Robyn Burwell

Robyn Burwell – Editor

Specializing in YA, fantasy, comedy, mystery, and faith-based manuscripts through review, development, content editing, and author coaching.


With over twelve years in publishing, I've acted as an acquisitions editor for HarperCollins/Zondervan, owned a self-publishing company, and led editorial teams to see hundreds of books to publication. Among the numerous notable personalities I've worked with are Missy and Mia Robertson of Duck Dynasty, award-winning author Kwame Alexander, actress Bailee Madison, social media personality Natasha Bure, and business culture expert and #1 Bestseller Jonathan Keyser.

Preferred projects include manuscript reviews and critiques and developmental edits for YA, fantasy, mystery, humor/comedy, business, and faith-based manuscripts. I also specialize in author coaching to accompany critiques upon request.
Business & Management Christian Non-Fiction Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Cozy Mysteries Fantasy Humor & Comedy Young Adult
English (US)
  • Copyediting Certification, University of California, San Diego

Work experience

Self Employed

Feb, 2019 — Present

I currently work as a freelancer editor and company owner for authors and business professionals. Our team specializes in full-length manuscript development and editing.

(Texas-Based Publishing Service)

Feb, 2017 — Jan, 2019 (almost 2 years)

Coach and organizer of the copyediting and proofreading department, including process and document development, new hire coaching, team communication, meeting lead, and project assessment and assignment. Performed editorial and proofreading work, content edits and rewrites, manuscript restructures and interviews. Also worked with authors from start to finish--concept development to completion of a manuscript.

HarperCollins/Blink YA

Oct, 2015 — Mar, 2017 (over 1 year)

Acquisition of new YA and children's titles (also watching for prospective titles for our adult division), connecting with renowned and award-winning authors and public figures. These books covered a wide range of genres, but my specific interests were in dystopia, mystery and suspense, romance, comedy, and especially multicultural/ethnic topics. Authors ranged from well-known actors/actresses to award-winning musicians to social media personalities to award-winning and debut authors.

Other involvement included attending and speaking at writer and publisher conventions/conferences, teaching sessions, and seeking out passion projects to present to the team and to buyers. Building relationships with literary agents and publishers. Overseeing project timelines and trouble shooting problem areas for authors and the publisher. Performing macro/content edits on manuscripts and working with authors to strengthen their writing and stories. Being an expert in the field, personable, and caring deeply about each authors work and big picture goals.

Creative Word Editing

Oct, 2011 — Feb, 2019 (over 7 years)

Creative Word Editing began as a small editorial services company, working with authors in coaching, editing, and proofreading. Over the years, the need to grow the company and the services offered became evident, and we have been restructured into a new company.

ACU Press & Leafwood Publishers

Oct, 2010 — Aug, 2013 (almost 3 years)

Project management, overseeing timelines, project progress, and freelance work for up to twenty-one books each year. These books included personal growth, self-help, memoir, academic, and theological works. Worked closely with each author to ensure they felt supported and encouraged throughout the project. Worked directly with freelancers, recruiting and hiring talent, and training them to the qualifications of the publisher.


When Jonathan Keyser entered the cut-throat, dog-eat-dog world of commercial real estate brokerage, he became the worst version of himself and hated himself because of it.Then one day, Jonathan decided he’d had enough. He realized he was sacrificing his values... read more
An inspiring story of one man's diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis at age 47 and his struggle to rise from the depths of despair to the stage of a bodybuilding contest.When David Lyons lay in his hospital bed numb from the chest down, barely able to move and ju... read more
With an easy-to-read style and biblically founded truths, A Still and Quiet Soul helps readers cultivate contentment in life even in the midst of chaos.Life is chaotic. Schedules, stress, and strife can quickly spiral out of control leaving us frustrated, exha... read more
A SCRAPBOOK OF MOTHERHOOD FIRSTS celebrates motherhood milestones in a collection of topics from conception to school days, and recipes to family fun days.With nearly 150 years of collective mothering, Leslie, Trish, Terra, Cathy, and Karen combine common sens... read more
Women have a desperate longing for a stress cure--a revitalized perspective and re-energized faith. STRESSED-LESS LIVING offers life-changing, heart-renewing, long-lasting remedies that will bring peace, even when things feel out of control. Life is tense and ... read more
Giving new hope to the weary, this book brings together scholarship and personal experience to understand the necessity of lament language through the exploration of the Psalms.Many writers have considered the question, ''Why do bad things happen to good peopl... read more
The God Who Saves

Glenn Pemberton

This textbook dives into the Old Testament from the perspective of ancient Israel. With captivating and rich content, enhanced by maps, tables, biblical reading assignments, discussion topics, and further research prompts, the conversation within Pemberton's b... read more
Getting Out of Bed in the Morning motivates readers who are facing grief and loss to get out of bed and face a life which, although diminished by unfathomable sadness, still holds purpose and beauty.Written in devotional format, Getting Out of Bed in the Morni... read more
In Miracles & Moments of Grace: Inspiring Stories from Doctors, Nancy B. Kennedy brings together a breathtaking collection of fifty first-person stories told by physicians from all branches of medicine--family doctors, neurosurgeons, military doctors, ob/gyns,... read more
She may be tough, beautiful, and practically perfect in every way, but saving the world is only easy when you're Wonder Woman. Being a mom, on the other hand? Now, that takes some serious superpowers. A lasso of truth, bulletproof wristbands, and an invisible ... read more
From singer, model and YouTube celebrity Natasha Bure, the daughter of Candace Cameron Bure, comes a real, honest conversational book that doesn’t hold back. Everywhere she goes and every video she posts has one basic message: this is real, this is life, and w... read more
Losing Brave (Blink)

Bailee Madison

From award-winning actress Bailee Madison and Reader’s Choice Award Finalist Stefne Miller, comes Losing Brave. More than a year has passed since seventeen-year-old Payton Brave’s twin sister went missing; and Payton, in her desperate attempt to hold on to wha... read more
Solo (Blink)

Kwame Alexander

New York Times bestseller!Blade never asked for a life of the rich and famous. In fact, he’d give anything not to be the son of Rutherford Morrison, a washed-up rock star and drug addict with delusions of a comeback. Or to no longer be part of a family known m... read more

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Mike L.

Mike L.

Mar, 2021

Robyn was very pleasant and gave us some good ideas on our content. However, she did not stay within the schedule, needed constant reminders, and we felt that she "gave up" on more than one occasion. Instead of 6 months for development and line editing work as agreed on, it took a year but we (wife and husband, co-writers) do not believe that we received solid and consistent service for develop...
Read more
ShieldsUP! M.

ShieldsUP! M.

Dec, 2019

Incredible job from an incredible person!
Zachary R.

Zachary R.

Oct, 2019

She was helpful and friendly even though I opted not to go with her.
Elisa H.

Elisa H.

Oct, 2019

Robyn was kind, thoughtful, professional, and easy to work with. Her suggestions were exactly what was needed.

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