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Traitor Maguire


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A must read addition to the Exiles series that leaves you wanting more of this thrilling series.

Traitor Maguire is the third book in the Exiles series by C.R. Dempsey and what has to be the most exciting of the books so far. An excellent an addition to the series this book picks up on the heels of the second book, allowing us to get right back in to the adventures of Eunan and Seamus. As with the previous books in the series, Traitor Maguire is a harsh and violent tale of late 1500s Ireland and the strife between the various clans on the land, always at each other’s throat while the English crown looms over the country as a whole.

The setting of Traitor Maguire, much like the series as a whole is well researched. This gives the world the fictional story takes place in more life, as anyone with a basic grasp on history of this point in time will feel right at home. As for those who may not be history buffs, enough is explained through the series for you to feel right at home with your history fanatical friends.

The characters also fit well in the setting. Dempsey avoids the issue many writers of historical fiction fall in to, and the mentality of the characters fits well with the time. This helps the reader to stay invested in the characters and to find yourself rooting for, and feeling for, them. 

As stated above, Traitor Maguire is a violent book. Like many historical fiction books, it takes place during a time of violence and war. This means that the book is not suitable for those who are not comfortable to violent themes. If you can not stomach murder, this is certainly not the book for you as the series as a whole contains not only combat in times of war but also settles many of the issues of the protagonist in violent ways. However, if this sort of thing does not bother you, Traitor Maguire and the whole Exiles series should be picked up and enjoyed. 

If you are an avid reader of historical fiction I suggest you add this book to your collection, along with the rest of the series.

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C R Dempsey is the author of ‘Traitor Maguire’, ‘Uprising’ and ‘Bad Blood’, three historical fiction books set in Elizabethan Ireland. C R Dempsey lives in London with his wife and cat. He was born in Dublin but has lived most of his adult life in London. view profile

Published on March 29, 2022

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