Rachel Small

Rachel Small – Editor

Experienced editor with a passion for literary and women's fiction, stories that move and inspire people, and travel adventures.


Your vision, my insight.

I see the author-editor relationship as a collaborative one with space for conversation, and I provide professional and reliable editing services with the writer's vision top of mind.

Over the years, I've worked with numerous authors of both fiction and nonfiction, and I particularly enjoy literary and women's fiction, creative nonfiction, books about spirituality and/or self-help, and travel adventures.

Biographies & Memoirs Inspirational Religion & Spirituality Self-Help & Self-Improvement Travel
Contemporary Fiction Short Story Women's Fiction
English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)
  • Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading

Work experience


Jan, 2010 — Present

Whether you’re a veteran author or an emerging writer, I can help you express your story, in your words, clearly and powerfully.


Made with Reedsy
Three Days in Amsterdam

Tucker, Tanja

Developmental Editing Copy Editing
Developmental Editing Editorial Assessment
The Garnet Earrings

Tucker, Tanja Davia

Developmental Editing Editorial Assessment
Developmental Editing
“We’re all flawed and confronted daily with sometimes slight but often apparently insurmountable challenges. But if we dig deep, what we unearth from the depths of our souls, if we’re lucky, c... read more
All But What's Left

Carrie Mumford

A childhood marred by tragedy. An uncertain future. One summer that changes everything. After losing her mother in a tragic accident, Hannah Tatum grows up wanting nothing more than to be a go... read more
Copy Editing
The Debut Novel From Michael Doane Written in the same tradition as On the Road and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Michael Doane’s The Crossing explores what it means to exist in 21st century America. She’s out on a pier, deep in the ocean. A tidal... read more
Band of Wild Ones

Daniel Pertschuk

Ricky Green is a restless teenager with a penchant for trouble. When the Beatles invade America, Ricky and his three friends form a band, hoping to reap fame and fortune. But amidst the profound cultural and political upheaval of the sixties, the Wild Ones str... read more
The Angriest Angel

Christopher Halt

"A sci-fi series opener with ADHD as a key component that deserves all the attention it can get.”-Kirkus Reviews (starred review)They’ve lived among us for decades without incident. Until now.The Caelans are a nonviolent and technically advanced people who lon... read more
Holy sh*t! You’re engaged! Your heart starts to race. You feel terribly overwhelmed. Now what? Enter AstroWed, Earth’s first space-themed wedding-planning workbook ready to make those checklists work FOR you rather than AGAINST you. Written, designed, and illu... read more
Chasing Checkers

Christopher Hinchcliffe

Teddy “Chex” Clark has been racing cars since he was seven. He’s always dreamed of driving professionally. But when an old friend calls him out of the blue and offers him the chance to make his dream a reality, Teddy can’t help but ask himself—is he ready?From... read more
When dark forces threaten the fates of Gods and men, a troubled psychic may be their only hope.Shilpy Chopra finally has the ordinary life she always dreamed of: a quiet job at a Sydney bookstore, good friends, and then there's Dusk - her perfect and devoted b... read more
The dead body in the pool is putting a serious dent in Geoff’s morning. An ex-pat property manager on the Caribbean island of Bequia, Geoff doesn’t want a spotlight shone on the secret past he left behind in Canada, but now he’s the suspect in a brutal murder.... read more
One day, a bored little boy finds himself inside an old clock store. And while the boy is generally uninterested in most of the old and dusty clocks within the store, one particular clock strikes up his curiosity. And then everything changes for this bored lit... read more
Of the Dragonfly

Audrey Gene

Evangeline May Sinclair is an intelligent young woman with a promising future in a large corporation. Though she has every reason to be happy, she has always felt insubstantial and out of place.Gradually, her dreams begin to reveal an existence that seems far ... read more
BawB's Raven Feathers is pure and simple. It kickstarts moments of self-reflection and inner peace, drawing on nostalgia while pushing the reader to live in the present and dream of tomorrow. Alternating brief chapters of prose with perfectly rhythmic, adult r... read more
In 'In Gaza, I Dare to Dream', Rana vividly recounts details of her own life under Israeli Occupation, aggression and the Gaza Siege. The daily suffering of the Palestinian people is seldom mentioned in mainstream media, therefore, the author takes you on a jo... read more
Time On Target

Don Marnock

Cartel honcho Diego “El Toro” Sandoval has grandiose dreams. He has handpicked from the cream of America’s teenaged Latino gangs and now having trained them with all the skills of his Mexican army Special Forces background, Sandoval is about to set them loose ... read more

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Stacey O.

Stacey O.

Mar, 2024

I have been very happy working with Rachel with the developmental edit. She is invested in making this an excellent book for the reader and great suggestions. She is also very timely and has been a pleasure to work with.
Janine P.

Janine P.

Mar, 2024

Some words to describe Rachel: approachable, empathetic, helpful, down-to-earth, practical, able to concentrate fully on my work in order to truly see what it can become.
Tanja T.

Tanja T.

Oct, 2023

Rachel has once again helped me craft a finished product that I am excited to share with readers. Her ability to edit is second to none. I hope I get the chance to work with her on my third novel.
Robin A.

Robin A.

Sep, 2023

From grammar and tone to honing the message, Rachel’s read of my storyline provided not only a developmental edit, but cleaning and tightening as well. Absorbing Rachel’s feedback was like attending an immersive writing class, jam-packed with actionable tidbits that will push me to become a better writer. An objective and supportive assessment by someone gifted with sound editing skills is pric...
Read more
Carlos V.

Carlos V.

Aug, 2023

Great all around. Outstanding value. Excels most at understanding the writer's voice and ideas. This ability allows her to add indispensable depth. Hire her!

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