Kristy Gilbert

Kristy Gilbert – Editor

Fantasy editor (12+ years) who has worked with authors like Brandon Sanderson, Charlie N. Holmberg, and Brian McClellan.


I'm a science fiction & fantasy editor with over a decade's experience in books, comics, and games. As an independent editor, I've edited books for both publishers and independent authors. Publisher clients include DC Comics, Penguin Young Readers, Tachyon Publishing, and Exploding Kittens. Author clients include Charlie N. Holmberg (of The Paper Magician trilogy), Brian McClellan (of Powder Mage fame), Dan Wells, and Heather Moore. I've also worked as a production editor for Dragonsteel Entertainment, editing and laying out Brandon Sanderson's Secret Project novels (the books that were the foundation for the most successful Kickstarter on record). In 2021, I was named Utah's first-ever Editor of the Year.

And I can't wait to bring that experience to bear to help you get your book reader ready.


"Kristy is a joy and a pleasure to work with. She…has an eye for detail that has helped me tremendously. She’s very dedicated to her work and treated my manuscript professionally, offering great critique and overall edits. I highly recommend her."
—Charlie N. Holmberg, fantasy author

"Kristy does a fantastic job every time. She’s punctual, thorough, affordable, and great to work with."
—Brian McClellan, fantasy author

"Kristy is responsive, skilled, timely and intuitive—in a word, PROFESSIONAL. She possesses the ear and eye for all things both contemporary and classic in book production. Her work is both punchy and elegant, and the results speak for themselves."
—Carnegie Olson, science fiction author

Comics & Graphic Novels Epic Fantasy Magical Realism Military Science Fiction Urban Fantasy Young Adult Fantasy
English (US)
  • Utah Editor of the Year (2021), from the League of Utah Writers
  • BA in English (minor in editing)
  • MA in English (emphasis in folklore & fairy tales)

Work experience

Dragonsteel Entertainment

Apr, 2023 — Present

Edit novels, short stories, and essays at various levels; design & design and typeset complex interior layouts and ebooks for Dragonsteel publications; establish and maintain Dragonsteel style guide, editorial handbooks, and professional development for the editorial department.


Apr, 2011 — Present

Provide editing services ranging from manuscript evaluation to final proofreading, as well as production services including typesetting, page layout, and ebook production. Clients include bestselling fiction authors, unpublished writers, various small presses & book packagers, businesses, and academic professionals.

Dragonsteel Entertainment

Jun, 2022 — Mar, 2023 (10 months)

Design and typeset interior layouts for the Year of Sanderson Secret Project novels; review line edits from freelancers; proofread laid-out text for the Secret Project novels; design ebook files for books released as audio originals.


Jan, 2022 — Mar, 2023 (about 1 year)

Edit and typeset Charlie N. Holmberg's self-published titles; manage titles and metadata across Bowker, KDP, and Ingram Spark; hire and manage freelance editors for some projects; maintain mailing list and edit/format newsletter emails; organize Charlie's schedule; liaise with marketing, publishing, sales, and other partners.

Brigham Young University

Aug, 2018 — Dec, 2021 (over 3 years)

Teach Introduction to Print Publishing, a course that covers foundational graphic design principles and how to implement them in printed projects using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Weber State Univeristy

Aug, 2017 — Apr, 2018 (8 months)

Taught intermediate writing using a themed approach.

Brigham Young University

Aug, 2015 — Dec, 2016 (over 1 year)

Taught a substantive editing course and introduction to print publishing courses for the BYU editing and publishing curriculum.

The Folklore Historian

Sep, 2013 — Jan, 2014 (4 months)

Copyedited scholarly articles in Chicago Manual of Style; laid out and typeset the journal in InDesign.

General Dynamics Information Technology

Sep, 2011 — Jun, 2013 (over 1 year)

Edited theses, articles, and conference proceedings from students and faculty at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

Leading Edge Magazine

Jul, 2008 — Jun, 2011 (almost 3 years)

Published speculative fiction short stories and poetry semiannually; evaluated manuscripts for publication; provided developmental feedback for revise and resubmit requests; copy edited accepted manuscripts.


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J. Michael W.

J. Michael W.

Jul, 2023

Great as always.
J. Michael W.

J. Michael W.

Mar, 2023

Great as always.
J. Michael W.

J. Michael W.

Sep, 2022

Good job as always.
J. Michael W.

J. Michael W.

Mar, 2022

Great, helpful feedback.
Stewart F.

Stewart F.

Dec, 2021

Very helpful, easy to work with and her work is very impressive!

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