Michal Stawicki

Michal Stawicki - Marketer

Warsaw, Poland

I run Amazon ads for authors who don't have time or headspace to do that by themselves. Dozens of satisfied customers and 130k+ copies sold.

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Amazon ads expert

I'm a lifelong reader turned author (19 books out there, 80,000+ copies sold) turned book marketer.

I self-published my first book in May 2013, but I had no big successes till I started advertising my books on Amazon in September 2016. Ads easily 5x-ed my book sales, and tripled my net royalties.
I had suffered from a mild depression back then and one of my biggest life regrets is that I didn't zoom in on my ads right from the beginning, when it was sooooo easy (I could've 100x-ed my sales, *sigh*).

At least, I started helping other authors to increase their book sales (since 2017). I worked with dozens of authors from various genres. I advertised on Amazon hundreds of books, and helped to sell over 135,000 copies of them.

Nowadays, I own a small advertising agency (the team of 8), specialized in ads for nonfiction books.
Part of our process is optimizing the book's page before we start ads, so I can help you with that as well.

• The Discovery Service:
I'll tell you what Amazon thinks of your book, and recommend what to do with Amazon ads - AFTER running my ads for some time, so those recommendations will be based on actual data
• Laser-Targeted Campaigns:
Basically, we will run ads for you, hands-off
• Drip Campaigns:
A lot of low-bid, practically random campaigns, designed to provide a steady trickle of sales every single month
• 1:1 Coaching:
I'll teach you to be rich... ehem, whatever I know about Amazon ads after running ads for hundreds books and selling 130,000+ copies

• Amazon Book Page Optimization:
How to prepare your book's page before you start running the ads (individual, per-book recommendations)
• A Book Blurb:
We will write the whole book description for you, optimized for converting visitors into readers

• Anything else - we are specialized in Amazon ads, so no FB ads, no gimmicky marketing campaigns, social media campaigns... nothing, nada, zero.

" I have sold thousands of books that would never have been sold without Michal's service. He is one of the very few marketers who cares about my success as much as I do. I believe he will do what is best for you and your business if you hire him."
– I.C. Robledo, International Best-Selling Author

"Working with Michal was easily the best decision I made regarding the promotion of my book on Amazon.
In just a couple of months, he was able to 10x my books sales and helped me climb to the ‘top sellers' list in my categories. I highly recommend working with him for your book."
– Peter Smith, Speaker & Author

" In 2017, my book sales were slow. My marketing plan needed revision.
Thankfully, I discovered Michal Stawicki! His work at Resurrecting Books resulted in my Kindle sales increasing by six times the previous year just in the first three months of 2018 alone!
My paperback and audiobooks have increased in sales, too. I consider it a blessing to work with Michal."
– Brenda Paulos, Christian Fiction Author

" I found Michal's services rewarding in terms of increased royalties and also quite satisfactory as it allowed me to focus entirely on my research and writing, while all the voluminous work of finding keywords, putting Amazon ads was handled by Michal.
This helped me to gain more time to settle down and learn the author business better and improve myself. I definitely recommend his services to any author."
– Som Bathla, Full-Time Self-Help Author (20 books & counting)
Biographies & Memoirs
Business & Management
Career Guides
Christian Non-Fiction
Health & Wellbeing
Self-Help & Self-Improvement

Work experience


June, 2017 – Present (almost 6 years)


May, 2013 – Present (almost 10 years)


The Art of Slow Travel

Genre: Self-help / Travel
Goal: Maximize the net profit.

We successfully advertise this book across five different Amazon markets (US, UK, CA, AU, DE).
Ongoing low-bid random ads are selling 50-100 copies a month. ROI about 100%.

Influencing Virtual Teams

Genre: Business
Goal: Provide an ongoing constant trickle of sales.).

The book written by the host of "Writer on the Side" podcast.
Small budget, random ads.
An ongoing drip campaign, providing 10-30 additional sales a month.
We are able to sell 10-30 copies a month spending just $30-$70 a month.

The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap

Genre: Business / Leadership
Goal: Resurrect a book (it had been selling just several copies a month). Provide steady trickle of sales and recurring exposure.

Another resurrected book. An ongoing profit-split project. Low-bid random ads.
Ad sales + organic sales increased from several copies a month to 30+ a month.

Dating Sucks, but You Don't

Genre: Self-help
Goal: Generate as many leads as possible within the budget.
One of the current projects. Targeted, focused ads. A few-thousand dollars budget for ads.

We increased the overall sales on Amazon by 200+ copies a month (and this number is still climbing).

Dare to Matter

Genre: Self-help / Business
Goal: Resurrect a book (it had been selling just a few copies a month).

My first ever project, started well back, in June 2017. We resurrected the book which was selling a few copies a month. We sold over 1250 copies in the first eight months.
Book blurb & page optimization + the set of random ads.

Michal has 9 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Brian Finucane
I am very satisfied with my collaboration with Michal. My book became a "Best-seller" on Amazon because of his marketing strategies. I have learned a lot from him and would definitely consider collaborating with him again in the future.

Brian Finucane, February 2023

Tim Eddy
Michal provided a great deal of valuable help with my book description and by producing an impressive number of book sales I would highly recommend him as an economical first step for any author that wants to market their book on Amazon. He is very professional and knowledgeable.

Tim Eddy, January 2023

Michal Stawicki
Thanks for cooperation, Tim. It was a pleasure. You did a great job following my recommendations.

Reply from Michal Stawicki

Emma Baird
Good service.

Emma Baird, December 2022

Kitt O'Malley
Michal is responsive and affordable. He offers excellent advice.

Kitt O'Malley, November 2022

Zach Dillard
Michal and his team are the best. They understand how to help market on Amazon in a way I didn't think was possible. Michal is always professional and punctual. He replies quickly to any questions I have. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to promote their book. You will see results!

Zach Dillard, October 2022

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