Leslie Anglin

Leslie Anglin – Editor

Freelance editor based in Louisville, Kentucky, with over 25 years of publishing experience.


After receiving a master's degree in English, I began my publishing career as an in-house copy editor for Cell, a high-profile biology journal. I then worked in publishing houses in Boston and New York City, including Blackwell Publishing, Oxford University Press, and Wiley, Inc. My experience encompassed Higher Education titles, academic journal production, and culinary publishing. After 10 years of work in a fast-paced corporate environment, I decided to backpack around the world! After this life-changing adventure, I set up shop as a freelancer and artist in Louisville, Kentucky. I have experience editing both academic and trade books and am proficient with several style guides, such as APA, CMS, AMA, and MLA. My professional contacts include Oxford University Press, Wiley, and Cambridge University Press. I have also worked with individual authors on solo projects.

My best characteristics as a freelancer are diligence and conscientiousness. As a freelancer, I am easy to work with and have a flexible style. When I receive a new project, I review it carefully and provide a sample chapter to the author for review. This allows us to make key decisions together from the outset so that our expectations are aligned for the project. I usually follow a style guide for a particular field, but I often make adjustments for an author's individual preferences. It is important for me to retain the author's voice and not to over-edit. My goals are to produce polished, professional prose and for the author to feel proud of the finished product.
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May, 2008 — Present