Nicola Perry

Nicola Perry – Editor

20-year publishing career. Expect imagination with direction. Experiential learning + sage advice for soulful writers & deep thinkers.



20+ years' international experience in publishing, story craft, and mentoring writers. Headed up Writers' & Artists' editorial services for Bloomsbury Publishers, Senior Commissioning Editor for Working Partners (a leading fiction packagers) co-producing series fiction for the big 5, and Literary Fiction and Crime Editor for Amazon in its early years. A published author with a master's degree in Poetics of Imagination.

Writers welcome, worldwide.


Passionate about supporting writers and indie authors striving to realise a unique vision; self-aware writers willing to apply themselves wholeheartedly to their craft and unfolding story. I'm actively seeking imaginative, philosophic, deeply feeling and thoughtful writers who want to play their part in making a difference in our world. Particularly interested in the feminine and healing journeys but also in new ways to engage readers in movements and causes.

Moving tales worth spreading.

Super open to the metaphysical, visionary, speculative, transformative, healing memoir, narrative non-fiction, literary fiction, myth and fairytales, spiritual healing, and anything of a philosophic, mystical or folkloric leaning,

Speciality: Serial Fiction, Deep Coaching, & Plotting and Structure.

2024 SERVICES + MY FEES (before reedsy charges)

Can BLEND any of these services to each individual writer.

Wayfinder Edit: Story Development and Shaping

Working with determined writers who have up to 30-35,000 words completed. Those seeking direction and input from an expert on how to grow and develop an outline, their story's potentialities and plot. A masterclass in craft along the way. A blend of developmental exploration + editorial assessment.


The Opening Edit

Perfect for writers on a budget but longing for some professional insight into the calibre of their writing and story's potential. Editorial assessment of first 50 pages of your ms. Returned copy with mark-up and comments; plus a crafted 2-3 page report on your personal strengths and how best to next direct your efforts.


Revolutionary Review: An Accompanied Journey Revising Your Novel

Combining 3 services: Full Developmental Edit, Creative Coaching & Revisions Review. A navigator, map, and co-ordinates in service to you and your highest vision,

£2,600 (6 months) 6 instalments of £433.


Sample Edit

A way to see if we're a good fit before you commit. Editorial review of first 25 pages of your ms and story. A read-through + returned copy with mark-up and comments; + crafted 1-2 page report.

£220 (Choosing to proceed will result in a £100 deduction from future service.)

Editorial Assessment. A full read-through, returned marked-up copy with annotations + a 3-5 page report covering character development, voice and tone, point of view, style, language and emotional impact.

£900 full ms approx 75k words

Developmental Edit. Full read-through, returned marked-up copy with annotations + a 5-6 page report on wider arcs and patterning + a plan and methods to tackle them in the most effective and galvanising way.

£1200 full ms 75k words

Creative Coaching for plotting and story shaping over 3 months. Provides ample stimulus and motivation to make great strides.

£1200(3-4 months) 4 instalments of £300.

Biographies & Memoirs Inspirational
Coming of Age Cultural & Ethnic Literary Fiction Young Adult
English (UK)
  • First-class Masters in Poetics of Imagination

Work experience


Jan, 2012 — Present

Writers who attend my workshops become authorities on their stories. My role is to help writers prioritize their own well-being while navigating the challenges of writing, publishing, and life.

Writers & Artists, Bloomsbury PLC

Dec, 2010 — Jan, 2012 (about 1 year)

Developing and rolling out 12 new services to support writers and champion their craft and work.

Working Partners & Cornerstones

Mar, 2006 — Nov, 2009 (over 3 years)

Meeting with publishers to brainstorm series concepts; further developing projects in-house. Writing story lines (40-page story world bibles). Collaborating with a team of writers and training junior writers. Commissioning and editing professional fiction writers.

Aug, 1999 — Jan, 2002 (over 2 years)

Literature & Fiction / Crime & Thriller Editor


Fully illustrated with more than 250 color photographs and 33 mapsPart of the international 111 Places/111 Shops series with over 150 titles and 1 million copies in print worldwide Experience the less explored nooks and pockets of Britain's capital through the... read more

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Michael I.

Michael I.

Apr, 2024

Nicola was an absolute pleasure. She was clear in her guidance and wide ranging in her understanding of story and character and plot. She gave me some techniques and perspectives I know I'll be returning to. Perhaps most of all - for me at least - is her depth, which was evident to me from our first meeting. This depth illuminated all our discussions and really helped me to deepen my own writi...
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Nicola P.
For me too, Michael. For me too. It was an absolute pleasure coming alongside you in this process. I especially valued this line in your personal thank you: "sparks of light drop into my head as I...
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Ray M.

Ray M.

Apr, 2024

It was great working with Nicola! She was incredibly thorough, attentive, and eager for a challenge. It's rare to find someone so willing to explore language and thought in such exquisite detail, and I feel I truly lucked out in my time spent with her.
Alyssa C.

Alyssa C.

Jan, 2024

Nicola gently dissected each layer of my manuscript, from the prose epidermis deep into the story's heart, and examined each finding deftly and thoroughly. Her feedback and the metaphors she uses to illustrate precise points struck me as inventive and clever, connecting exceptionally well with my abstract-thinking mind. I appreciate her literary acumen, incisive suggestions, sharp editorial eye...
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Nicola P.
Truly, it was a delight to mirror back the qualities of the writing here, and the writer: deep and deft, thorough and thoughtful, generous and uplifting. What you've achieved here is so refreshing ...
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Michael Z.

Michael Z.

Jan, 2024

Nicola was a great find! She helped me completely reimagine my novel in terms of movements (rather than the 3 acts I had tried to fit it into), and she provided me with a full report of what was working--and what wasn't--and showed me how to fix everything by rearranging elements of the story into different movement. In addition, she also did a full manuscript markup that showed me exactly how ...
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Nicola P.
Dear Michael, Thank you so much for your generous review which is so insightful and clear on the process. It is an honour and a pleasure to work alongside a writer soul who is so fully invested in...
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Michael Z.

Michael Z.

Nov, 2023

Nicola was great! Always there for me, willing to go the extra mile, and her critique was spot on!

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