOS (KENP + sales): 144.87%, including all books in series in the campaigns. Consistent rank of 5k.

Amazon Ads: Non-Fiction 2

Keeping an average ACOS between 35-40% for a series of non-fiction books with a limited monthly budget (hence the drops in spend).

Amazon Ads: Paranormal Cozy Series

Consistently scaling up sales & KENP Royalties over time. This is combined with a Facebook ads + promo strategy.
- Average ACOS (KENP + Sales) of 85%, including all books in series in the campaigns.

Amazon ads: Non-fiction 1

Worked with Steve on the Amazon ads strategy of his book, defining the targets that would help further grow his audience while achieving the target ACOS (taking into account the book formats that sold the most).
- Average ACOS of 28%
- Paperback Amazon Bestseller rank around 1500

Relatively Series

The author did a free promo on the first book, after which we invested in both Facebook an Amazon ads to lengthen the boost given by this free promo. We achieved an average of 2x the sales (as compared to the period prior to the promo) during the 4 following months, and an average 65% increase on profit.

Seven brides for seven mothers series

Managed the author's ads for the series achieving:
- Facebook CPC of $0.10-$0.15
- Amazon's ranking in the first book stood between 4,000-9,000 with an average budget of $10-$20/day between both Amazon and Facebook for 5 months

Crazy Royal Love series

Managed the author's ads for the series achieving:
- Facebook CPC between $0.15-$0.20
- The series sales increased an average of 2x after the launch of one more book and the box set.
- Sustained ACOS of 70% (note that this is a series)

Paradise Bay Series

Managed the author's ads for the series achieving:
- Facebook CPC between $0.10-$0.20
- Increase in sales in UK + US of up to 5x using Facebook ads
- Sustained Amazon ACOS of between 60-70% (note that this is a series)

The Creative Penn: Facebook and Amazon advertising

Worked with Joanna Penn on her marketing strategy for all 13 of her non-fiction, authorpreneurship books, managing both her Facebook and Amazon accounts in UK and US, achieving:
- Facebook CPC in between $0.10-$0.21
- Overall amazon ACOS of 40-50% , and in some specific campaigns as low as 20% (note that this is a series)

Inside Passage / Danger in Plain Sight: Facebook ads

Managed Burt Weissbourd's facebook campaign for his trilogy "Inside Passage" as well as standalone "Danger in Plain Sight", achieving:
- CPC of $0.16
- Estimated ROI on sales: 41.5%

Moonrise over Rabbit River: Facebook Ads

Helped the author boost the sales of her series through Facebook ads. Results:
- CPC achieved of $0.20
- Book 1 ended in the top 50 of multiple categories
- Estimated ROI on sales: 40%


Blade and Bone

Holmberg, D.K.

Sara has 33 reviews





Melissa D.

Melissa D.

Dec, 2023

Working with Sara has been a great experience. She’s good at communicating and explaining what she’s doing in terms of advertising. She gives detailed reports on the ads performance. She’s patient with my questions. Very pleased.
Sara U.
Thank you Melissa!
Dan S.

Dan S.

Dec, 2023

I've had the pleasure of working with Sara for targeted advertising on Facebook and Amazon for my books, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Sara's expertise in the field is evident from the impactful campaigns she creates and manages.
Sara U.
Thank you Dan, I appreciate this a lot ^^
Dan S.

Dan S.

Nov, 2023

Sara is awesome)
Dan S.

Dan S.

Oct, 2023

Sara has been a game-changer for the marketing of my Sci-Fi book. Her deep understanding of the market and innovative strategies truly set her apart. What I appreciated most was her transparency and constant communication. Every step of the way, Sara provided clear insights, data-backed recommendations, and even the occasional pep talk when needed. She doesn't just see numbers; she understands ...
Read more
Sara U.
Thank you for your review Dan, I appreciate it a lot!
Joanna P.

Joanna P.

Sep, 2023

Sara is very professional and friendly. She has been running my Amazon Ads for months now, and has communicated in a timely manner, and helped me finesse campaigns. Recommended!
Sara U.
Thank you Joanna, it's always great to work with you :)

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