Kseniia K

Kseniia K - Designer

Tbilisi, Georgia

Illustrator specializing in magical, cozy picture books for children.

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I love illustrating children’s books, specializing in kind, cozy, and magical stories that touch on gender equality, multiculturalism, and body positivity. Some of my favorite projects I’ve worked on include the “Courageous Kids” series for Waldorf Publishing and Christine Francis’s “Mr. Inker” books (about a young boy who received a talking pen). As well as working with many other traditional presses, I’ve helped countless self-publishing authors bring their ideas to life with my illustrations. For my inspiration, I always find magic in traveling, mountains, people, animals, and music. In my work, I enjoy playing with textures and colors to create tiny, thoughtful details that readers will discover on their second, third, or thirtieth read of your book! If you like my illustrations, drop me a line here on Reedsy, and let’s work together!

Children’s Non-Fiction
Picture Books

Work experience

Freelance Illustrator

October, 2016 – Present (over 6 years)

Specializing in full-page illustrations for children’s picture books. My previous clients include Waldorf Publishing (USA), Land of Tales (UK), Reading Potato (Hong Kong), and a range of self-published authors.

Portfolio (12 selected works)

Mr. Inker Finds a Home

Christina Francine, Holly Slaughter, Waldorf Publishing

Timmy the Tag-along Zombie

Morgan Goudy, Lou Borek, Waldorf Publishing

Louis Armstrong: Musical Melodies: The Courageous Kids Series

Wanda Kay Knight, Holly Slaughter, Waldorf Publishing

Abbie Burgess: The Courageous Kids Series

Wanda Kay Knight, Dean William Rudoy, Waldorf Publishing

A Trip to Paris

Casey Williams, Lisa Hicks, Waldorf Publishing

What Are Microscopes?

Ellen Weisberg, Anthony Tuell, Waldorf Publishing

Abraham Lincoln: The Cabin in the Woods: The Courageous Kids Series

Wanda Kay Knight, Jodi Schachar, Waldorf Publishing

Lou Found a Clue

Laura Day, William Harvey Jr., Waldorf Publishing

All My Jobs

Laura Day, Joyce Porter, Waldorf Publishing

Mr. Inker Goes to School

Christina Francine, Greg Ludovici, Waldorf Publishing

Mary Sawyer: The Lamb's Song: The Courageous Kids Series

Wanda Kay Knight, Ellery Truesdell, Waldorf Publishing

My Friend Stu

Laura Day, Bryden Stryder, Waldorf Publishing

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