Patrick Barb

Patrick Barb – Editor

Accomplished developmental editor with 13+ years of progressive publishing experience in graphic novels and illustrated/gift books


I am a seasoned print and digital editor with more than 10 years experience managing production and editorial development of multiple titles for illustrated, graphic novel, and instructional/academic titles. As an editorial project manager, I have an outstanding career record of print publishing success including multiple New York Times Comics and Graphic Novel Bestsellers. I also have industry-connected expertise with connections to the comics/graphic novel, illustrated gift, and art publishing genres.

As a publishing consultant, I draw on years of publishing experience to offer a wide array of editorial services for your projects in the print and digital spaces. My primary focus is on comics/graphic novel and illustrated gift projects; however, I’m willing to work with you to customize a package of services best-suited for YOUR project.


"Patrick was awesome to work with. Super thoughtful, very responsive, and helped me write something closer to what I actually had in my head when I started, which is always what I want in an editor"
—Justin Jordan, writer of
Ninja: The Most Dangerous Game, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode
, and

"I've worked for every major comics publisher, with dozens of editors; Patrick B. stands out as one of the best in the field. It's not just because of his peerless ability to bring a team together, smoothly managing projects to their completion, but due to the fact that he has that all-too-rare, but all-too-important editorial skill: He knows both when to step in and make suggestions, as well as when to get out of the way, trusting the team he's assembled to do the job ahead of them."
—Aubrey Sitterson, co-creator of
The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling
(Ten Speed Press)

"Without Patrick's help, our book would not have happened. It was his idea to do it. He told us how to do it, he helped us when we didn't do that properly, and was always available to talk it through more. He was awesome to work with in every way."
—Gareth Reynolds, co-host of The Dollop podcast and co-author of
The United States of Absurdity
Art Comics Non-Fiction Entertainment
Comics & Graphic Novels Humor & Comedy
English (US)
  • Columbia University Publishing Course, New York, NY, 2006

Work experience


Mar, 2019 — Present

Manuscript Consultation/Development: Provides developmental feedback and editorial guidance on your script, thumbnails, finished art, etc. Varies from line edit changes to broader structural/functional feedback for your project.

Proposal/Pitch Consultation: Same as above, but with a focus on your pitch or proposal document. Provides insights and recommendations to help you (a) highlight what makes your project special, (b) identify the potential audience, (c) speak to potential comparable titles, and (d) quantify your platform and identify your best resources for promotion/publicity.

Proofreading: Reviews your manuscript, identifying spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and structural issues on the page, providing direction for revision and helping you ready your project for publication success.

Project Management: Oversees the development of materials, facilitates communication between team members, and coordinates scheduling to guide your project. Customizes an editorial development and production schedule, sets deadlines for deliverables, and connects you with resources for fine-tuning and perfecting your project

Ten Speed Press / Penguin Random House

Aug, 2013 — Mar, 2019 (over 5 years)

Directed editorial development for average 10 titles per year, primarily in comics/graphic novel, art instruction, and illustrated gift categories. Coordinated acquisition-to-publication development — from working with authors and agents to submission of final files to printer, managed budgets, and coordinated with design and production teams. Cultivated extensive relationship network with authors, agents, illustrators, and licensors. Set and managed production schedules and aligned resources with department budgets.

Watson-Guptill Publications / Penguin Random House

Jun, 2011 — Aug, 2013 (about 2 years)

Managed all editorial and production processes for titles within art instruction category, guiding average 2-4 projects per year. Worked with agents, authors, and illustrators to acquire 3-5 titles per year related to comic books, cartooning, and video game art creation. Coordinated with production teams on schedules, project deliverables, and overall quality control. Contributed to marketing and publicity strategies for select titles.

Oxford University Press

Apr, 2010 — Jun, 2011 (about 1 year)

Synchronized development and publication process of more than 50 peer-reviewed academic articles across Public Health, Sociology, Linguistics, and Jewish Literature disciplines. Worked with authors to develop article list, edited and loaded finished pieces into content management system for online publication to subscription-based site.


Channeling Hypomania in Aruba

Linkwater, Hewlett Patterson

Child Star

Brown, Brian "Box"

The first in a series of original graphic novels, starring Ninja (Tyler Blevins)--the most influential public figure in gaming today--as he embarks on exciting gaming adventures, with the fate of the world at stake.Tyler Blevins (aka "Ninja")--the undisputed c... read more
This introductory guide to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is an illustrated primer to many of the characters you can play in D&D, along with their essential weapons and adventuring tools.In this illustrated guide, you're transported to the legendary and magical worlds of ... read more
This introductory guide to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS provides a fun and immersive primer to its beasts and monsters.In this illustrated guide, you're transported to the legendary and magical worlds of Dungeons & Dragons and presented with one-of-a-kind entries for so... read more
A compelling graphic novel adaptation of Upton Sinclair's seminal protest novel that brings to life the harsh conditions and exploited existences of immigrants in Chicago's meatpacking industry in the early twentieth century.Long acclaimed around the world, Up... read more
#1 New York Times bestselling author Andy Weir and acclaimed illustrator Sarah Andersen tackle what transpires after "happily ever after." What happens to Alice when she comes back from Wonderland? Wendy from Neverland? Dorothy from Oz? The three meet here, at... read more
A graphic novel-style history of baseball, providing an illustrated look at the major games, players, and rule changes that shaped the sport.This graphic novel steps up to the plate and covers all the bases in illustrating the origin of America's national past... read more
The most exciting and comprehensive book yet in the bestselling DC Comics how-to-draw series.From the bestselling DC Comics Guide series, this is the essential resource for aspiring comics creators looking to make intriguing, action-packed comics like the expe... read more
Best-selling Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis reveals the comic book writing secrets behind his work on The Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man, All-New X-Men, and more.One of the most popular writers in modern comics, Brian Michael Bendis reveals the tools... read more
A New York Times Best SellerA full-color, lushly illustrated graphic novel that recounts the many-layered past and present of beer through dynamic pairings of pictures and meticulously researched insight into the history of the world's favorite brew. The Histo... read more
Read This Comic and Start Drawing Today! Nominated for a 2017 Eisner AwardFor the first time ever, drawing instructor and graphic novelist Mark Crilley brings his easy-to-follow artistic instruction to aspiring artists in the form of a comic book, providing yo... read more
A New York Times bestseller A charming introduction to the basics of Korean cooking in graphic novel form, with 64 recipes, ingredient profiles, and more, presented through light-hearted comics. Fun to look at and easy to use, this unique combination of cookbo... read more
A graphic novel biography of the American legend who inspired the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential figures in United States history—he fought in the Revolutionary War, helped develop the Constitution, and as the... read more
From the host of the critically acclaimed pro wrestling podcast Straight Shoot, this graphic novel history of wrestling features the key grapplers, matches, and promotions that shaped this beloved sport and form of entertainment.As a pop culture phenomenon, pr... read more
A graphic novel biography of the escaped slave, abolitionist, public speaker, and most photographed man of the nineteenth century, based on his autobiographical writings and speeches, spotlighting the key events and people that shaped the life of this great Am... read more

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Adam M.

Adam M.

Dec, 2022

Patrick was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, friendly, extremely helpful, and, above all, patiently dealt with all my questions. I intend to work with him again on my current project and seek his advice in future endeavors.
Beck K.

Beck K.

Apr, 2022

Patrick was amazing to work with. He was professional and upfront, with helpful notes and much-needed advice in terms of querying my project. All his work was promptly delivered and exactly what I asked for. I would absolutely work with him again.
Trevor S.

Trevor S.

Dec, 2021

max R.

max R.

Aug, 2021

This is my 2nd time working with Patrick, this time editing my query letter to potential literary agents. As always, his extensive background and knowledge in the publishing business is invaluable to a new writer like myself.
max R.

max R.

Jun, 2021

I'm working on a Graphic Novel, so I went with Patrick because of his background in the field. All told, I had a great experience working with him. Patrick was really flexible in scheduling the deliverables, and was open to answering any and all questions I had after each review. After the project was finished, we scheduled a Zoom call and he imparted invaluable information about the Comics ...
Read more

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