Nick Brown

Nick Brown – Ghostwriter

Professional novelist and ghost, specialising in historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Author of the 'Agent of Rome' series.


The sixth book in the 'Agent of Rome' series, 'The Earthly Gods', was described by The Times as 'gripping' and by The Sunday Express as an 'entertaining adventure'.

In recent years, I have ghosted eight novels for clients (three historical fiction, three sci-fi, two fantasy). In total, I have completed over two hundred and fifty projects for clients as a freelance writer. During my career, I have taken sixteen novels through every stage: from plotting and character development to formatting and copy-editing. I specialize in writing action and creating compelling twists and turns. All my work contains believable, rounded characters and a touch of humour. I usually draft at least eight times to ensure my prose is smooth, powerful and dynamic.

As a former teacher, I am an enthusiastic and supportive colleague. I take pride in every project and have never missed a deadline. I look forward to hearing from authors interested in collaboration.

Feedback from a client for whom I 'ghosted' a 100,000 word historical epic:

'When I set out to write my novel, I knew I needed someone with a distinct voice and someone whom could bring life to long lost souls. The story itself is a historical fiction, re-lived through the lives of extraordinary people. Nick was an absolutely perfect choice for this project. He thoroughly understood the requirements and worked hand in hand to help me realize my ideas.' - Josh C.

Feedback from a client for whom I ‘ghosted’ a 90,000 word fantasy novel:

‘Nick has been great all the way through our project. He's brought to life the characters and world that I have been developing in my mind for almost a decade and I couldn't be happier. He's been a great tutor along the way and I've picked up a lot of writing knowledge. A clear communicator and always delivers on time.10/10.’

- Joseph D.

Action & Adventure Fantasy Historical Fiction Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense
English (UK)

Work experience


Jun, 2011 — Present

Writing my own novels and screenplays in a variety of genres. Also working as a ghostwriter, editor and writing coach with clients.


Stay out of trouble. Though this is Marik’s mantra, he rarely seems able to follow it. Having escaped a brutal civil war in his native South, the former soldier now roams the distant North, trying to forget his past and forge some kind of future. Marik suspect... read more
Still recovering from his previous assignment in Arabia, imperial agent Cassius Corbulo has been spending most of his time and money on women and wine. Unfortunately for him, word of his achievements has reached the emperor Aurelian's deputy and he is sent nor... read more
Dead Eyes

N H Brown

Three futuristic short stories from 'Agent of Rome' author Nick Brown. (TOTAL LENGTH: 40 PAGES )'Dead Eyes' - an explorer and his crew face a deadly threat upon a remote world. 'Four Numbers' - a female soldier finds herself trapped by a relentless force. 'Aff... read more
Set between the events of 'The Siege' and 'The Imperial Banner', this compelling short story follows imperial agent Cassius Corbulo as he investigates a mysterious series of fires.PRAISE FOR NICK BROWN'S 'Agent of Rome' novels:'Brown has become a master of his... read more

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Robin B.

Robin B.

May, 2024

In short, a very positive experience. This venture had been on my mind for several years. After several solo attempts, I realised that I needed the assistance of a professional writer to get to get it finished. Having sounded out a few potential project partners, Nick quickly stood out as the right fit for me. From our initial discussions through to the finished novel, everything went well. ...
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Benjamin H.

Benjamin H.

May, 2021

Absolutely excellent. Considering the large scale and size of the project spanning nearly a year Nick was focused, professional and dedicated. Easy to work with and highly creative. Would 100% recommend and will be working with Nick again in the future.
Alexander K.

Alexander K.

May, 2017

My experience working with Nick has been a very positive one. I feel privileged to have Nick work on my story, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs any kind of help when it comes to writing. I hope to work with Nick again on future projects.
Tanya B.

Tanya B.

May, 2024

Enjoyed working with Nick, and will continue! Thoughtful and listening, good writing style.
Roger C.

Roger C.

Mar, 2024

I’m a first time author and worked with Nick on my historical novel. Nick was very thorough. He reviewed my manuscript and gave me feedback on each page. He also pointed out ways to achieve success with my novel. His work was prompt and on point. I highly recommend Nick.

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