Martin Conway

Martin Conway – Designer

Vibrant, fun and engaging illustrations. Emphasis on character design and typography with a penchant for the music industry.


Hi, I’m Martin, and I'm an illustrator from Cambridge in the UK. I’ve 10+ years experience across editorial, poster and concept art. I’ve had the pleasure working with a variety clients across the music industry, with work adorning music venues, record sleeves and high street magazines. My repertoire also extends to video games, wrestling and popular culture as a whole.

Taking visual cues from the likes of Keith Haring and Jamie Hewlett, I can tailor the complexity of my designs to fit your preference. I enjoy working to a brief but am equally comfortable taking the lead should you need guidance.

I pride myself on being fun and easy to work with and know the importance of communication throughout. Generally a project will look like this:

- A series of rough concepts based on brief set by the client (with supporting reference materials if required).
- A mocked up black and white illustration, based around chosen concept. At this stage there’s there’s still room to play.
- A final inked and coloured illustration, to the clients desired specifications. I work digitally so can tweak colours and composition if necessary.

There may be a few more rounds depending on how many moving parts there are (typography, design etc), but we can discuss this at the start of the project.

If you’re interested in working with me just drop me a message and we can start a conversation. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Comics & Graphic Novels Picture Books Young Adult
Entertainment Music
  • WIA 2022 Longlisted
  • BA (Hons) Illustration

Work experience


Jan, 2021 — Present

Creating eye catching illustrations to grab the reader and aid in communication of written articles. Working closely with art directors, predominantly for music and fashion publications.


Jan, 2008 — Present

15 years experience, combining illustrations and hand drawn typography, specialising in music posters. Strong understanding of graphic design and visual psychology.

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