Neil Snowdon

Neil Snowdon – Editor

Experienced Editor specialising in Horror/Weird Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Crime, and YA; also nonfiction Film & TV, and Screenplays.


I am the Commissioning Editor at Electric Dreamhouse Press, an imprint I created for the award winning PS Publishing, where I have worked - and am working - with the likes of best selling Crime author John Connolly, World Fantasy and British Fantasy Award Winner Angela Slatter, and critics like Tim Lucas, Stephen Bissette, Kat Ellinger, Samm Deighan and more.

My book WE ARE THE MARTIANS: THE LEGACY OF NIGEL KNEALE, featured contributions from the likes of Judith Kerr, Mark Gatiss, Ramsey Campbell, Joe Dante, Kim Newman, Stephen Volk, Jeremy Dyson, and was nominated for a Rondo Hatton Award as Best Book of 2017.

My writing has appeared in the pages of Video Watchdog, Rue Morgue Magazine, and Diabolique, while my scripts for radio have been in development with Holy Mountain Productions for BBC Radio 4.

As a freelance Editor I specialise in Horror, Urban Fantasy, Crime/Mystery, and YA fiction; nonfiction Film & TV projects (criticism, essays, memoir, biography), and screenplays for Film & TV, offering manuscript assessment, structural editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

"Neil Snowdon has a true storyteller’s feel for the shape of a tale. His instinctive suggestions as to “what might come next” can prove invaluable when an author has backed themself into a corner. His story development skills are enviable." - Angela Slatter (World Fantasy Award Winner for The Bitterwood Bible)

"Neil has worked with me in an editorial capacity on two books to date, and both experiences were among the most pleasant, absorbing and fulfilling I’ve had as a writer. He is congenial, well-read (which can save a writer precious time), and experienced, having worked with many of the top names in British and American horror and fantasy; he is also attentive to detail, endlessly patient with revision, and warmly encouraging. In short, a valuable ally in any literary pursuit. I’m looking forward to working with him again." - Tim Lucas

"Working with Neil as an editor has been an absolute pleasure. His breadth of knowledge and his editorial skills are first class and his enthusiasm and friendliness make projects feel genuinely collaborative. In a very short time Neil has established himself as a central figure in the field of genre cinema non-fiction, and his move into editing fiction has been equally successful. I’d recommend Neil’s editorial services wholeheartedly and look forward to working closely with him again in the future." - Tim Major
Anthologies Horror Mystery & Crime Plays & Screenplays Urban Fantasy Young Adult
Biographies & Memoirs Entertainment
English (UK)

Work experience

Self Employed

Jun, 2018 — Present

Editorial services include structural editing, copyediting, proofreading and MS reports, as well as development editing and project management for non-fiction.

Electric Dreamhouse Press

Feb, 2014 — Present

Selecting projects, commissioning writers, overseeing the project from concept to completion/publication, including line editing, layout and design, sourcing images and contacts for filmmaker interviews etc.

● Series Editor - Midnight Movie Monographs: Commissioning and co-ordinating the writing, layout, design, and printing of Cult/Genre oriented Monograph series written by a mix of genre authors, critics and filmmakers. 7 books published to date and more commissioned for future - THEATRE OF BLOOD by Horror Author John Llewellyn Probert MARTIN by Critic Jez Winship DEATH LINE by Filmmaker Sean Hogan TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK WITH ME by Author/Critic/Screenwriter Maura McHugh (Nominated for British Fantasy Award for ‘Best Non-Fiction’) SPIRITS OF THE DEAD by Film Critic/Historian Tim Lucas LES VAMPIRES by Author Tim Major, HORROR EXPRESS by Author John Connolly, THE BROOD by Critic/comics Artist Stephen R. Bissette, TOMMY by Author Kit Power. Future titles include: VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS by Jez Winship, LET’S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH by Lynda E. Rucker, THE TENANT by Samm Deighan, DR. JEKYLL AND THE WOMEN by Kat Ellinger, THE STONE TAPE by Fiona Watson, THE KARNSTEIN TRILOGY by Angela Slatter, SANTA SANGRE by Jon Towlson, JUDEX Tim Lucas, THE COMPANY OF WOLVES by Kat Ellinger, POSSESSION by Maitland McDonagh, CARNIVAL OF SOULS by Stephen Bissette and more...

Self Employed

Jan, 2009 — Sep, 2015 (over 6 years)

Writing pitch documents, outlines, treatments and scripts for a variety of clients, in particular Holy Mountain Productions, for Radio Documentaries and Documentary Series for Radio 4 and mercury award winning audio producer Daniel Smith, plus feature film development for independent filmmaker Andrew Griffin.


SYNOPSIS Thomas Nigel Kneale may not be a household name, but those who know him revere him. And those who don t know the name, will certainly have felt his influence. In many ways the father of television drama in the UK, he was also, in every way, a successo... read more
IMAGINE IF YOU WILL that the BFI had a disreputable cousin, a Northern Grindhouse with tastes a little darker and stranger. With staff who love their movies with a passion that borders on religious zeal, who know you by name and welcome you in as they throw th... read more
The temptation when examining TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME (FWWM thereafter) is to become bogged down in the minutiae of its originating TV series, and lost in the labyrinthine theories which have sprung up across multiple online forums and discussion groups.... read more
Les Vampires

Tim Major

SYNOPSIS UK novelist Tim Major, author of YOU DON T BELONG HERE, has written a monograph on the sublime silent serial LES VAMPIRES, and in the process reignited my own obsession with its director Louis Feuillade, and Paris in that period. One of the reasons I ... read more
Horror Express

John Connolly

ABOUT THIS BOOK Remember watching Horror movies late at night, alone, in secret, when you you were just a child? The special thrill of forbidden fruit, the delightful dread that this one might cause nightmares . . . Is there one film that stands out for you? O... read more
SYNOPSIS Dismissed as a gloomy and sentimental hack by American and British critics in his day, Edgar Allan Poe was nonetheless revered in France as a poete maudit and master of the short story by Charles Baudelaire, praised as a sublime poet by Mallarme, cele... read more

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Andrew A.

Andrew A.

May, 2020

Neil enriched my book, and my voice as a storyteller. His notes are exciting and educational, they speak to him "getting" your vibe and the world you want to create. Working with him, and tackling my story with his assessments and notes next to me felt the same as cheering at an action film with a friend sat next to me in the cinema. He calls out what's inconsistent, shines a light on wheth...
Read more

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