Hugh Cowling

Hugh Cowling – Designer

Book cover designer and illustrator working primarily in adult non fiction and fiction.


I am an illustrator and book cover designer based in Bristol, UK. I have worked for clients such as: TATE, the V&A, Bloomsbury, the Folio Society, BBC and Carnegie Hall. Although I enjoy working across a range of genres, my work lends itself particularly well to adult literary fiction and non fiction. My animation and motion graphic skills could be used to publicise books on social media.

I like to work closely with the author so I have a good understanding of the book and can respond visually with a cover that is intriguing and communicates the tone and feel of the book.
Education & Reference Music Philosophy Religion & Spirituality Writing & Publishing
Short Story
English (UK)
  • Royal Television Awards West of England 2014 - Winner - Best Animation (with BDH)
  • Royal Television Awards West of England 2014 - Winner - Best Graphics and Visual Effects (with BDH)
  • Royal Television Awards West of England 2017 - Nomination - Best Animation (with Uncle Ginger)
  • BA Hons Illustration, Falmouth University, First class
  • Foundation Diploma in Art & Design - Distinction

Work experience


Sep, 2011 — Present


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The current revival of interest in ethics in literary criticism coincides fortuitously with a revival of interest in love in philosophy. The literary return to ethics also coincides with a spate of neuroscientific discoveries about cognition and emotion. But w... read more
Having emerged as one the leading contemporary British writers, David Mitchell is rapidly taking his place amongst British novelists with the gravitas of an Ishiguro or a McEwan. Written for a wide constituency of readers of contemporary literature, A Temporar... read more
Paul Auster is one of the most acclaimed figures in American literature. Known primarily as a novelist, Auster's films and various collaborations are now gaining more recognition. Evija Trofimova offers a radically different approach to the author's wider body... read more
Although scholars have widely acknowledged the prevalence of religious reference in the work of Cormac McCarthy, this is the first book on the most pervasive religious trope in all his works: the image of sacrament, and in particular, of eucharist. Informed by... read more
Joseph Acquisto examines literary writers and critical theorists who employ theological frameworks, but who divorce that framework from questions of belief and thereby remove the doctrine of salvation from their considerations. Acquisto claims that Baudelaire ... read more
Nabokov's Shakespeare is a comprehensive study of an important and interesting literary relationship. It explores the many and deep ways in which the works of Shakespeare, the greatest writer of the English language, penetrate the novels of Vladimir Nabokov, o... read more
Curating Pop speaks to the rapidly growing interest in the study of popular music exhibitions, which has occurred alongside the increasing number of popular music museums in operation across the world. Focusing on curatorial practices and processes, this book ... read more

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Nathan D.

Nathan D.

Dec, 2022

Hugh did exactly as his website advertised — he helped turn a complex idea into a digestible cover that enhanced the theme of my novel with a simple but significant visual motif. I can't recommend Hugh high enough. He was incredibly patient and helpful with narrowing down the direction for the cover of my novel — a story with multiple character POV and themes. I also love that he created somet...
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Corie R.

Corie R.

Mar, 2021

Hugh was absolutely terrific to work with. He checked in with me on every step, and created several different book cover designs as we refined the vision for the cover. The final design is beautiful and I can't wait to see it in print.

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