Mirko Grisendi

Mirko Grisendi – Designer

Hello! I'm Mirko. I love to mix different styles and codes to obtain dynamic and powerful illustrations.


My images capture the audience's attention through the dynamism of the characters, vibrant colors, and richness of details. Collaborating with top international brands, I can ensure professionalism throughout the entire working process. I greatly appreciate projects that require a good dose of creativity and invention.

Dystopian Gaming & LitRPG Mashups Military Science Fiction Post-Apocalyptic

Work experience


Feb, 2019 — Present

Since 2019 I have been collaborating with innovative startups and international brands in the field of blockchain, metaverse and videogames.

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Veronica O'Neill

Veronica O.

Freelance illustrator for over 3 years, painting characters and creatures for clients such as MCDM, Chaosium, SMG Studio.

Sydney NSW, Australia

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Peter O'Hara

Peter O.

Passionate about using my illustration and graphic design skills to enable clear communication. Seeking to work with other creatives.

West Chester, PA, USA

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JC Pouzols


A fantasy/sci-fi nerd at heart, I have been working on book covers, interior art, and game concept art for over 10 years.

Paris, France

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