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Matthew Revert – Designer

A graphic designer with a passion for book design. Over 600 cover credits with clients including Jeff VanderMeer. Let me dress your book!


I am a Graphic Designer with over 600 book designs to my name covering myriad genres and styles. With over 10 years’ experience, I have had the opportunity to work with countless presses and authors who have enabled me to develop a singular design style that has proven to get books noticed in a very crowded marketplace. Clients I have worked with include Dzanc Books, Jeff VanderMeer, Lazy Fascist Press, Clash Books, Kingshot Books, Wordhorde Press, Grindhouse Press, Restless Books, Orciny Press, Sinister Grin, Maudlin House, Eraserhead Press and Broken River Books (among many others).

I look upon the opportunity to give a book clothes to wear as a great privilege. When I am asked to design a cover for a book, I feel like a guardian caring for a child to help prepare it for the world. While I always consider the commercial necessity of a cover as a vehicle to drive interest and sales, I also look upon each cover as a canvas in which to produce a piece of art that speaks only for the book it represents. My aim is never geared toward producing a cover that disappears on shelf while merely ticking the right boxes in accordance with the market. My aim is to break through and create a graphic talking point that speaks not only to the market it is aimed at, but beyond. I want a fan of romance fiction to stare at the cover of your horror book and feel compelled to read it. I want to give you a cover that continues to speak to people long after graphic trends associated with your genre have shifted. If this is something you also want, I would love to hear from you.

While my focus is on designing a book’s exterior, I also have significant experience as a typesetter and love the challenge presented by complex book interior needs. Please keep this in mind when approaching me about a cover design. I may be able to help the design of your book’s interior sing in a way you didn’t expect.
Please get in touch. I am happy and excited to talk to you about any project you have in mind and can help guide you through whatever you may need.

Action & Adventure Anthologies Horror Literary Fiction Mystery & Crime Poetry Science Fiction

Work experience


Aug, 2008 — Present

Starting in 2008 while helping co-operate the now defunct Australia small press LegumeMan Books, my professional focus shifted toward the graphic design of book covers. While I have been and am currently the ongoing head designer for several presses (including Dzanc Books, Clash Books and Kingshot Press to name a few), this has all occurred within the purview of my own freelance business. The best freelance clients become ongoing clients and I have been deeply enriched and have greatly developed my skills by virtue of these ongoing relationships. The opportunity to work with new clients on new projects continues to excite me. Over the past ten years, my design business has bloomed in a way I could have never anticipated.


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Archetypes are real. Muses are real. Writers are the channels of these spirits & if that sounds like witchcraft that's because it is. These stories gave me chills. Sylvia Plath & Lana Del Rey course through the veins of these dark, sexy, mind-bending, fantasti... read more
Girl Like a Bomb

Autumn Christian

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Charlene Elsby

I'm not relentless. "Relentless" makes it sound like there's something called "relent" and that I'm lacking it. In that sense, I'm not relentless, but perhaps I'm unrelenting. I could relent if I wanted to. But he always has to die. I mean "always" in two sens... read more
"Nash writes with psychological precision, capturing Lilith’s volatile shifts between directionless frustration, self-destructiveness, ambivalence, and vulnerable need. A complex, impressive exploration of obsession and desire." -Publishers Weekly (starred rev... read more
Darkansas: A Novel

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A Powell’s Top Five Staff Pick of 2017 A Library Journal Top Fall Indie Fiction Pick The Nervous Breakdown Book Club Official Selection November 2017 A Spinetingler Magazine Best Books of 2017 A Barnes & Noble Recommended Read A Chicago Review of Books Recomme... read more
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Graeme C.

Graeme C.

Jun, 2024

Matthew was great. I had some editing hiccups after the typeset and he worked with me and went above and beyond to deal with my ideas for the cover
Jeffrey K.

Jeffrey K.

Jun, 2024

Once again, Mathew has done an excellent job, this time for The Secret Life of Limericks. This is the second time I hired him for a full jacket and he did not disappoint! For this particular cover he went and searched through I have no idea how many illustrations (he does his own but this particular work required a vastly different style) and found an excellent one and added extra touches and r...
Read more
Saul E.

Saul E.

May, 2024

Joe G.

Joe G.

Mar, 2024

Matthew was clear and informative throughout the process. We did face some delays through no fault of his own (acts of God as it were), but once passed those obstacles he worked hard to complete a finished piece that I was happy with. I heartily recommend him to anyone looking for a great, attentive and wonderfully collaborative artist to work with.
Charmaine M.

Charmaine M.

Feb, 2024

I enjoyed collaborating with Matt. He was professional, amended changes I requested without issue, and explained things well. I recommend Matt to other author’s seeking a designer.

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