Lisa GLASS – Editor

With 10 years' experience in academic publishing, I specialise in translating complex information into engaging text that is a joy to read.


I’m an editor and writer with 10 years’ experience in academic publishing. I have worked with some of the biggest and most well-respected academic publishers in the UK and worldwide including Cambridge University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Springer, Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing and Taylor & Francis. I have a passion for high-quality writing, and my strength lies in my ability to translate complex information into readable, lucid content with real flair, underpinned by a passion for plain English. I take an adaptable, flexible approach to meeting clients' and projects' needs and can turn around complex assignments to meet tight deadlines. I enjoy working with talented people and helping to communicate their ideas in the most effective way. I am happy to answer any questions or provide references or further examples of my work so please do get in touch!
Entertainment History Humanities & Social Sciences LGBTQ Non-Fiction Physics & Chemistry
English (UK) English (US)
  • Copy Editing: Publishing Training Centre.

Work experience


Jul, 2012 — Present

Writing, copy-editing, proofreading, developmental editing, substantive editing and writing
for books, websites, online and printed journals, on topics including history, art, healthcare, medicine, chemistry, life sciences, education and social sciences.

Touch Group

Sep, 2010 — Jul, 2012 (almost 2 years)

Commissioning, editing and developmental editing of academic papers for publication in
printed and online journals. Liaising with clients to ensure expectations were met and professional relationships maintained. Developing editorial style guide. Managing the pre-print approval process. Liaising with the sales and marketing teams to develop concepts for new business


Sep, 2007 — Jun, 2009 (over 1 year)

Writing for and editing a number of healthcare publications both in print and online. Coordinating the publishing process, from writing copy to overseeing the design process and checking proofs, liaising with external writers and designers.


Sep, 2007 — Jun, 2009 (over 1 year)

Editing academic papers, slide sets, posters, symposium materials, and writing abstracts, patient leaflets and executive summaries. Working on materials aimed at varied audiences, from members of the public to professionals. Writing and editing features and other media materials and developing editorial house style. Managing and editing website content.


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Since the Iranian Revolution of 1979, many Western observers of Iran have seen the country caught between Eastern history and 'Western' modernity, between religion and secularity. As a result, analysis of political philosophy preceding the Revolution has becom... read more
Charting the failure of the Romantic critique of political economy, Richard Adelman explores the changing significances and the developing concepts of idleness and aesthetic consciousness during the nineteenth century. Through careful analysis of some of the p... read more
American Literature in Transition, 1930-1940 gathers together in a single volume preeminent critics and historians to offer an authoritative, analytic, and theoretically advanced account of the Depression era's key literary events. Many topics of canonical imp... read more
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This book examines the striking way in which medical and scientific work on hearing in 18th and 19th-century France helped to shape modern French society and culture. The author argues that of all the senses hearing offered the greatest resources for remodelli... read more
This is the first book to provide an analysis of racism in the Mediterranean region. Ian Law reassesses contemporary processes of racialization, employing theoretical tools including polyracism, racial Arabization and racial Nawarization and drawing on new evi... read more
Polymer science faces the challenge of meeting growing market demand for polymers whilst achieving sustainability through environmentally friendly processes. Microwave heating has emerged as a greener technique that accelerates a variety of chemical reactions,... read more

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