Robin Seavill

Robin Seavill – Editor

Twenty years' experience in commercial fiction and non-fiction for such publishers as HarperCollins, Virgin, Harlequin and Little, Brown.


I’m here to help you craft the best possible version of your work to give it maximum impact all the way from the publisher’s desk through to the reader’s soul. This includes everything from basic grammar and spelling to the more complex areas of character, plot and structure.

Viewing your material with a fresh eye, I can suggest cuts where the prose may be too dense, or beefing up where it appears weak or unconvincing. And any corrections will be carried out with sensitivity to the original tone of the piece and your unique authorial voice.

Writers whose books I've worked on include David Solomons, author of Not Another Happy Ending, which was later filmed with Karen Gillan in the lead, and Robert Thorogood, creator of TV series Death in Paradise. Adam Nevill, whose novel The Ritual was made into a highly-regarded 2017 horror movie starring Rafe Spall, recalls:

"When I was an extremely busy editor of over 80 titles per year at Virgin Books, Robin had the expertise and experience that always gave me peace of mind with my authors’ work at proof-stage. Robin is also a very clever chap; his broad general knowledge has often been indispensable during the editorial process.”

More recent clients have said this:

“Truly a professional. The quality of work was out of this world, it is all I could ever ask for. If I could give 6 stars in communication and punctuality I would give 7.”
L.S. Goozdich, Frozen Wrath, 2022

“Robin did a stellar job. His thorough approach to editing, eye for detail, professionalism, value for money, communication and punctuality have exceeded my expectations. I'll definitely use his services again.”
Quinlan Mason, Winds of Sirocco, 2021

“Outstanding. Robin is the consummate professional. His suggestions are very helpful. His insights are spot on and his responsiveness is unmatched.”
Frank Napolitano, Day of Days: September 11, 2001, 2021

“Robin was absolutely the man for this job. He was patient, thorough, knowledgeable and went the extra mile. He was also fun to interact with.”
Carol Blackwood, Angels of Death, 2020

“Finding Robin here on Reedsy was like finding gold.”
Heather Stretch, The Brigandshaw Chronicles, 2019

Action & Adventure Historical Fiction Mystery & Crime Psychological Thriller
Art Biographies & Memoirs Entertainment True Crime
English (UK) English (US)
  • BA (Hons) degree in Modern Languages (French & German), St John's College, Oxford

Work experience


May, 2001 — Present

Proofreading and copy editing for numerous publishers including Embla, Harlequin, HarperCollins, Kamba Publishing Little, Brown, Piatkus, Quercus, Ritual Limited Sutton Publishing and Virgin.
Author of How To Write Erotica: A Guide (Mills and Boon, 2013)

Press Association

Jul, 2002 — Nov, 2021 (over 19 years)

Writing, editing, proofing and formatting every kind of puzzle for a wide range of national and international newspapers and magazines, both in print and online.

Bath & West Life magazine

Apr, 1997 — Jul, 1999 (about 2 years)

Oversaw the successful relaunch of this premier full-colour glossy lifestyle magazine for the southwest of England.

Proscenium Theatre Publications Ltd

Apr, 1994 — Apr, 1997 (almost 3 years)

Commissioned, wrote and edited a wide range of articles for theatre programmes throughout the UK including: Theatre Royal, Bath; West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds; Theatr Clwyd, Mold; Waterfront Hall, Belfast.


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Winning the 1992 Best Actor Oscar for his chilling performance as Dr Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs overwhelmingly confirmed Anthony Hopkins' star status.

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Tom T.

Tom T.

May, 2023

Working with Robin was a pleasure. He provided prompt and detailed feedback on my work and offered good insight and opinion. Would highly recommend.
Robin S.
Thanks for the work, Tom. I hope the book does well for you.
Paul R.

Paul R.

Apr, 2023

Robin was very accommodating and showed a great depth of understanding of the unique challenges our project required. Thanks for all you did for us Robin!
Robin S.
My pleasure, Paul. It was certainly one of my more unusual commissions, and required the exercise of certain muscles I haven't used in quite some time. But that was no bad thing and I feel fitter a...
Read more
L.S. G.

L.S. G.

Apr, 2023

This is my second time working with Mr. Seavill and I am just as happy. I can't say it enough, this man is the most punctual, professional, and thorough individual. I feel honored and blessed to have him working on my novels. He helped my debut thriller Frozen Wrath get to the top of the charts in Men's Adventure Fiction on Amazon. His work really helped make me look good! Do yourself a favor a...
Read more
Robin S.
Luke, your success is all down to you. Your talent, your professionalism and your positive attitude are second to none and I'm absolutely delighted you're getting the recognition you deserve. You l...
Read more
Jack R.

Jack R.

Apr, 2023

What a pleasure to have worked with Robin - I can't wait to do so again. As well as delivering any work promptly, he was flexible and understanding when dealing with my pestering and any delays on my end. His curiosity and enthusiasm are infectious; he gave me terrific references, recommendations, and brilliant, thoughtful answers to all of my questions. I would urge any other writers - aspi...
Read more
Robin S.
Thanks, Jack. The travel memoir can be a tricky genre to get right, but I felt you had the requisite mix of personality, humour, skill and humility to pull it off, which is why I took the job. (Plu...
Read more
Phil G.

Phil G.

Mar, 2023

Robin was a pleasure to work with. Punctual and precise. He was never intrusive and preserved the integrity of my narrative voice. He pointed out things I had never thought about, which made my work smoother and more solid and professional.
Robin S.
Thanks for that, Phil. You tell a tough tale that takes us to some very dark places. If you want to go again, you know where to find me.