Jasmin Naim

Jasmin Naim – Editor

First rate and insightful editor, strategist and proofreader for non fiction, driven by perfecting content without losing its essence.


I am a versatile and insightful editor, strategist and proof reader for a broad range of non fiction content based on my prior work with leading authors at top publishing houses. My starting point is always to build an understanding of, and rapport with, the author, placing their vision at the heart of the work I do with them to develop an idea into a coherent body of writing.
Business & Management Economics Law New Age Psychology Sports & Outdoors
English (UK)

Work experience

Kogan Page

Aug, 2014 — Jul, 2015 (11 months)

Working with leading authors in marketing, PR, advertising and sales to realise their ideas for writing projects and hone them to address market need for a mixed audience of business practitioners and students, as well as the general reader.

Thomson Reuters

Oct, 2012 — Aug, 2014 (almost 2 years)

Commissioning and designing strategy for legal professional materials and their conversion to digital format, as well as managing a team of publishing editors for success across the portfolio.

Hodder Education (Hachette)

Nov, 2009 — Oct, 2012 (almost 3 years)

Managed a team of Commissioning Editors and Desk Editors to deliver high calibre HE textbooks (both print and e-book) tailored for the needs of students and lecturers across a range of HE subjects, including psychology, sport, geography, law, business and linguistics.

Palgrave Macmillan

Jul, 2007 — May, 2009 (almost 2 years)

Commissioned a range of legal textbooks to bring innovative new educational techniques into the portfolio.

CIPD Publishing

Sep, 2006 — Jun, 2007 (9 months)

Refreshed the content of a portfolio of subscription products to bring them into line with current practice and digital formats.

Sweet & Maxwell (Thomson Reuters)

May, 2005 — Sep, 2006 (over 1 year)

Worked at the highest level commissioning professional legal books, journals and subscription products on banking, finance and insurance law and compliance.

Oxford University Press

Jan, 2004 — Apr, 2005 (about 1 year)

Commissioning and management of a large and commercially successful portfolio of student textbooks.


For those approaching medical law and ethics for the first time, Unlocking Medical Law and Ethics ensures that the student grasps the main concepts with ease, providing an indispensable foundation in the subject. The Unlocking the Law series is designed specif... read more
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Richard Gross turns his expert eye to the psychology of human nature in a contemplative account encompassing cognition, consciousness, language, time perception, sense of mortality and human society. This book will help you to consider the unique aspects of be... read more
Sport and Exercise Science: An Introduction provides a broad-based foundation in the major areas that underpin the scientific study of sport and exercise science, thus helping undergraduate students to develop a sound understanding of human anatomy, physiology... read more
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An engaging introduction to the more advanced writings on criminal law, designed to provide the additional insights necessary to excel in the study of the subject.
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Paul J.

Paul J.

Aug, 2021

A joy to work with. This was my first non-fiction book, so the whole process has been a learning experience. Jasmin provided great knowledge and support as I battled my way to the end. It's good to work with a freelancer that cares as much about your book as you do! Would 100% recommend.
Jasmin N.
Paul has been a joy to work with from start to finish, and I have learned so much about his area of expertise. Ever courteous, compassionate and good humoured, I wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate wi...
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Ben R.

Ben R.

Oct, 2020

Jasmin is an absolute delight to work with, and I recommend her to any author. Her skills are exceptional, she challenged me, sense checked with me and ultimately helped me turn my self-edited manuscript into a book I'm proud of that is best-seller material. From the very beginning of our engagement until the end and thereafter she gave me the absolute confidence she was the right person for ...
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Charlotte C.

Charlotte C.

Oct, 2020

I wish that Jasmin could edit this review because only then would it perfectly capture the essence of all the wonderful things I want to convey about working together. Jasmin is an eagle-eyed, kind, and thoughtful editor who was exceptionally generous with her time. Editing is always the hard part of writing, I have heard, yet Jasmin made it both seamless and joyful; an amazing way to end quite...
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Jasmin N.
Charlotte's project was enjoyable from start to finish, and I loved her thought-provoking content, good writing style, and thorough referencing as much as her warm personality, open mind and profes...
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Adam T.

Adam T.

Sep, 2020

When looking for an editor for my book I wanted to find someone who's opinion I could trust, but I knew this would be a tall order for someone I would have just met. Enter Jasmin. She delivered professionalism, kindness and valuable input to a book that is very near and dear to my heart. I trusted her fully because you can tell when you meet her that there is nothing not to trust. It was such a...
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Jasmin N.
Adam was a stellar collaborator and a joy from start to finish. Editing his book was a great experience because of its originality and beauty, and because of his gracious professionalism and person...
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Isabel W.

Isabel W.

May, 2020

Jasmin went the extra mile on every task

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