Rebecca Berus

Rebecca Berus – Marketer

Marketing Consultant specializing in getting authors seen, read, and sold through personalized marketing plans and effective promotions


In today’s publishing climate, it is more important than ever for authors to have a solid marketing plan to increase their discoverability. Even if your story and writing are top notch, and you have a great cover and product description, it can still be extremely difficult to bring attention to your book when you’re fighting against millions of other titles. As a marketing consultant, I help authors focus their marketing efforts for maximum benefit, and execute many of the needed steps so that writers can get back to writing.

If you're an author ready to take your books to the next level, I will help you reach your goals. I specialize in helping indie authors raise their visibility before and after publication. I provide a variety of strategic and promotional services to assist authors in finding and engaging with their audience, improving their platform, and gaining visibility. Each client receives personalized marketing services to help you get seen, get read and get sold.

My focus is creating marketing plans, launch plans, booking price promotions, blog tours, giveaways and building your author platform and audience.
Action & Adventure Contemporary Romance Fantasy Mystery & Crime Paranormal Romance Romantic Comedy Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction
  • BA in Advertising/Public Relations from Loyola University Chicago
  • BA in English with Creative Writing Concentration from Loyola University Chicago

Work experience

Romance Writer's of America San Jose Chapter

Feb, 2017 — Feb, 2017 (less than a minute)

• Discussed key tactics for an author to build their platform and increase their audience

Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference

Jul, 2016 — Jul, 2016 (less than a minute)

• Discussed key tactics for an author to build their platform and increase their audience


Jun, 2014 — Present

As a marketing consultant, I have worked with multiple self-published and small press authors on marketing their titles. My clients include Andrea Hurst, author of The Guestbook, which made it in the top ten Kindle Bestsellers on Amazon and was named a bestselling self-published title by Shelf Awareness, and Steve Hadden, author of The Victim of the System, JC Ryan, author of the Rex Dalton series, and many more.

Andrea Hurst and Associates, LLC

Jun, 2013 — Jun, 2014 (about 1 year)

• Marketed The Guestbook and Murder Most Magic, including composing marketing plans, writing pitches, setting up blog tour, setting up price promotions and advertising
• Wrote interview questions for the Authornomics blog
• Wrote back-cover copy for books

Sourcebooks, Inc.

Sep, 2012 — May, 2013 (8 months)

• Wrote press releases, pitches, drop letters, and PR plans
• Created media contact lists using Cision and booked media
• Worked to meet media impressions goals
• Researched media and blogs
• Read books and wrote questions for Facebook Book Club


Marketing Makeover on Author David Hulegaard

Performed my Marketing Makeover service on sci-fi author David Hulegaard. This service addressed his overall author platform through an assessment of his cover, product description, Amazon page, author website, Facebook author page, Twitter page, and more. I then gave him tips and instructions on what he's doing that is working well and what needed improvement and how to implement the suggested changes. I then wrote a detailed step by step marketing plan for him to execute. This was followed up by a thirty-minute consult for him to ask any questions on the materials and how best to move forward.

In the Dark

Chris Patchell, author of In the Dark, is a bestselling Amazon author. I helped her with the complete launch process for this book. In the Dark is a Kindle Press title and to launch it successfully I started by writing a complete launch plan to focus the marketing efforts and best utilize our time and money for maximum sales and exposure. The tactics I executed included a free promotion with ads on Deadly Lies, her first novel, purchasing a book blast on In the Dark, pitching the book to thriller blogs, ensuring the back matter was up-to-date and highlighted the new book, and created a newsletter to send out to her mailing list. Following the launch, we used continuous marketing tactics, including specialized ads, to continue sales. For In the Dark, we also submitted the book to reviewers and review sites for increased visibility.
Since its launch, In the Dark has been a top seller and has over 300 reviews with a 4.3 star rating.


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Chris Patchell

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Emilie O.

Emilie O.

May, 2024

I needed help figuring out what marketing steps would be the best to take for my romantasy novel and Rebecca was the perfect person to talk to. She provided me with clarity, which was what I lacked the most. She also recommended a few websites and services to help me with my marketing goals and was very open about her past experiences working with authors. It was an absolute pleasure working wi...
Read more
Elizabeth S.

Elizabeth S.

May, 2024

When I decided to use Rebecca's services for my book marketing purposes, I was feeling quite stuck and frustrated because I didn't know what to try next or how to go about things. Moving forward seemed like an impossible task. She made useful comments about my metadata and quoted the names of quite a few websites that I had never heard of, which provide author services like obtaining lots of bo...
Read more
Sydney C.

Sydney C.

May, 2024

I thought I had left a review for Rebecca. I will say again how much I liked speaking with her. And it's nice to know there’s someone as knowledgable she is. I hope to work with her further in the marketing of my book.
Jessica C.

Jessica C.

May, 2024

She was very friendly to talk to and seemed to know the business. She gave me some good pointers on where to start with marketing my new book.
Jeremy S.

Jeremy S.

Apr, 2024

She provided me with some information that I had previously gotten for free from others on the site. Her cost was a bit much for the information she provided. She was nice and professional on the phone, I just felt that the information didn't match the price. There are others on the site who provided me with information for free because I was such a new writer, which I appreciated.

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