Martyn Beeny

Martyn Beeny – Marketer

Forward-thinking and creative book marketer. I'm fascinated by doing things differently and getting people to buy books!


I'm the Marketing and Sales Director at Cornell University Press. I've been in book marketing for more than 18 years. I love finding the best way to market and sell a book to as many people as possible.

I'm also the author of three short books about marketing for independent and self-published authors. You can find them here:

I'm a big idea, marketing strategy kind of person. I'm into content marketing and experiential marketing.

I want to change how books are marketed. I'm looking for new ways to do this all the time. I want to push the boundaries of what book marketing means.

I've worked on trade books, children's books, deeply academic books, fiction and nonfiction, and everything in between. I'd like to help you and your book find your audience and market and then sell as many copies as possible.

I've got lots of experience working on overall strategy, email and website campaigns, social media campaigns, publicity and media efforts, metadata optimization, branding, and more.

I love this stuff and want to put it all into effect for you and your book!

I started working with self-published authors through Reedsy in early 2020. I've collaborated with almost 400 authors so far. I've been so impressed by the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm of the authors I've worked with. The books they have written have covered everything from poetry to self-help to history to detective novels, and each one has opened my eyes to new ideas and ways of thinking about authors and their books. Each author and book has also given me a chance to stretch myself in terms of how best to market books. I've truly enjoyed my time working with Reedsy authors, and I hope I get the chance to work with you and your book soon!

Ask me about the recordings from the one-day book-marketing workshop I ran in early December 2022. The recordings of the sessions - covering metadata, audience and market research, self promotion, pitching, digital marketing - are now available for purchase.

Biographies & Memoirs History Nature Political Science & Current Affairs
Children's Fantasy Historical Fiction Thriller & Suspense

Work experience

Cornell University Press

Oct, 2016 — Present

Created overall marketing strategic plan
Developed new Press website with content-marketing strategy as focus
Created podcast program, subject catalogs, email marketing program
Focus on trade books
Early metadata creation and dissemination
Increased lead time for publicity and marketing
Developed new branding for all imprints and some authors
Focused on content marketing, ROI, analytics, content, branding, and sales

University of Nebraska Press

Feb, 2013 — Sep, 2016 (over 3 years)

Responsible for marketing and selling 160 new nonfiction and literary fiction books a year
Ran marketing for 4 imprints, including Bison Books, Jewish Publication Society, and Potomac Books
Developed strategic marketing for 70 trade books a year
Developed new website
Increased sales year on year

South Dakota Historical Society Press

Oct, 2005 — Jan, 2013 (over 7 years)

All marketing and sales efforts for regional fiction, nonfiction, and children's books.


Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet

Author engagement
Author platform development
Media outreach
Content marketing
2,500+ copies sold

Dagger John

Major publicity and media campaign
Secured coverage in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Irish Times, America Magazine, The Bowery Boys podcast, Library Journal, Catholic New York and more
BookExpo signing for author
2,500+ copies sold

Solid State

Created overall marketing campaign
ABA White Box Mailing - including galleys and posters
Street marketing campaign at Abbey Road zebra crossing
Street marketing in Liverpool
Email campaign
Social media campaign
5,000+ sales


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Bern H.

Bern H.

May, 2024

Martyn was reasonable, responsive, and concise.
Ghislaine G.

Ghislaine G.

May, 2024

Martyn has showed me on a professional level how simple but efficient book marketing works. I recommend him fully for authors with a smaller budget. Thanks Martyn, will keep in touch after my first steps.
Marc R.

Marc R.

Apr, 2024

Martyn was such a pleasure to work with. His knowledge and experience were evident from the start, and after a zoom meeting where he and I reviewed my needs, background, and goals, Martyn designed a very detailed and comprehensive marketing plan for me that was easy to follow and tailored to my specific needs and abilities. He discussed in detail many key areas of marketing that I was unfamil...
Read more
Mark S.

Mark S.

Apr, 2024

I was very happy with my PR consult with Martyn. He has a lot of industry experience which helped inform PR plan that included what to do, but also what NOT to do to save time and focus on the most important things given the timeframe and focus of my book. Thank you Martyn!
Tara N.

Tara N.

Apr, 2024

I have spent many, many, MANY hours going down the rabbit hole of marketing suggestions for self-published authors. I found myself constantly changing focus, bouncing from trying to set up an Instagram account to thinking that maybe I should spend hours researching keywords to no I need to get an author website up yesterday! I finally bit the bullet and decided to hire a Reedsy professional. B...
Read more

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