Melissa Dias-Mandoly

Melissa Dias-Mandoly – Designer

Designer and artist. I especially love designing poetry books, and have experience with fiction and academic texts.


I'm a designer, artist, writer, and editor. I have a passion for poetry and love to be creative. I currently work in production at the University of Pittsburgh Press, where I design ten to fifteen books annually (both cover and interior), and have experience with designing flyers, posters, and other marketing materials. My cover designs have been featured in the AUP Book, Jacket, and Journal Show. I also designed the new UPP logo! Outside of the press, I've done freelance book design for Autumn House Press as well as original art and poster design for an independent touring poet. I'm comfortable working with ideas that a client already has or coming up with something completely new. I look forward to new challenges!

Biographies & Memoirs History Life Sciences
Literary Fiction Poetry Short Story
  • Bachelor's Degree in Poetry and Film Studies

Work experience


Jun, 2018 — Present

- Cover and interior design for prose and poetry books.
- Composition of original art and poster design for a book launch tour.
- Creating web- and printer-ready files.

University of Pittsburgh Press

Jan, 2014 — Present

- Cover and interior design of ten to fifteen books annually.
- Finding and contracting artists for covers.
- Creating printer-ready files
- Design of various ads, flyers, posters, and other marketing materials.
- I also designed the new logo, which was chosen from a group of options from my colleagues.

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