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Martin Cohen – Editor

I am a UK author, editor and reviewer with experience of UK and US publishers specializing in philosophy, social science and politics


I'm a writer, college professor and researcher. I've myself written about twenty books in philosophy and social science which have been reprinted in numerous languages and editions but I've also worked with many authors for essays, articles and occasionally books. The interest for me is always to develop with the author THEIR idea and get it as clear - and entertaining! - as possible for that wider audience. My approach is that of peer review and guidance. If you are just starting out and need background advice that's fine, happy to chat informally too. If you have a fully worked out m/s that you want reviewing and giving a professional shine, I'll work carefully and patiently with you to do just that.

You can see some of my own projects below; find some of my reviews of books at the Times Higher Education website and some of the philosophical articles I've coaxed into life at the websites of The Philosopher and Philosophical Investigations.

But enough about me! Back to you and your project. The way I like to work is to first take a look at the WHOLE of an author's manuscript and see which bits work and which bits don't. (If you've only written part of it, that's fine, but I would like to look through all the bits.) If you've a summary letter or a draft blurb, make sure you send that too.

Often I have found this is like looking for glittering nuggets in amongst a lot of material that actually doesn't work as it is. Assuming there is a viable central core to a project, then there is a more workmanlike process of building on the central idea. This often requires authors to go back and rework material, but I find that people genuinely grappling with philosophical ideas are prepared to do this, as long as they feel the process is getting somewhere good.

Successful non-fiction books are original, clear and entertaining. It's a difficult triple to achieve!

If you want someone to give your book a superficial shine, that's not me - but if you think you've got something important to say but need help to do it, please get in touch.
Philosophy Political Science & Current Affairs Sociology
English (UK) English (US)
  • Phd
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • PGCE

Work experience

University of Pau

Jan, 2020 — Sep, 2022 (over 2 years)

This is a part-time post that allows me to get on with my own writing projects, including books. These days I spend most of my time working on my own books, researching, writing and the often forgotten "marketing" aspects!

For the University of Pau, the idea of this post is to help their students, who are typically native French speakers to really get both their written and spoken English up to the highest standard . But my role is also to improve the ability of students to argue and present their views and ideas

The Philosopher

Sep, 2015 — Present

I have been Editor of The Philosopher for over twenty years. This requires me to help authors to prepare their ideas as short articles for a worldwide audience of non=secialist, general readers. Often my contributors and authors are working in a second language with complex material.

Since 2012, I have also co-edited a website called 'Philosophical Investigations' which looks at a wider range of issues in the arts and sciences, but at much shorter length. This so-called 'blog' format typically of less than 1000 words.

T&F, Hodder, Wiley, Wiley-Blackwell, Palgerave, Turner

Jan, 1999 — Present

I have written numerous books for various publishers, including the two '101 Philosophy' books for Routledge (Taylor and Francis) that between them have been translated into over 20 languages and sold over 250 000 copies.

I have shepherded authors through books too, notably my dictionary of philosophy and ethics for Hodder, and as editor of the popular journal 'The Philosopher'.


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Ben C.

Ben C.

Mar, 2024

Great professional. Pleasure to work with him.
Martin C.
Ben has a very unusual project and it's really been a pleasure to work with him. We're still putting the finishing touches to it though!
Jeff C.

Jeff C.

Nov, 2023

Martin is just the editor I needed. I make a lot of (stray) connections in my thinking and that often leaves my writing a jumbled mess. Martin has brought clarity to my work; he insists I justify my assumptions, but also to have a plan and a well-thought out argument for my writing. That means I really have to think about what I am trying to say and say it in a clear, concise, way. He i...
Read more
Martin C.
What a nice review! It's also very to the point and focussed, which underlines my conviction that Jeff will get a very good text ready - at some point. It's true that it's been a bit of a roundabou...
Read more
Marco Z.

Marco Z.

Jul, 2023

Knowledgeable, insightful, and generous with his time.
Martin C.
Thank you, Marco. As you know, the work on this is a bit different from "editing" and I know we will have quite a lot more to work on (together) to get the book published!
Ravi M.

Ravi M.

May, 2023

Martin is very experienced and attended to details where I overlooked or missed. There were evidences, he did his own research to ensure what I have written was correct and instead of being, just an editing person, he goes an extra mile to offer a professional help. Simply put, from the beginning I felt, I found the right person and I was right. The best thing for me is he was intelligent enoug...
Read more
Martin C.
Really appreciate this, Ravi! Your project is a bit like a Russian doll - what I mean is that inside it is another project, and inside that another… This is part of what made it so interesting to w...
Read more
Julie G.

Julie G.

Mar, 2023

Great experience/Highly recommend -- Martin provided an editorial assessment for my completed manuscript and also helpful coaching as to how to edit my proposal and submit to a university press in the US. He was especially good at communication and staying consistent and timely with returning chapters marked with comments. He provided a lot of helpful honest feedback, overall advice about publi...
Read more
Martin C.
Thanks very much, Julie. You're a very serious and committed researcher and writer, and at times work on the project demanded a lot - but rightly so! I am confident that after our work together we...
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