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Matthew Prodger - Web Developer

Bradford, UK

Expert WordPress web designer who will build you an author site designed to help you connect with your audience and build your brand online.

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It’s a simple fact of the digital age that all authors and publishers need a great looking website to showcase their work and to connect with their audience.

That is where I can help. With over 20 years experience in the fields of Internet and mobile technologies, I have worked with companies such as the BBC and Sony, as well as a variety of other business clients.

Now I would like to take those years of experience and apply them toward building you an easy-to-navigate mobile and tablet-responsive author website that will showcase your work and provide you with a destination where your fans can find you online.

Here are just some of services that I can provide whether you need a new website or you’ve already got a site that just needs some fine-tuning:

Website Creation:
With my years of web design experience, I can provide you with a WordPress website designed to fit your needs whether that’s a one-page, multi-page, or even an e-commerce site.

Website Optimization:
I’ll give your WordPress website a tune-up, from top to bottom, to improve website performance. This includes things like investigating issues caused by themes, plugins, non-optimized images, poor web hosting, and more.

WordPress Upkeep:
Scheduled maintenance on various items, including theme and plugins updates, will be performed to ensure that your website is always running smoothly.

Go ahead and get in touch, so that we can discuss how I can make your life easier by taking care of the tech work associated with your author site, which will allow you to focus your valuable time elsewhere.
Action & Adventure
Mystery & Crime
Science Fiction
Thriller & Suspense
Young Adult
True Crime
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  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Work experience

Web Designer / Developer

November, 2001 – Present (about 21 years)


Black River Lantern Book Website

A website created for the marketing of a fantasy horror book, with information on the story, the main characters from the story and details on where the book can be purchased.

Custom artwork was created to highlight the book artwork and theme of the story, along with content related to the two main characters.

Donna Trovato Author Website

A website for a horror writer featuring information on available books and a collection of short stories posted to the site in a blog format.

The site contains custom artwork created to advertise the books and features items related to some of the content and stories found in them.

Ducan MacLeod Author Website

A website for an author with an extensive collection of books, both in a series and a showcase of new and upcoming books. The site features information on each of the books with links to where they can be purchased online.

Custom artwork was created to showcase the latest book from the author and to highlight the author's series including items and objects from the stories themselves.

David Konrad Author Website

An author website for a children's book series with details about the books available, an introduction to the characters from the series and details of where the books can be purchased.

The website features custom artwork relating to objects and the theme of the books, including those specific to the characters and stories.

Matthew’s Playroom Author Website

An author site for children’s picture story books with information on the stories available and links to where they can be purchased, along with a blog and other information.

Features of the website include custom artwork for each of the pages and theming to match the look and design of the artwork from the books.

Monkey In Our Tub Children's Book Website

This website consists of a single page providing information on a fun children's story book that tells the story of a mysterious monkey and his evening plans.

The site contains custom artwork, a downloadable activity sheet and links to purchasing.

To Write Writing Prompts Book Website

The To Write Writing Prompts book website provides details on how the book is designed to help writers in creating new content by providing inspiring topics and prompts.

The theme for this site provides clear and easy-to-read information with links to the online stores where the book can be purchased.

E Cantu Alegre Author Website

An author website providing information on a series of books from the author with external links to where they can be purchased online.

The website is themed around the author’s current fantasy series with a forest green styling for the UI and then custom artwork for items and found that are part of the story.

Adam Jordan Author Website

An author site featuring the latest book release and short stories, with links from the detailed book description to sites where the book can be purchased.

The pages contain custom artwork relating to the book and a gritty apocalyptic theme throughout the entire website.

V.L. Young Author Website

An author website providing information on the current books from the author with external links to where they can be purchased online.

The website is themed around the author’s current fantasy romance series with a mix of blood red styling for the UI and then custom artwork for items found in the books and for the headers.

Natasha Omokhodion Author Website

This is an author site with a featured book and a number of short stories also written by the author.

The various pages are themed with custom content related to that book or story page with the UI also coloured to match.

Book Publisher's Website With E-Commerce

A website with added e-commerce features using the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress providing information on the catalogue of books available through the publisher.

The website uses light theme colours counteracted with strong colouring for buttons, and bright images of the front covers from the books that are on sale.

Matthew has 40 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Duncan MacLeod
Matthew was able to take my creative ideas for my author website and make them a reality. Anyone who can turn dreams into non-fiction is a magician in my book. He’s cordial, patient, and very talented. I’m so glad I worked with him, and continue to work with him as my writing evolves.

Duncan MacLeod, December 2022

Julie Mulligan
Matthew designed a beautiful, professional, and unique website for me. His communication was outstanding. He clearly detailed every step of the way and listened to all of my input. I would hire Matthew again in a heartbeat.

Julie Mulligan, November 2022

Matthew Prodger
Thank you for your wonderful review Julie! It has been a pleasure to work with you on creating your author website, and I'm so pleased that you're happy with it. I look forward to continuing to wor...
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Reply from Matthew Prodger

Donna Lee Dicksson
It has been a pleasant surprise to get so much good done with absolutely no stress from Matthew. His work was immaculate and well thought out. He was very respectful of my ideas and thoughts. Everything was always explained in detail with kindness. He helped me to complete content in areas where I was completely lost by providing examples and suggestions. The expert's patience with this n...
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Donna Lee Dicksson, November 2022

Matthew Prodger
Thank you for your lovely review Donna! It has been a real joy to work with you on creating your new website, and I'm pleased that you've found my advice and instructions helpful. I look forward to...
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Reply from Matthew Prodger

Donna Trovato
I have worked with Matthew for a couple years now. He designed my website & newsletter, and he continues to maintain my website every month. His designs and knowledge are beyond impressive, and he has been extremely helpful with offering step-by-step advice when needed. I highly recommend Matthew!

Donna Trovato, November 2022

Matthew Prodger
Thank you Donna! It's been a pleasure to work with you over the past few years, on initially building your website, and then maintaining it afterwards. I look forward to continuing to work with you...
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Reply from Matthew Prodger

Reza Sedighi Manesh
The best in the business. I have worked with him on 2 projects, retained him for maintenance for both projects, and will hire him for future projects. He goes above and beyond. Look no further. Matt is your person for the job.

Reza Sedighi Manesh, October 2022

Matthew Prodger
Thank you Reza! It's been fantastic to work with you again, and I look forward to collaborating on other projects in the future.

Reply from Matthew Prodger

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