Miranda Summers-Pritchard

Miranda Summers-Pritchard – Editor

A highly experienced proofreader, copy-editor and author. Specialism: Fiction. Genres: crime, historical, romantic saga, thriller.



You've completed your novel and gone through several rounds of development.
You've read it so many times you could recite it in your sleep.
You've made endless tweaks and changes with each draft.
You've lived and breathed your project for what seems like forever.
Now, what it needs more than anything is...

Authors reach a point with their manuscript where they no longer see what's there but what they think is there. In addition, all those little adjustments to the plot can trigger anomalies that the author doesn't spot because they've lived with it for so long and created so many drafts. A skilled editor only sees the current version and is able to spot things that the author has missed time after time.

I'm a qualified and experienced proofreader and copy-editor and have worked on over 80 novels, spanning a wide range of genres, for Lume Books (previously Endeavour) as well as a growing number of independent authors via Reedsy. I have worked on manuscripts by well-known authors, such as Johnathan Lynn (of 'Yes Minister' fame), and several authors have requested I work on their sequels.

I have a nose for spotting anything that jars or spoils the flow: word repetition, anachronisms, inconsistent plot details, sentences that need rephrasing, etc. I will negotiate with you as to the level of intervention in your text, making sure your 'voice' is always maintained and ensuring your story reads well in good English.

I always give a manuscript the time it needs to elevate it to the best standard possible.

Please take a look at my reviews to find out other people's experience of collaborating with me and their views on my services.

I look forward to hearing about your project!

Espionage Historical Fiction Historical Mysteries Historical Romance Legal Thriller Medical Thriller Psychological Thriller
English (UK) English (US)
  • Basic Proofreading with MERIT (Publishing Training Centre)
  • Professional Member of SfEP
  • Proofreading and Editing Music (SfEP)
  • BA Hons Degree in Music and Education
  • Dip ABRSM in Piano Teaching

Work experience


Oct, 2015 — Present

Endeavour send me a Word version of a manuscript which I proofread, copy-edit and structurally edit. I go through the text at least twice, making changes directly onto the copy and raising queries/making comments via track changes or, if desired, on a separate document. I also write the marketing blurb for each novel.



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J.T S.

J.T S.

Apr, 2024

I am new to this entire environment and wasn't sure what to expect when asking Miranda to work on my manuscript. Once Miranda was able to read through my work, we met online so she could ask me clarifying questions. I was astounded by what I received back. The amount of work, detail, suggestions provided, and sheer effort by Miranda was remarkable. Once I buried my ego a little and took on...
Read more
Miranda S.
Thank you, Paul, for your lovely review. It was a pleasure to work on your exciting story with you. The video-meets we had were very helpful for me to get a handle on the plot, and this enabled me ...
Read more
Robin B.

Robin B.

Sep, 2023

Miranda has copy edited all four of our novels now. When we selected her from among the many, many qualified copy editors on Reedsy, we felt, from her resume and offer, that she had the skills and personality that we were looking for. And, oh my, she certainly did! As we wrapped up our third novel and prepared to start the fourth and final one, Miranda said she would be more than happy to work...
Read more
Miranda S.
What a wonderful review, Robin - thank you so much. I really enjoy working on your novels and going down all those rabbit holes :) I appreciate your comment about the weekly updates too. I'm feelin...
Read more
Simran K.

Simran K.

Dec, 2022

I loved her way of working. Miranda is a professional and she also gave me some great ideas that improved the storyline of my book.
Miranda S.
Thank you for your lovely review, Simran. I very much enjoyed working with you too. Wishing you all the best with your writing. Regards, Miranda
Birgit C.

Birgit C.

Oct, 2022

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Miranda. She is professional and detailed in her answers, attentive and thoughtful in her comments/feedback and thorough in her work. With her as an editor, my text was in very good hands. I recommend her as a star editor and I am looking forward to working with her again.
Miranda S.
Thank you, Birgit for your lovely review. I very much enjoyed working with you and would be more than happy to do so again. Wishing you all the very best with your ongoing work in translating and p...
Read more
Jack E.

Jack E.

Mar, 2022

Miranda proofread my manuscript of around 90,000. It was completed quickly and to an excellent standard, she was extremely communicative during the whole process, and even went above and beyond by providing some tips and pointers on how the work could be improved, outside of the proofreading remit. Good experience and would recommend.
Miranda S.
Thank you, Jack, for your positive review. It was a pleasure working with you, and I enjoyed editing your novel. I would like to wish you and The Children of Wolfhagen every success. Best wishes, M...
Read more

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