Laura Diehl

Laura Diehl – Designer

I'm a digital fantasy illustrator. I specialize in painting scenes of magic and wonder. Middle Grade covers are my specialty. No AI used!


Hello! My name is Laura and I have been a professional illustrator for 15+ years. My artwork has appeared on numerous book covers, in magazines, and even an iPad game. Clients include: Routledge, Carolrhoda Books, Pearson Education, David Fulton, and Mattel. Additionally, my artwork has been juried into Spectrum, Infected By Art, New Master of Fantasy, won the Illustrators of the Future Grand Prize, and was nominated for a Chesley. All of my images are hand-painted digitally using a XL Wacom Intuos and Photoshop —absolutely no AI. My work is known for its magical color, glowing light sources, and a touch (or perhaps a fat dollop) of the fantastical. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from James Madison University. My style and specialties are especially well suited to MG chapter book interiors and covers.

Action & Adventure Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG Middle Grade Picture Books Young Adult
  • Juried into Spectrum
  • Juried into Infected By Art
  • Nominated for Chesley
  • Juried into New Masters of Fantasy
  • Gold Award, Illustrators of the Future
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, James Madison University

Work experience


Jan, 2003 — Present

Illustrator of book covers, chapter book interiors, card games, video games, children's books, advertising images, etc.


The Pumpkin Hour

Milbrath, Mark

Nightforest Press

The Pumpkin Master

Milbrath, Mark D.

Nightforest Press

Rabbit was so angry she could spit. She hated being stuck underwater when she couldn’t swim. She resented being the least attractive girl she saw every single place she went. She was appalled that half the land of Prism thought she was a traitor, while the oth... read more
THE KINGDOM OF WINTER is book #1 in Sir Windham the North Wind's nature adventure series THE KINGDOMS OF THE SEASONS. Sir Windham, Earth's bravest and strongest Knight, rallies his Wind family members, nature's elements, Orion & the Constellations and savvy ch... read more
Morning Song

Sharon Beatty

Kimi grew up in Kaisun, a small, peaceful village in Northeastern China. Kimi wasn’t like the other girls in Kaisun. Girls her age were focused on marriage, having children, and fulfilling the role of a traditional Chinese wife. Kimi was focused on opening a s... read more
The Legend of Shi-lin

Sharon Lee Beatty

Shi-lin was a curious dragon. Unlike her fellow dragons who played amongst the clouds, Shi-lin preferred to observe the men and women of China. Often, she would walk amongst the people of the Pianshan marketplace. She found herself especially drawn to a man na... read more
Not every wish should be granted. In fact, some wishes shouldn’t even be wished. The darkest ones can turn your heart dark. So when Pixie Piper’s best friend Misa starts making those kinds of ugly dark wishes, Pixie must find a way to stop her friend from turn... read more
Pixie Piper discovered she was a fairy only recently. She’s hardly had time to learn about her magic or what she can do with it, so you can imagine her surprise when she suddenly grants a wish without knowing. Unfortunately, granting wishes without permission ... read more
Pixie Piper loved adventures. She craved them with every pore in her skin. Sadly, the day Pixie was born her parents fell quite heavily under the spell of parental “concern” and poor little Pixie was left with little to do that wouldn’t worry or upset them. A ... read more
Pumpkin Spirits

Mark Milbrath

Welcome to the Pumpkin Room...Here you'll find the Seed Reader, curator of the largest collection of spooky Halloween stories known to man or spirit. He has picked 13 of his most frightening to share...with you...Be prepared to enter a world where scarecrows a... read more
After more moves than they can count, Isa's family finally puts down roots. People in town are afraid of the abandoned orchard behind their home, but Isa and her sister Junie are happy to have acres of land to explore.But when Junie gets sick, Isa's mom falls ... read more

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