Nejc Planinšek

Nejc Planinšek – Designer

I’m an award-winning designer with over 10 years of experience in helping others express themselves creatively through design.



I’m Nejc. I’m a graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in advertising, branding and publishing. I have worked as a designer and illustrator for publishing houses, advertising agencies and tech companies where I designed book and album covers, bespoke illustrations, brand identity systems and marketing materials for web and print.

But of all the things I’ve done as a designer, none have given me more pleasure than designing book covers. As the author of several musical albums and short stories, I know just how meaningful and powerful a well-designed cover can be. It is my personal belief that every good book deserves a good cover and it saddens me when a worthy book, one that an author has put years into, doesn't get the sort of cover it deserves.

Notable past clients include:

Braun, Spotify, Audi, Pantene, NBCU, Bloomberg, London Sync, Zebra BI.

My Process:


I will ask you to provide the scenes and/or symbols that are the most ripe for visual depiction, and a selection of book covers to serve as inspiration for the look and feel of the cover you're envisioning. From this we will discuss and determine the style, typography, and colour scheme of your book cover. Once we have all of these elements we will discern 1-3 different concepts to focus on and the desired art direction to take.

Round 1:

I typically create between 3-5 cover designs that vary in concept and aesthetic style but remain within the agreed upon art direction. The first round of designs are usually delivered within 5 days.

Round 2:

You will select your favourite cover from Round 1 and offer feedback, if necessary, to help bring it to a near-final stage. I will address all feedback and submit a new round of covers, typically within 5 days.

Round 3:

You will select a final cover from Round 2 and offer final adjustments, if necessary. I will submit a final design typically within 5 days.


Most projects are completed in 3-4 weeks. Projects on a shorter timeline are possible, but require a rush fee.

Important Information to know before contacting a designer:

For printed books:

• Are you printing hardcover, paperback, or both

• The dimensions of your book(s)

• The company who will be printing your book(s)

• Spine width (determined by the page count of your designed book interior)

• Jacket text (book description, review blurbs, author bio)

• Author photo

• ISBN and price (required to generate a barcode)

• Publisher logo (if applicable)

• A selection of book cover inspiration

For eBooks:

• Front cover copy (title, subtitle, author, quotes, etc.)

• A selection of book cover inspiration


A good first impression is invaluable, and a good cover is key. If you’re interested in commissioning artwork that best represents your new work, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me with any questions, ideas or projects you'd like to discuss. I look forward to hearing from you!

Action & Adventure Dystopian Historical Mysteries Historical Romance Horror Literary Fiction
Design Music
  • Awarded the Silver Plaque by TAM-TAM for Best Poster Design

Work experience


Jun, 2020 — Present

Design, print and commission of album art, book covers and film posters as well as UI/UX and brand identity design for various business such as London Sync, Zebra BI and Devon.


Nov, 2018 — May, 2020 (over 1 year)

Designer at a fast paced ad tech company. Led the design and technical production process of producing the programmatic ad campaign for Braun, Spotify, Audi, Pantene, Colgate, NBCU, Bloomberg and Rebtel.


Jun, 2013 — Sep, 2018 (over 5 years)

Designer at a web design agency, where I had the opportunity work on numerous web design, brand identity and print projects.


Made with Reedsy
The Storm, The Calm and The Growing

Anna A. Blue

Two people trying to individually heal their traumas accidentally cross paths and heal each other. Dahlia Sallow was forced to kill someone she thought she loved in order to survive. The resul... read more
Cover Design
Made with Reedsy
Fools Hollow

Prestwood, Dennis

Cover Design
Made with Reedsy
Wyrmstone: The Curse of the Talisman

Beefe, H.G.

Cover Design
Made with Reedsy
Death Row

Wallin, Alec

Cover Design
Made with Reedsy
Model Village

Murphy, Leo A.

Cover Design
Made with Reedsy
Strange And Twisted Things

Payne-Strange, Holly

Cover Design
Cover Design
Made with Reedsy
Water to Water: A Collection of Short Stories

Rowland, S. A.

Cover Design

Nejc has 9 reviews





Alec W.

Alec W.

Nov, 2023

The experience was very smooth and i had no problems while asking for a cover. I was very pleased with the final result and will consider Nejc for future projects.
Nejc P.
Thank you, Alec! It was a joy working with you as well. Looking forward to our future projects.
Matthew T.

Matthew T.

Nov, 2023

I highly recommend Nejc in all respects. He was quick with his work and responsive and helpful with answers to my questions.
Nejc P.
Thank you for your kind words Matthew! Working with you has been nothing but a pleasure from start to finish.
Nana A.

Nana A.

Nov, 2023

Nejc has really been phenomenal to work with. From the very minute I submitted my quote to the second we finalized and finished the project, he has been so patient and flexible with my suggestions and ideas. My genre is one that he doesn't have highlighted on his profile, yet he did my book justice and exceeded my expectations. It goes to show how versatile he really is. I will definitely come ...
Read more
Nejc P.
Thank you so much for your kind words Nana! I absolutely loved working with you as we pushed each other to create the best possible cover for the book. Can't wait to work with you again!
Sophia R.

Sophia R.

Oct, 2023

Nejc was very responsive and eager to understand my vision. I really enjoy the cover he created as it are very striking.
Nejc P.
Thank you, Sophia. It was a joy working with you as well!
Leo A. M.

Leo A. M.

Oct, 2023

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Nejc on this book cover art project. From the start he gave clear ideas about his vision and presented me with several great concepts - all of which could have worked for my novel. But in the end I am thrilled with the finished product, and I would gladly recommend and work with Nejc again.
Nejc P.
Thank you so much for your kind words, Leo! It was a pleasure working with you as well. Can't wait to work with you again on future projects.

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