Rodney Hatfield

Rodney Hatfield – Marketer

25+ yrs Growing Brands /Former Vice President of Brand Strategy at HarperCollins Publishers/ Publishing Consultant/ Book Marketer


As an experienced and highly successful marketing professional in the publishing, film, and music industry, I have helped thousands of creatives meet their market share through tailor-made marketing campaigns.

Before joining my current company in the same industry and related services, I spent 20 years as an entertainment executive for media companies in Nashville, TN, where I led the development of New York Times bestsellers, was featured in The New Yorker Magazine, and developed brands that have sold millions to date. As a VP of Corporate Brands at one of the Top 5 Publishers in the United States, my responsibilities have included managing 50 brands and overseeing 800+ books a year.

Are you looking for traditional book marketing, digital book marketing, or a hybrid? My unique ability to build custom plans for each book has culminated in creating category-dominating brands that have disrupted the status quo. There are no packages or cookie-cutter programs - I work with the author to create plans based on what they need to reach their goals.

My top three greatest strengths are Ideation, Strategic, and Connectedness.

My wealth of knowledge and wisdom allows you to tap into my reserves for developing a marketing strategy, email campaigns, website development, keyword research, social media campaigns, publicity, advertising, television broadcast, branding, and more.

I provide marketing consultations, custom marketing strategies and plans that I can execute, and additional marketing team services as needed.

Inexperience ends up costing more than an experienced counterpart.

Nothing beats experience.

Action & Adventure Christian Fiction Coming of Age Fantasy Middle Grade
Business & Management Christian Non-Fiction Inspirational

Work experience


Jan, 2012 — Present

* Lead a global marketing team of 25+ senior professionals in 10 countries responsible for developing B2B/B2C marketing and collaboration, executing long-term strategy, sales leads, product vision and communication strategies for clients
* Designed and implemented client’s marketing automation digital and socializing media strategies with a focus on inbound marketing, consumer-focused retention, SEM, affiliate marketing, re-targeting and display marketing.
* Executive produced four documentary series for broadcast television and secured airplay on 25 networks with a combined audience of 1 billion people
* Have helped 100's of indie authors with their book development, printing, marketing and distribution

Sound Enterprises

Jun, 2006 — Dec, 2011 (over 5 years)

* Launched a successful startup company and achieved $24 million in sales in 4 years.
* Responsible for all B2B marketing programs and partnership development programs to expand company sales
territories and brand development
* Designed and executed multiple locations live events over two years with a combined audience of 750,000 in attendance hosting A-list celebrities
* Develop strategies and implemented marketing automation programs to incorporate PR and media to further
enhance brand and build market share.
* Developed company ancillary products, distribution system, and publishing schedules.

Thomas Nelson Publishers (HarperCollins Christian)

Mar, 1999 — Jun, 2006 (over 7 years)

* Grew bottom-line revenues for the company by 120% to over $250 million by developing cohesive brand messaging and strategies to increase author audiences and product lines.
* Increased company market share and revenues with double-digit growth as a result of spearheading national research projects on consumer book purchasing behaviors resulting in re-categorization of retail stores categories
* Generated over 180M in revenues for two successful children’s brands as a result of the go-to-market and media strategies I developed and executed.
* Oversaw and managed the brand messaging for all corporate brands, marketing teams and sales presentations.


Britfield - New Author School Visit Program

- Created marketing plan and executed with customizable author school program to launch branded new author book series
- Video book trailer produced for book branding and show kids prior to visit
- Created branded backdrops for events.
- Managed inventory shipments and created event sheets for the author
- Did follow-up surveys and thank you notes to schools securing following year future visits

In 2.5 months sold over 3000+ books for a brand new author/brand
Secured 100 + school visits in year one
ROI of 922% for author

Patterns of Evidence Branded books, Films, Broadcast

- Created strategy to convert brand from theatrical feature to episodic series
- Scripted and developed 30 minute custom program for broadcast from 2 hour feature
- Broadened distribution Domestic/International
- Optimized website and enhanced resulting in increased sales
- Secured syndication of multiple broadcasts on over 50+ networks with a combined audience of 500 million worldwide
- Created Social Media campaign driving membership/sales up 300%
- Placement of films/books in APP to over 1 million targeted audience base
- Over 100,000 DVDs/digital/Book units sold and growing

Come Thirsty/Traveling Light/Hermie a Common Caterpillar - Max Lucado

Oversaw the branding and execution of the entire Max Lucado brand as Corporate Brand Strategist for top 5 publisher
Developed marketing launch and branding of new Children's video/book series (Hermie) including trade sales brochures, instore merchandising, trade event marketing billboards, branded packaging tape used for all packages shipped from publisher, instore play videos, first chapter reader programs, instore events with life size characters.
Results- Increased brand sales from 26 million to over 52 million, 3 Million+ copies sold of Hermie children's brand and still growing

Word of Promise Audio Bible

- Developed and executed two million dollar multi-channel retail, direct to consumer, church and special event marketing campaigns
- Secured national television, radio, print, internet, and publicity events interviews
- Secured multiple custom broadcast programs around the brand seen by over one billion viewers
- Executed over 42 successful mega church events with lead actor Jim Caviezel and with a combined live audience of over 750,000
- Designed, produced, managed custom direct to consumer website (at peak was in the top 2% of all websites in the world)
- Several brand extension products created and launched to evergreen the brand including APP, devotionals, journals, podcasts etc..
Results: Top selling multi-actor based audio bible project in its category with over 1 million sales, 42 live events, national PR exposure.


Traveling Light

Lucado, Max

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Donald P.

Donald P.

Jul, 2024

My experience with Rodney was entirely a happy one. He had fine ideas to make my book "Prisoners Without Walls" attractive to potential buyers, and his suggestions came from his experience in the field. He knew what to emphasize to attract buyers and how to phrase my book's qualities that would make it desirable. He was always available and took time to work with me. And he was prompt in re...
Read more
Marcus G.

Marcus G.

Jul, 2024

I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with Rodney again. The sharing of his wealth of knowledge was instrumental in my continued growth in marketing and advertising. I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome and experience I have achieved. I am where I am today in my understanding of marketing because of him! Thank you!
l M.

l M.

Jul, 2024

I am delighted and grateful to have Rodney help me with me with my book marketing. He is personable, knowledgeable, and affordable. For me, as an independent publisher, I was nervous about pricing but he put at ease immediately. Very open and honest on what it would cost me. Thanks so very much Rodney for all your help.
John D.

John D.

Jul, 2024

Professional and helpful. I will use again for my next novel.
Louise A.

Louise A.

Jul, 2024

Apart from having masses of professional experience of the book industry, I found Rodney to be easy to converse with that was really important to me . He comes across as warm and helpful happy to explain things in detail. Rodney is also a patient person. He really knows his stuff and I felt so happy I had chosen to send my book to him, after realising he is a sea of knowledge.

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