Achiraya Jenjarrussakul

Achiraya Jenjarrussakul – Designer

Collaborate with me and our Award-Winning team for exceptional book designs; each seasoned member offers unique expertise.


I work with a multicultural team of Award-Winning designers, typesetters, and illustrators, each bringing unique talents and experiences to the table. With us, authors enjoy the luxury of collaborating with seasoned creatives dedicated to exceptional book design.

As your Project Coordinator & Assistant Art Director, my role is to facilitate seamless collaboration between you and our team, ensuring your vision comes to life. We provide personalized guidance to ensure your book stands out and resonates with your audience.

Choosing us means more than just hiring a service; it's about forging a partnership committed to elevating your story and establishing your author brand. Together, we'll bring your book to life in a way that captivates readers and achieves your publishing goals.

Key Features:

Book Cover Design:

We craft compelling covers that capture the essence of your book based on enticing concepts, drawing from diverse styles and genres to ensure uniqueness and relevance.

Book Interior Design:

Our innovative process integrates your manuscript seamlessly into our design layout from the outset, enabling us to "start designing the interior in parallel with your editing from the very first day". This ensures efficiency and flexibility for updates throughout the production process.

Book Series Design:

We create cohesive series designs that maintain brand continuity while allowing each book to stand out on its own, ensuring consistency and attracting readers.

Logo Design:

We develop distinctive logos that reflect your brand identity and resonate with your target audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Marketing Collateral:

We offer a range of marketing materials designed to complement your brand and promote your book effectively, ensuring a cohesive and professional presence across all channels.

Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Fantasy Literary Fiction Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Young Adult

Work experience


Jan, 2020 — Present


Cover Design Illustration
The Hitchcock Hotel

Wrobel, Stephanie


Cover Design Illustration
Cover Design Illustration
Made with Reedsy
The Last Checkout

Besson, Peter

Peter Besson Inc.

Cover Design Illustration
Made with Reedsy

Barbelo, Yana

Pleroma Press

Cover Design Illustration Book Interior Design
Made with Reedsy
The Tyranny of Desire

Shallman, Morty

Flying Bed Books

Cover Design Illustration Book Interior Design
Made with Reedsy
Sunshine is Forever

Cowan, Kyle T.


Cover Design Illustration
Made with Reedsy
The Tree Of Life Mysteries: The Black Cube

Stanley, George

George Stanley Publications

Cover Design Illustration
Cover Design Illustration Book Interior Design

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